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27-02 First families!
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31-01 The big bang
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24-01 (A)nother Wave
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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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19-01 (A) Warm Welcome
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17-01 First blood of 2021
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16-01 First family!
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17-01 First blood of 2021
19-01 (A) Warm Welcome
22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
24-01 (A)nother Wave
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15-12 Exalted under attack!
18:46:52 - 15-12
Anonymous at 18:41:53 on 15/12:
Welcome new reporter!
thanks a lot o/
25-08 A word from the brave winners
22:02:43 - 30-08
Berk at 20:42:13 on 30/08:
You start with this sentences "Talking for Akronia, answering all the bs and lies by this delusional character"
and after that throwing lies is really ironic. We dont have problem to shoot bloods when they cant stand straight.
Please save your lies with you for your next bloods. Today history is written by the victors.

a fam who shot 3 bloods now talks about standing straight.. please stop these replies that proves how miserable you are.. you were telling us we were your best bloods ever in omerta.. and then in the end you shot us.. today history is written by pussies, liars and actors.. which is suitable for you ofc..

if you are going to shoot, just dont act as friends.. you hypocrites!
25-08 A word from the brave winners
17:22:37 - 30-08
Talking for Akronia, answering all the bs and lies by this delusional character T-bag.

Firstly I dont rly understand how you have the balls to write such a statement, where in a version you shot all of your bloods.

You shot Prophecy, us and Vicaria who were your only bloods in the game.

We were going to start the first war against Supremacy, but it only delayed because you were too pussy to pick targets.. I offered you that we can take blacksea risk and epicurus meanwhile you guys go 1 v 1 with supremacy which u pussied out. You also told me that "karmi asking for us to kill supremacy alone is too much".. Lol.. supremacy was only consist of 12 highranks where you had your 70 accounts sitting there..

We said fine lets divide the targets.. You said "ah he is so strong ah that one is too high" etc. Again stalling the war plan for at least 10 hours.. Then you got hit..

Even funnier while u were getting hit, only thing you have done was to cry and to go offline, trying to make deals with supremacy while we were engaging for you.

Then, we wanted Prophecy war to be 1 v 1 war.. But you came to us and said that u want to shoot them.. We already had a target list prepared. Because you guys despite having 3 times more shooters (and stronger ones) than us, you were such pussies to pick up strong target, so i just gave you the list and asked you to pick whoever you want.. Meanwhile you have the pos 1 player u already pussied out of pos 2 player and deleted your dons name from next to him and assigned a pos 144 to him on the excel list.. Meanwhile again you were stalling us, you fucking leaked the war to prophecy to get us hit once more.

As soon as you saw that Prophecy will not be able to kill us, you engaged.. You wrote Prophecy war as Limerence which is total bs. You shot your own blood including its as 1's with us.

Temp war was the war you planned to leave us alone, by using our loyalty as bloods which you only manipulated it..

Then when we were left with a non-helping Vicaria and a "blood" that is hostile, you guys fucking stabbed us with a huge gangbang.. It was suprising to see you gathered 48 shooters, becoming as 1's with all the licker pussy families, which we never saw you gathering these numbers at any other war :)

You are the worst family ever who played this game.. Please dont fucking try to make statements to justify your stabs.. And dont you even dare to talk about our interior stuff which is totally non of your business.. We are together as always.. Akronia = Viddani.. And you know what happens when you are enemies with us.. We are waiting for you at every version :)

You shot ALL of your bloods dude.. What the fuck are you talking about? How can you justify your shameful and pussy playstyle? You are too stupid to work for the future.. Now you wont even be able to come again for a looooong time m8.. Good luck for your further versions :)

06-08 Exile of a blood
18:01:11 - 07-08
Kapow at 17:52:29 on 07/08:
How about you make a shorter statement and not a thesis..

bitch put our statement its ur job ffs..
06-08 Exile of a blood
16:32:01 - 07-08
Akronia top statement:

This is our first/final top statement in any war considering this version.

Firstly, we wanted to play with old friends so we blooded Horde and Tempestuoso (Vicaria too but it’s not very important since we already knew we have already won the version by blooding them).

We haven’t seen much contest as much as we anticipated. Many fams decided not to come and we were left alone against Supremacy (huge respect to those guys from our crew) Blacksea, Risk and Epicurus. All of our bloods were blooded to Prophecy. We decided not to because that would close the version too much.
Supremacy was being bombed by fake information and went too paranoid, deciding to engage on Horde. We already knew that they had very strong accounts and we did not hesitate to act for our bloods in a very short time.

Even though the numbers are unmatched, a huge fam in size of Horde just pussied out and went completely afk, leaving us the only countering fam with all of its shooters on the battleground. This was completely fine for us so we kept on doing what we do best. We are not proud of Supremacy war. 12 high ranks managed to kill more than 30 so we see this as a quite achievement. We only didn’t understand why Horde co. was so inactive and letting us tank all the shots coming from pos accounts (respect to Barricade – Onaga, Kowalzcyk – Hanyak, Blender, Boombust). Important Note: Of course we have too much respect for Vicaria so we would like to mention that Vicaria was the only family who did damage against Supremacy co.

After the long night, Horde co. started gangbanging Supremacy co. which is kinda normal with those amounts of highranks difference. Then we only had the move against Prophecy so again somehow the “spider-senses” showed up again and Prop suddenly started engaging on us. We actually wanted that to be a 1 v 1 war because all of our members were full with bullets and we wanted them to have some fun. And it was at a certain point. But then when we started winning it, a huge gangbang again began against an outnumbered fam by its own bloods. This is another thing that we regret to see. Important note: Of course Vicaria were the absolute heroes as always in that war by firing the most bullets and making the most kills, finally managing to down their own bloods..

Third war was between Tempestuoso – Outfit which we don’t see ourselves in a need to comment about it. Then after Prophecy Alliance was down, the cities were empty. We weren’t too ambitious about expanding all the time in all cities etc. So we just wanted the shooting bloods to take some share of it. We didn’t even discussed maps or anything with them.. We just let them take as much of the city for them to take.

But suddenly Krays family went out of nowhere and begun claiming all the profitable spots in Balti. That’s when we went to our bloods and asked what is going on since almost all of that fams players were kicked by bloods. Important Note: Considering that Vicaria was the leading fam of this game, we knocked on their door to the largest battle of all time in Omerta against the giant Krays/Kapow families who were a great threat to us, putting winning the version in danger. So Vicaria told us “We won’t shoot Krays but we can shoot Kapow in return of the Balti bullet factory” But we thought that it would be such a gangbang if Vicaria joined the war with their 22,50(1) bullets/target.

Lastly, we have a couple of words for Horde family. We feel that it is a complete shame for us spending that much hours on phone calls, diplomacy etc. Horde told Akronia that “We never seen such family like you. You are the only fam who came in our need until today” etc. They always talked about how much respect they have for us and that how close we will work in further versions. We think that it takes somewhat a very invertebrate way of action. This family stabbed us after all the things we have done for them. We don’t regret it. But their performance on phone/irc/whatsapp group was so phenomenal, that it would even be a candidate for Cannes Film Festival and win.. We never shot any bloods in this version and we tried to protect all of them with all we got. But it’s a shame that it just became normal at the end of the version to stab your own bloods for getting those two extra stars or golden vouchers.

According to Horde, the reason for backstabbing us are:

- Only bullshit.

So thanks for all Akronia players for the great version except the ones who were surprisingly offlisted like a bunch of pussies xD

We had our fun. We were the most active family in this round. We always participated in wars with full strength. And most importantly, our shooters didn’t die bulletless. (Of course Vicaria is the god at being trigger happy so we confess we were the second best after them..)