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General Comments & Major Rumors
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21-11 Access denied
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20-11 First families
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03-11 Congratulations Aquilas
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01-11 Access denied
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30-10 Autumn clean-up
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30-10 Maranello bites the dust!
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29-10 A-kills
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27-10 Unfinished business
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25-10 Another day, another war
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General Comments & Major Rumors
10:45:39 - 18-11
Anonymous at 07:07:53 on 17/11:
SheLL| at 05:48:29 on 17/11:
Anonymous at 21:35:31 on 16/11:

2000 thief+ where did all these ppl come from

I have recieved an email regarding the new round of omerta and here to give it a shot. I am kind of stuck at home due to pandemic anyway :) i can't be the only one who thinks of it anyway. I have never been that unique in anything, not in this one either, i am pretty sure about it.


There was a Righelli last version, even Renegade showed up playing, dont know if he is still playing this version.
Moi ren & shell
General Comments & Major Rumors
14:38:45 - 14-04
Over 1k chief+ whut.
General Comments & Major Rumors
11:50:24 - 13-03
MurderInc at 11:09:21 on 13/03:
Selling toilet paper pm
how appropriate still selling crap
07-12 Another one bites the dust
22:30:36 - 09-12
If you can't even quote properly do you even know how to h4x?!
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:33:04 - 07-11
Critycal at 13:43:05 on 07/11:
wby at 13:32:24 on 07/11:
Solstice at 11:58:30 on 07/11:
Tunc at 10:14:02 on 07/11:
Critycal at 11:14:40 on 05/11:
Anonymous at 10:24:31 on 05/11:
@righello @kcode

what changes will be coming up to stop this game from rlly dying?
If 10+ families decide to all play as1 or merge into 1 big fam, how are the admins supposed to stop the game from dying?
It's the players who want the game dead, admins can't change shit about this.
Admins can't, not that they needed to ... But you could have. By you, I mean every family who thinks it's not worth to play this round at all. In my opinion, it's not about winning or losing against the big bad wolf at this point but it is about showing a stand like, you want to win it(?) we won't make it easy for you. Back in the days we were outnumbered too but not playing was never an option, we came we suicide and made a stand against our big bad wolfs. I don't know if admins give us the HoF not that I care to be honest but this round was embarrassing both for us and for the families who didn't show up.

Before anarchy and winterhill there were never pacts that encompassed 70% of the game or more, that's something that your side introduced. So it's bs to say you fought against something similar. As for playing when you guys are up, I think I'd have more fun sanding my nuts of with a belt sander. I reckon you guys are disappointed that there's noone left to gangbang, but that's your problem and yours alone. You made your bed, now lie in it.

solstice i know u are just a stupid son of bitch just stfu
forlenza siberia colossal these three are not pact right

Can one of the owners get his puppy back on the leash?
@Tunc: why would anyone spend his time playing a version like this if you take into account how many families you merged? Also I don’t see how families that haven’t been playing a proper version for years are supposed to return just because you recruited all of turkey and beyond (latroits fam, getthers fam, lux fam, ontario, gravano, horde, outfit, anxious, do i need to continue?) for a quick win, but sure.
Maybe just accept the fact that nobody is interested in the bullshit you guys pull off, and rightfully so.
Now get waby back in his cage because all this retarded barking makes it all look even more stupid.

Edit: here waby, our spooky pact with forlenza and colossal https://news.omertabeyond.net/1935, even there you took triple the amount of bloods :) it’s been over 3 years, get over it

There’s nobody to blame for versions like this other than you guys and the weak spined tops that give their families away to you in the hopes for a quick star. You can try blaming retired people but that’s really not gonna change anything. I mean damn, imagine if Righelli and Lucchese came back to fight almighty Winterhill, lets blame them for not showing up!!!

I'll do it, just get me some h4x3s so Goupe can kill them all on his own (again).