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General Comments & Major Rumors
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21-05 Pre-plating Update..
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19-05 First Family!
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10-05 Welcome to Round #37
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07-05 Reset → 10 May 2022, Tuesday → 11:00 OT
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29-04 Congratulations Gondor!
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13-04 Shots Against Detroit Ignites War
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08-04 Pre-plating Update..
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31-03 First Family!
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22-03 Welcome to Round #36
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07-05 Reset → 10 May 2022, Tuesday → 11:00 OT
19:04:34 - 08-05
Anonymous at 13:22:41 on 08/05:
- On some occasions, Plating would return after firing, in scenarios it shouldn’t.


when i've read the first sentence about plating, i thought "holy shit this is huge! they removed plating.." then here comes the second sentence and i was like -_- clickbaited to the moon.. they fixed some plating bugs m8 nothing major..

08-04 Pre-plating Update..
13:17:40 - 13-04
Anonymous at 12:07:27 on 13/04:

According to the info received, Gondor and Losplatos had issues from prior versions and rumours were heard that Losplatos was planning to suicide on Gondor top accs..

Thats not true, 99% of losplatos are not playing this version, johan wanted to make the fam from his responsability and nothing to do with prior versions. So get inform before you inform the others.

not to get into an argument or anything, but these kind of comments really pisses me off as a reporter.. i am clearly mentioning that i have received an info about the incident and according to that info the reason is x or y or whatever.. i am not saying that they are FACTS.. i already shared my ingame, people can always send me a message from obn and i will be happy to include the info u share with me.. someone was polite enough to let me know whats going on so i included it.. it is not that hard.. but if u dont tell me jack shit i cannot read ur mind.. so before you whine here, u should consider what you could have done to counter that info if u think it is "a lie" and communicate with the reporter so that your ideas also can be included in obn.. or if u think u can do a better job than i do, please apply as a reporter and set me free ffs.. have a good day
31-03 First Family!
06:16:16 - 01-04
Mikey, at 16:31:05 on 31/03:
This slick report about old forum announcement, this is a brand new family. Not the first family of the old rounds

since all topics are round specific, i dunno how u managed to read it that way smh
07-11 The Betrayal Suicide
10:31:21 - 07-11
Anonymous at 10:29:12 on 07/11:
Karmi get better sources this story is crap

i spoke to both sides m8..
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:42:30 - 03-11
anonymous at 16:37:02 on 03/11:

You mentioned achille as precedent, yet think mcgee would not end up in similar situation?
you are crytically confused. very uncrytical of you mr.

Hey! Leave my bro alone please.. McGee is a legend and will stay as one.. With his beyond imagination creativity of posts, he earned my respect for a long while already.. I think he would do a fantastic job as a reporter..

Thus, obn belongs to players.. We are all from the community and fully volunteered to serve the community.. Today it is us, tomorrow it is u! Apply and serve...