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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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22-07 Plating War
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General Comments & Major Rumors
14:37:08 - 07-01
dark at 20:58:11 on 06/01:
Yeh Solstice. You such a big playa.... _o_ That's why Tuncie leads one of the biggest army in omerta and you are just a crew of somewhere which took you in. (i dunno what fam u are in)
I have no idea who Tunc or Solstice are but if you are dark from 2.x and 3.x versions I can only laugh at stupid things you keep writing over years...

Any real top would be ashamed of this abomination players created to "win" game... I am merely a spectator for long time now, but this, right now, is the most pathetic epilogue of "version" I've ever witnessed...

dark at 20:58:11 on 06/01:
It doesnt matter who u are, what are u up too. If people follow you blindly, that means u are doing something correct. In this case, you will be always a guy who blames to succeed one but nothing more.

This is beyond stupid... If people follow you blindly, you are dealing with sheep, not humans. If no one of 100 members is asking himself wtf is he or she doing wasting 3 weeks of their life for this, than that's even more sad. That doesn't mean you are doing something right, it just means you have player base uncappabble of thinking or that you run a bot army.
You can't expect all your members to understand game, but some at least have to have some understanding of the game and to realize what his or hers family is doing is the most cowardly way of "winning" game, ever. If all of your members get off on winning version with 70% of active players without proper wars and real challenge, that sounds more like 2nd grade competition in arts where everyone gets medal for participation, not for winning.

dark at 20:58:11 on 06/01:
Today its winterhill. Tomorrow it will be another one.

Saying today is us, tomorrow will be you is just making things worse. You, and few of the old players who keep playing this need to realize this doesn't have 10k active players anymore to create huge alliances or bloods, having 5-6 bloods could work in 3.x versions when there was 5k+ active players. From what I see now, having even 2 bloods is questionable, not to mention all as 1 shit that pop up.

Players effectively managed to run this game into the ground, and the ones to blame are old tops who didn't shake off their old disputes and habits. People act like losing here is worst thing that can happen, then make dozen bloods and as ones. Dying in these newer versions is nowhere near as punishable as it used to be, so it gives you even less reason to mass blood and close version within 1 month of it's start.

But hey maybe I'm completely wrong and people actually enjoy this .dm versions that .com turned into. I just know few years ago most players wouldn't bother playing if everything was decided before game even started...
16-02 The Pact is Broken
15:02:15 - 17-02
birader at 14:59:01 on 17/02:
DeathBase at 14:45:12 on 17/02:
"Kapow (Guardians): Birader said it so it must be true."

Explain yourself with some details and specifics please.

I can show all log

Damn, if logs are on english I think everyone here wanna see them.
16-02 The Pact is Broken
23:01:00 - 16-02
mmm at 22:48:31 on 16/02:
If we are to look at it from a basic point of view, the whole purpose of a ROM is to decide whether a reset is needed or not, NOT to determine who will win a spot in the hall of fame. The end result of the ROM is sufficient enough for admins to push the button as they have done so in the past. If they do decide to have another ROM going, the whole purpose of the ROM has become irrelevant. It's not just the existing families voting on a ROM, it's everybody. You can't just deny everybody's wishes to reset just because some families got pissed off about today's statistics update.

But that's my opinion.

That's right and that should be purpose of ROM. However reset shouldn't happen before every other option for prolonging version is not viable. Just cause bunch of people died and don't see point in reranking doesn't mean it should stop family who is still alive and has real chances to win and make different ending for them or some other families from achieving it or at least trying to make their plans happen.

This game didn't need ROM for ages, and it didn't need voting to say when reset is needed. Now for anyone who played this game in 2.x versions think that game should reset before Guardians and Siyahsancak finish their war and clear winner of it is known is probably member of family (or families) that will not survive that war. There's is total of 0 reason to reset or announce reset during ongoing war, especially in a month long version. Surely people can wait for 1 more week to get so desired reset if they wish to play next version.

If you would announce winner and reset in war that is pretty much version deciding, it would be disrespectful to all players who played this version. It would show that admins who are in charge game and version don't really care about game events. It wouldn't surprise me if that happens but it would be another defeat for dying game.
16-02 The Pact is Broken
21:21:46 - 16-02
Anonymous at 21:13:26 on 16/02:
I agree with what u said, but u forgot one simple fact:

They were Guards'/Maraz's fawners all the way... They basically had no input in any war besides their manpower (which was hugging most of the time). They maybe deserved to be on HOF, but the one thing is certain: they didn't plan anything whole version. They were only fawners. ;)

It doesn't matter did they plan or not, hell they might be idiots who got incredibly lucky, or masterminds behind many wars but never bothered to show their real intentions. What matters is the end result. I know some of people who play in Sancak play this game for very long time, so they do have experience to be both masterminds and lucky idiots at the same time.

Hell if it's to believe what some people from Guardians and Marazzino said to us, it was Siyah who wanted Vincitori dead when they made 1st move together. So I think you're being harsh when you say they didn't plan shit. On the other hand I have no idea how did that group function inside, I just know what outsider can see, and from my point of view Siyahsancak pulled some really nice moves.
16-02 The Pact is Broken
21:01:46 - 16-02
It's irrelevant what Birader or Siyahsancak said here, they played this game as it should be played, like an RPG mafia game. They made smart moves and used every war to make their position better, or at least it looks like that from the outside. They weren't blooded to Guardians from start, they had their own goals and they played smart to achieve it. Well played to them, with no matter how this ends.

This is coming from someone who didn't play for long, and got shot by Siyahsancak and most of families who are shooting tonight, I must say I am glad you guys shot us if this was your game plan all along, cause you definitely played this game right. Respect for that.

It would be disaster if admins announce reset before all this is settled, people can wait 1 more week before new version starts. It's actually really refreshing and encouraging to see families fight each other for that number one spot.