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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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19-01 (A) Warm Welcome
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17-01 First blood of 2021
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16-01 First family!
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31-12 New Years Wishes
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30-12 Congratulations Ontario
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29-12 It's the Final Countdownnnn!
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27-12 Andromeda under attack!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
17:23:59 - 07-01
NY is closed.
27-06 Saturday Brawl
21:56:34 - 29-06
Hipocrits! You are all hipocrits!
Unfortunately, if admins don't change the rules in the way they did on other versions, for what war concerns, we will continue to have shitty versions like this.
And no, I am not pissed because we lost. Those who continue to say that, stopped in 2012.
Ofc we prefer to win, and we do what we can, but losing is also part of the game.
Omerta shows how society is nowadays - all we care is the winning at all costs. We sell ourselves for the win; we humiliate ourselves for a place on those finishing families.
Families dont even bother to do ratios 2:1. They have to be 3:1/4:1/5:1... all that matter is reaching the end.
I wonder why those fams play a mafia game. The climax here is killing. Whats the fun of it if you win a version with 120k shot as we saw a few times already? Not only turks; for what portuguese concerns, we might even have worst examples (templari, burguesia)...
Game is shitty bcs of our mentality. Fams blood everyone just to sell everyone out. Everyone does it. We do it less. Even so, we are warriors and crazy, and i can understand the worries when we come to final stages. Lately even worst since only a few fams can finish.
Most of us are old. We have been here for 10 years, we are above 30 and some 40...and those who should be responsable to put some fun in the game, to create some joy, some fun, are the worst.
Ffs, life is a shit already, why do you want to put the game the same way?
Respect yourself, respect your members.
I respect more those fams that play alone and do their wars than this kind of gameplay; i know most of those have a easy job, attacking when a fam is empty its easier (hello krays) ,even though, its preferable that way than those gangbangs we see.
And then we have those fame like maraz, that i cant even qualify it...
Seriously niggahs, all we want in the end of the day is to have fun shooting ,showing our skill, union, cooperation as a family. Thats the meaning of being a family, not having a group of guys and use the numbers (sometimes from massrecruit), to suck some other families and survive to playsims.

We dont quit. We do not retire. We do not change fams name to have a new start over. We are what we are and we are happy with that.
I know our bad reputation will always follow us. That we are a fam easy to target and to put fams targeting us, because at some point, we fucked x or y fam. That even with a different name, those tops are the same we killed few rounds ago.
And then we have those that play 1 version and comeback 5 versions after.
Its easy to win that way. The QI of some omerta tops is too low, as it is their self-esteem, what makes things easier for those.

Unless admins implement the new war rules we wont be able to continue to play omerta.

Cheers to our brothers Imperium. Once again they showed that they are the only ones abble to match us.

18-12 Pow pow pow
20:15:53 - 22-12
Nier|AFK at 19:51:27 on 22/12:
KGfather at 19:23:57 on 20/12:
Anonymous at 12:32:14 on 20/12:
Lusa peeps too eager to deny the cheating.. come on, you guys can't without cheats. Doesn't matter, you aren't the only one. But after 15(or more) versions nonstop akills for mass dupes with 1-5% ontime, no irc, no profile or all same profile. I can imagine the hard work it takes to make it look like an actual person, but you never cared to even try and hide it. Funny to complain again and again. Oh, and 5 powerhouses with massive amounts of bullets and money on the other side.. funny how it's suddenly all legit, right! I know you are having lines with crew, it has been admitted by a main Lusa top in a moment of blind rage (after receiving a bunch of akills, again). Anyway, doesn't matter seen the current boring state of the game, anyone can win these versions without having to face a proper challenge!

you know nothing Jon Snow

Jon Snow might not know nothing, but I am not Jon Snow, so here's the thing. As you can read, this counts also for mister KCode/Righello aswell who pop up in this awesome forum too. During this version the crew was on a depth of manpower with only a handful of people consulting these cases. Interesting to see that someone snitched to Lusa about a report but just enough to not tell details. Anyway, you had to fish with fake information, blaming the one who was the most noob concerned these pc-matters within Aet top. And don't forget the being the most lazy part. At the same time we already figured out we had to be careful, you openly admitted active lines to crew. Something we absolutely weren't aware of. Thanks. The connection does explain why you never received proper akills, at least half of the names reported were akilled and often not (all) the top accounts.

You want proof? You get proof:
(22:55:13) <09~Soras`away> 22:42:31) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) :(
(22:55:13) <09~Soras`away> (22:47:27) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) they told me you guys were reporting us
(22:55:13) <09~Soras`away> (22:47:47) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) i dont want to belive in it
(22:55:13) <09~Soras`away> (22:48:32) ( Soras`away ) you can believe whatever you want
(22:55:13) <09~Soras`away> (22:49:03) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) your atitude makes me think twice
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:49:09) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) with that "we will see"
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:49:20) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) my guys also have connections on the crew
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:49:25) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) as you might well know
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:49:38) ( Soras`away ) we dont
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:49:39) ( Soras`away ) so
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:01) ( Soras`away ) and I dont like your attitude ever since the fortress war
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:03) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) well, they told me it camed from your runner for tk
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:20) ( Soras`away ) lol
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:21) ( Soras`away ) bandido?
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:28) ( Soras`away ) like he would ever report anyone
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:37) ( Soras`away ) you usually get akills
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:41) ( Soras`away ) dont see what I have to do with it
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:43) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) you are the one mentionate names
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:45) ( Soras`away ) but I can see your trust
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:50:56) ( Soras`away ) I mentioned who?
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:01) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) bandido
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:07) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) idk who is running for tk there
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:08) ( Soras`away ) you said our runner for topkiller
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:11) ( Soras`away ) thats bandido
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:15) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) didnt knew
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:21) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) they only told me it was your runner
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:31) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) and yes, usually we get akills
(22:55:14) <09~Soras`away> (22:51:38) ( Grigoriy\OFF ) but before we die, and if we are lucky

I understand it is a calculated risk to cheat but you can do it for years without getting caught. That must sound like heaven to you guys!! You just need to hide it properly and know your limits. You never bothered to hide. You need to make a dupe look like an actual person and maybe even actually show up every now and then. I can imagine that is impossible with the amount of dupes Lusa normally has. You know, it's so easy to find out what accounts are dupes when people don't care to hide it. You, Lusa, were very amateur cheaters. Really, it was almost piteous to see how you wasted a chance to exploit a cheat for ages. You had dupes and bugs, but you made it a challenge to get caught as fast as possible. Every time I hoped to see that you finally learned from your naive way of cheating, but you guys never knew when to stop. You know, at some point we had no clue if we could rely on Lusa, it was possible you'd lose half of the family any moment of the day. Which would include losing a bunch of decent shooters, a liability.

Simply accusing your longest blood and friends for literally every mistake you make or made is just bullshit. We can't help it you are retarded enough to dupe that obvious and receive the classic Akill wave you receive every version. That's simply your own fault and has nothing to do with us arriving on the first place after you losing a decent amount of points because of crystal clear obvious cheating!! Which has nothing to do with us. Instead, you blame us for taking over #1, like we did it on purpose.. Dude, you dupe, not us. You die of akills, not us. So there was no reason for blaming us and there was definately no reason for shooting us except HOF. Yes, we had our share of nasty whoppers, stabs etc, but as far as I can remember we never shot a blood this worthy to us just for the HOF. There are always reasons for a war, and you simply didn't have any except the HOF.

As you also say, people are just joining you, so in this case you might have more active people available. Added the fact that there are about well.. 7 families left in total? All double triple quadruple merged families, making 21389492864 as1's, sisters and other bullshits. People selling themselves all to play as long as possible. This ain't Lusa only, you wouldn't have the firepower to shoot midnight in a heavy counter with Lusa only. You never were able to properly defend. It's quite difficult to manage multiple accounts while being fired at. Yes, I had it once and that's not good for the heart (filthy cheater, bah!!).

Lusa++++++ winning a version says enough about the overall quality of the current state this game is in. Still a bit sad to see, always enjoyed playing the game before it became fucking retarded, it went down really fast.

You all should check out the real life instead of this shit, it's awesome and you'll make some awesome new friends and have fun! Don't share it with your fake online friends, they might get butthurt much.. Imagine imaginary friends being mad at you for leaving the imaginary world and meet actual people. Tough chop pals..


(Epstein didn't kill himself!)

My brother, I can see you are still butthurt.

First of all, Malavitta isnt Lusa; some of us are ranking there; thats our fam, but it isnt Lusa.
Reducing Malavitta to Lusa is an insult to the real tops of Malavitta that have the playerbase and do most of the work (even if they are "new" on .com server).

Secondly, we never denied that we as Lusa sometimes cheated; we payed for it; we got akilled and our image was affected by it in a way that we got so many unfair akills.

Let me remind you that when we "were cheaters" we were because of you; yes, Saros was the one teaching me the bug (you know wich one i am talking about!).

With that said, if you rly think that a fam with 30 brugs would have dupes you are even crazy that you seem. Dont compare the actual versions with those versions when we had 100+ accs.

Fortunately, i dont need to dupe; neither i have time to do it with my rl;I simple buy dc's because I can!

Those who are mad, you can also spend some euros on this and build good accs. Omerta will appreciate it.

I am thinking how sad must your life be for you to come here, in a almost dead game and when you seem not be playing anymore, to show some logs with more than 5 years orso.

Brother, get a life.
02-07 Balance Update #2
14:33:08 - 03-07

My point of view from a quit reading.

First, I can see the effort, the necessity and the merit of the updates.

However, I think you are missing an important point; This game started with us (the old dinosaurs that are still around) and its dependent on us – since most of the tops from the main fams on omerta are old players.

Thing is, those like me that started to play omerta, a long time ago, most part of us work nowadays and doesn’t have time to a concept where you need to be here ranking 16h a day or busting. The most part of us are the ones that also fund omerta with our real-life money. So where is the solution for us? Will there be a collateral system for us to follow those lifeless that you want to be here ranking?

I mean, since external scripts are banned, and you are trying to reduce lackeys influence, what will be the solution for us? To pay an Indian to rank our acc on team viewer? :D

With all due respect, I don’t think those kids, that can have the time to be here ranking, will have the funds to support omerta, as we do, by spending a bunch of money on DC’s.

Find a system where we can equal them, even if we must pay extra for it.

If not, we’ll have to quit… or end up cheating.

And yes, Omerta has stopped in time and is unable to call new players as in “our times”...so don’t expel the ones that still keep Omerta alive.

26-02 Popcorn → Lusa
22:04:26 - 26-02
RIP brothers. Nice version!
I am proud of you guys!