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General Comments & Major Rumors
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13-10 A new versions kicks off
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06-10 Reset →13 October 2021, Wednesday → 10:00 OT
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14-09 Congratulations Latitante!
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12-09 Endgame
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10-09 War!
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Interview with Righello
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08-09 Here We Go!
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30-08 Corleone is on fire!
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08-09 Pre-plating update..
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06-10 Reset →13 October 2021, Wednesday → 10:00 OT
11:57:04 - 13-10
Anonymous at 11:23:03 on 13/10:
Just block turkey from omerta and you repair of playerbase problems.
Turks only mass blood pact and play for other fams wins. Tell me 1 honorable turkish fam

Mcgee stop trolling m8
06-10 Reset →13 October 2021, Wednesday → 10:00 OT
12:53:09 - 12-10
My thoughts about current meta and possible changes:

(for TL/DR's: activity needs fix, p2w requires big decision of transformation to massive grinding (rp becomes more effective on str etc.), ka chief needs to be fixed, palermo map needs to be fixed, some final thoughts about what can be done for state of the game..)


I also think that activity needs rework.. Even for the top rankers who doesnt miss any heists in the first 8 days, as soon as you make the family, keeping activity levels high requires the same mad ranking/racing.. Even after %100 rf which is acquired in 2 days or something, you need to keep racing to keep your activity levels high and to prevent your rf going down after 12 hours.. I think manual clicking also has an influence on activity and it is too high of an influence in case of switching to lackleys.. But people stop clicking manual after LC (at least %99.98 - u know which players Im talking about xD) of them.. When you move to lackleys, you start loosing activity slowy and at one point it is too frustrating to keep racing, especially in late hours in some city that you are stuck for heist/raid.. While being hard to maintain for tryhard rankers, it is almost impossible to keep over %30 for casual players.. Most of us are old now and life doesn't let us sit infront of pc for a whole 2 months straight no more xD

Ranking system:

Every top ranker will know.. The whole fucking rp system is based on car nicking.. Some accounts are more lucky than others in nicking cars.. I think this needs to be fixed.. Some players will grind more for rp, stay online more, click more, but because they steal less cars than others, they fall behind..

Donation codes:

Donation codes used to be only for clicklimit and different color settings (which sadly doesnt exist anymore) but when they introduced lackley system and made dc's available for sale in exchange for cash, everything changed to p2w.. What had been done until today was to fix this to a certain point was to limit bullet purchase from obay to 23k/24hr, and this limited the top 10 accounts around 1.5 mil bullets approx. I assume around 800 dc's would be enough to be top 5, 400 dc's top 10, 100 to 200 dc's top 10-20 depending on the players access to ingame cash and amount of farmers purchasing dc's on certain prices which differs from time to time.. Still p2w.. If you dont sell this amount of dc's (not talking about some talented poker players who access to a lot of cash) you can't dream to be in top 20.. If farmers, ingame money sellers and bullet factory sellers doesnt exist, this is again not possible.. Some people still access to large amounts of money by mass duping and laundering those money in casinos.. Some uncrowded city punto bancos making 1 bil in uncrowded versions is dirty as hell..


Since max player str is fixed to a max point that cant be vastly exceeded, I dont aggree with the fella who wrote strong players are one tapping everyone etc.. If you go to war against a fam with a pos 1 for instance, then be organized.. Especially before that acc burns bullets, they cannot tank more than 4-5 shots.. If you just write in your family whatsapp group to shoot a certain family without planning, of course they will one tap ur ass..

But at the same time, thinking from the strong player perspective, Chief and LC is a very problematic rank, including with plating protection.. No player can tank 2 perfectly executed 5 attack 60k suicides in same city at this rank.. LC is something different because of the 40k shooting limit but Chief is total bs imo.. 2 bad accounts can kill the best account in game and I think this should not happen too..

Mass pacting/blooding is playerbase choice so I dunno what can be done about this.. 1 v 1 wars we saw in .dm also are open to manipulation.. One time playerbase aggreed on obn to not taking more than 4 bloods, however this was just a dream and they kept blooding and blooding etc.. Because if your enemies mass blood and you take only 4 bloods (at that stage of the game there were more than 50 fams and no 75 player limit or max spot limit), you are doomed.. Action/reaction and keeping the balance/upper hand against your enemies is important..

75 player limit/fam is also problematic for fams who have more than 75 members.. What can you do if more players wants to play for you? You cant put up an as 1.. You take the best 75 and then tell the casuals to go to bloods or whatever? Then they dont get the same experience as your family has throughout the version and disconnects them even more from the game.. Maybe this number can be increased with a certain system..

Also please fix Palermo's disconnected spot structure.. New map of Palermo is a total joke.. Only good for farmers..

So how is it possible to achieve a balanced and at the same time a clean omerta? Lets assume that there are no dupe accounts, dc to cash, no farmers, no bf sellers and ingame money sellers.. At this point, should the game be the utmost grinding game? Full manual mad sleepless ranking bring more benefit to account strength? Because at the moment rp doesnt give you shit.. Unless you are below 800k to 1 mil bullets you are not gonna see top 20 even if ur ranked in first page.. Thats why people dont rank mad, unless in special occasions for popping first gf fast to have an advantage against your enemies.. But otherwise rp doesnt give you anything, only str benefit of it is on early ranks.. A full obay brug who doesnt fall 24 hr behind will always be cdc/gf before war and maintain their top str.. Which is not that hard tbh..

If they remove dc to cash, then the game automatically goes back to grinding, but do u guys want that? As far as I can see, except a handful of people, noone gives a fuck about manual ranking.. I believe this cant be an option for the majority of old playerbase.. Lackleys will stay.. But if they keep dc to cash, then p2w continues.. Because players will abuse everything to achieve max amount of bullets to be top 5.. You complain about p2w, but when the game goes back to grinding, ranking, rp str, most of the playerbase will stay on lackleys, and top players will have the same amount of bullets with players who puts less effort to the game.. The big decision admins have to make is on this issue.. Because if they remove dc to cash, there will be no need for stacking mass dc's to be top accounts, therefore, no farmers.. When there are no farmers, there will be less players.. Big big decision..

Maybe a new system can be implemented. If you complete certain achievements/day, you get certain rewards like bullets/extra rp.. So people who grind more, will be more stronger.. RP can be more benefitial instead of being bs and useless.. A player needs to be scared of a top 5 page ranker instead of 1 tapping them after checking if they are on top 20 or not xD It needs to have at least a little bit of value..

At the same time, let busters bust.. But to do this, u need to avoid abusing of the system.. So what I suggest is to add an option to be a buster at account creation, then when this player selects it, he cant get rp, however he can make money from crimes, cars etc but never go to federal jail.. This way, rankers wont be able to abuse bos in empty suit then continue ranking, and busters will be happy staying busting for the whole version. Of course another problem is that top busters gets suicide from db accounts.. So make them unshootable and the best grinder shall win!

Lets see what the latest changes bring.. But I think the most important issue to be addressed is: Are you going to keep donation codes as the main item of this game? Or are you going to give grinders more strength? Good luck..

General Comments & Major Rumors
09:51:24 - 19-09
Solstice at 10:03:56 on 18/09:
It's sad to see how quickly topics are closed these days when there's a bit of banter between posters.

There is a reason behind why the topics get locked.. If people start insulting each other, exposing each others real lives, accusations, revealing social media accounts and anything that are unrelated to the game nor the subject, the line is crossed.. Of course people can banter.. But if you read all the posts, you will see what I mean.. There is no respect.. It is really cringe.. This happens almost every version at the end, some people get stabbed or loose and they directly start attacking people that they don't like or blame each other with things that are unrelated to the game.. Then the attacked people carry on with counter insults and counter blames.. The insults have no limit, including racism.. All that they care about is to hurt the person they are writing to no matter what it takes.. So that's where we draw the line.. If you guys want to beat the shit out of each other over a game, just exchange numbers, meet up and deal with it..
General Comments & Major Rumors
07:14:27 - 30-08
Anonymous at 06:08:22 on 30/08:
another accom bug, anything to say Kcode?
omerta beyond belongs to players.. if you have any questions to admins, please make an ingame ticket..
General Comments & Major Rumors
07:06:17 - 26-08
Anonymous at 21:20:21 on 25/08:
so vicaria is prevision (why they even changed name?? )
and being dupe fam 2nd v in a row


do vicaria have that many players to make a sis fam? i never saw them with a complete 75/75 tbh.. so i dunno about that