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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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16-05 A-Kills
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15-05 Royals are next! *Update*
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14-05 Sure under attack!
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12-05 War! (again)
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12-05 Revenge?
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11-05 The plating war
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09-05 Do you feel the call?
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01-05 When pacts collide
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Omerta Balance Patch *UPDATE #2*
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» Comments of Aart
General Comments & Major Rumors
10:54:27 - 27-02
Demoted wow. So much for being friendsies asspeert.
Solidarity, Clarity and Discussion
21:00:09 - 06-08
As some players suggested years ago: get rid of pacting (enforce 1vs1 wars with a well thought war system) and the game will climb up again.

Hell, i might even give it a try again. My job as a manager @ Ericsson these days kills me inside anyway.
General Comments & Major Rumors
21:36:00 - 29-11
Anonymous at 14:49:32 on 29/11:
What fams are goning up?
Righelli. i need two more tops and a succesor.
General Comments & Major Rumors
23:36:33 - 31-08
Hi v5 any fun?
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:43:54 - 10-02
Hello e-friends
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:21:34 - 05-07
dark at 22:02:04 on 05/07:
Well i use it against empty talkers like u kid... its useful bcs some idiots think they are untouchable. After they see they re fucked up. Thry shut their mouth up or retire. Which one is u?
is that the same type of retiring like you did around 3.5?
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:03:42 - 14-06
i missed the game, did cr7 do any good?
30-05 Here We Go!
20:11:15 - 31-05
wait what? ISIS & Omerta?
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:46:09 - 22-05
GOT leaked. you're welcome.
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:10:14 - 16-05
feist at 15:24:27 on 16/05:
Redspeert at 14:35:39 on 16/05:
feist at 13:31:54 on 16/05:
hey folks, anyone has GoT S06E04 Torrent? cant find it. thnks :)
carefull i jizzed in the end.
24-04 Rumble in the jungle
11:52:38 - 30-04
nobody cares johngotti
23-04 No Deja Vu This Time?
19:49:56 - 24-04
Anonymous at 19:13:47 on 24/04:
Latroit took over the role of the incompetent Gambino. LOL. Since he owns gambino? Most of gambi tops are retired. Dont make a statment about gambino when is being runed by an outsider
Name 1 which wasn't incompetent. Spoiler: NOT POSSIBLE
21-04 War ?! Again?!
00:49:57 - 23-04
Anonymous at 18:43:20 on 22/04:
The reason Aeterna got to be a big fam in the distant past is because Righelli people were part of it. (who have now all left) So saying Aeterna is some Vaffan spinoff cannot be farther away from the truth. The only time Aeterna were successful was when Xerano, Piadent, Johnx, Goupe etc... were tops thereby part of the decisionmaking process.

Peace out.
Hello person who never met Goupe.
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:00:18 - 21-04
By Dot 20/4/2016 21:26 pm

Fellow gangsters,

There has been big debate whether inkilling low ranked accounts (mainly Soldiers) to reset spots in the family is allowed or not.

While we consider sacrificing legit account(s) as valid gaming strategy, using dupe (or any other kind of cheat) account(s) to do such is NOT ALLOWED.

If any family is caught in resetting spots by inkilling irregular (dupe or other kind of cheat) accounts, that family will be akilled.

First family has been caught in this action and this family will face following punishment: disabling spots they have reset this way for 7 days and removal of money from their family bank.

Omerta Crew

Welcome back bramble.
General Comments & Major Rumors
20:57:13 - 20-04
Nice! Aart of the house Righelli, first of his name, King of the bugs and cheats, Lord of OBN, and protector of IP's, thanks the nerds.
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:07:52 - 20-04
In other news:
My torrent site (bitsoup) went bananas a while ago (yes I still download torrents). As of may 1st they are going to charge +/- 120 dollar per year.

Since some of the top internet nerds are to be found in this game, I figured i'd ask for some advice / alternatives here... after all, comming sunday I want to see GOT.

Valar Dohaeris
General Comments & Major Rumors
00:19:23 - 16-04
Critycal at 16:09:54 on 15/04:
Aart at 15:15:08 on 15/04:
right on zeveroare
Where were your akills Aart? ;(
Not caught, still legit.
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:15:08 - 15-04
right on zeveroare
General Comments & Major Rumors
21:25:40 - 24-03
Redspeert at 18:34:29 on 24/03:
3.6 euro per DC now...lol.
Does this mean Eastern Europe and beyond pay about 80 cents for the exact same thing now?
17-03 Gratatatatatata Gratatatata
16:51:00 - 18-03
Jaydakilla at 16:39:57 on 18/03:
Alright Ivy and her minion Eve...

Ivy, I'll start this by saying this is your 3rd group of tops in like 5 versions of playing this game.. Honey, there is a YOU problem.
So, this version was a waste... I told a mutual friend last vers about merging what was left of Ohana this rd and had ivy in PM next day. Boom. Made calabresi. I was fooled into thinking we would be a team but in reality it was just so ivy could try to steal my guys. So, as this shittty version bumped along, I decided to take a step back and enjoy some time off as I had no influence over Team Ivy.
Until First war with portucalia, you didn't ask me for much. . But it didn't take long for you to pm and ask me to approach them for CF after we were only a few shots in. I was told timeless and vexation approved of this move as they supppssedly said they were going down anyway. So, i follow through. Get that done^

After first war, we lost 1 blood (vexation) another blood depleted (Timeless) ans our last had some sort of fallout (republic)
Directly after the war followed bickering between Calabresi and imperium over bf and timeless still standing. So, we knew war with imp was gonna happen but anyone with common sense knew there was bigger fish to fry and more immediate threats. Team Ivy blooded Albierio, naz, Aeterna and when paranoia consumed her she took fortress as well. Meaning we blooded like 7 fams this rd. <<--Joke. Not only did you turn your back on the original bloods we lost. But the new ones we made, we essentially shoot against in sib/colo war and definitely shot against thus war. Anyways, we get 2 a few nights ago.. Ivy panicking over whatsapp and members chan talking about how she has to save our asses and Blah blah from being shot by 5 fams and lavi said this, soty did that kind of bullshit. So, i ask how can I help. She tells me not to talk to any other tops from other fams that she had it handled. Well, i have members here too. So of Course I'm gonna ask around and see wtf she got us into. Turned out she was playing both sides of the fence. We dropped the side we just made bloods with to help the side That shot vexation? Makes so much sense. And even worse I had to find out from other tops about this plan. Not even my own team. Then you expext me to just go along with your reckless bullshit for self preservation. We would've had an easy war last night, helped our bloods, reached promotions and then could've addressed imperium issue once fewer fams remained. But you felt cool planning a war on which you failed at and here we are... You sitting in safehouse pointing out to folks That I have no bf while you just jacked all of fam bank to hide out. This account is shit. I'm not saving mu account. I'm saving what little bit of pride I have left after this shtty stint working with you.
You following someone like that as some sort of sheep, means it's a YOU problem too.
But cool story.
OBN, your daily drama.