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17-09 Sunday Bloody Sunday!
01:55:47 - 19-09
Change your assessment of me? How would I survive 😱

I don't mean to be rude and I'm usually not, but I really don't care about your "assessment" of me... I don't feel attacked by anything here, we have a saying in Portuguese similar to "if the hat fits", and the hat really didn't fit me.
Everyone that knows me at all knows that I don't give a fuck about omerta "politics", I rank for fun when I feel like it. So it's hard for you to find someone that cares less about stabbing and cheating and dupes and whatever else is going on here.
You made a rebirth, great for you, so did 90% of the game, what's this even about.
I'm not even sure if you were from Levi or Assa, but from whichever you were, I didn't speak bad of those families, mainly because I don't speak about them at all since, you know, I died 😂
As long as a family shoots I'd hardly speak bad about them, even if who they shoot is me, I'll just call them fuckerz and laugh, it is a game after all.
Your honor? I don't care and neither should you. Before this useless midnight drabble that I don't even know why I'm bothering writing, I spoke to you once, when you pm'ed me after you died, and I treated you with respect like I do with everyone that comes to my pm.
And my accounts were Echo and Havoc, is this another one of those dick measuring contests? 💪

Whoever the winner will be, congratz, hope everyone had fun and good luck for next versions!

Now for real real, my last post until I come back to play 😎
13-09 Lucchese ↔ Mesopotamia
18:48:10 - 15-09
Onetwo at 15:46:46 on 15/09: well now i can respond, @yurina you came to ME twice, second time, i steped in, what fuerte the first time decide was his choice, and indeed havoc was still killing assasinos, and me and vanguard try to avoid that he got shot, and it was not 24 hours later is was less

then vanguard shot havoc offline and died, still dont know why, before that fuerte shot delano with 3 attack bgs and he died(delano).


Grieg shot me online in Detroit while I was waiting for travel to shoot Fuerte that was in Chicago, what is with people saying they shot me offline?

And stop saying "Havoc" killed this family or that family and was on a GF rampage or whatever... I didn't accomplish anything alone, Montenegro and Balance members were right there with me all along, no matter how long it took people to leave SH and how messed up the hours were.

They shot from work, they shot from phones, they shot in the middle of the night, they shot knowing it was almost impossible for us to make it out alive, and no one ever stopped or made excuses, and when someone died they didn't leave, they stayed and helped make those long hours fun.

No one makes successful wars alone, no matter how strong they might be.

I won't bother correcting things around here anymore, but try to get your facts straight before claiming something, just for accuracy's sake.

Now let's go back to the real world and enjoy the weekend!
01-09 Going for gold!
20:38:31 - 02-09
Anonymous at 20:03:28 on 02/09:
Oh yeah, I had my reasons and seen the outcome, did it matter if I'd be alive or not? No. That's the aftermath, easy talking. I had my reasons and that's it, I didn't expect anyone to understand or to admire that move. I didn't shoot without backup since I was in the killchannel and knew several people who had found her. The reason I shot hasty was because I found Havoc in NY, knowing her villa was in Detroit. My detectives found her in Detroit, which ment she would go offline in villa, while they also hired on us and I expected the others also to hire on us. I shot her in Detroit because she couldn't travel for 20-25 minutes and I hoped to shoot her in those idle 5 minutes while logging off which would mean, no SMS. Which would mean, easy backup since she had bullets shot hidden on her profile. Bad luck for me that I shot right after those 5 minutes. I didn't expect to survive, I only hoped to do maximum damage, which actually didn't work because I basically ended up shooting #1 in villa. Sad, unfortunate.

I'm sorry to ruin your story, but you shot me online...
And I had bullets shown since we knew we were hired on.

But still nice try, no matter how badly planned.
01-09 Going for gold!
15:02:29 - 02-09
Anonymous at 11:29:11 on 02/09:
From her own Rip forum, how she did vs some Gf's, CD

Samus 18-Aug @ 22:55:19 You failed to kill Samus but did some damage, he hit back and did some damage
Puglife 30-Aug @ 11:35:21 You failed to kill Puglife but did some damage, he tried to hit back but totally missed you
Socius 31-Aug @ 16:16:16 You failed to kill Socius but did some damage, he hit back and did some damage

don't know if they are better then Rofl/Grieg.
In my opinion, any acc in top10 is a strong acc :)
I said it before, respect for Roflolmao and Grieg for at least trying to shoot me 60k.
Socius was great fun to hunt him he knows that, I shot him so others could finish him but apparently team work is not common knowledge in omerta world anymore.
Samus was my 1st shot in a rebirth acc, and again, he was finished after.

Anonymous at 11:42:37 on 02/09:
No one said she had a bad account, we are saying she had all the resources (only regime, bullets etc...)
We are saying the majority of the monte fam was shit.
Only regime when Chicago was full? I can't expand the map xD
And I always have bullets, this was my only acc to ever go empty.
Maybe now you'll complain of Don getting capo money too, outrageous I know!

Anonymous at 13:58:33 on 02/09:
Have you? Socius was always middle then moved up. Greig was always at the bottom
That's what usually happens when you shoot, you move up. Weird I know...

Anyway xD
It was a really fun version, reranking works and people should do it more.

Guardians, Siberians, Montes soldiers, the last 4 days of war were awesome o/

Now everyone chill, it's just a game.

Enjoy the rest of the version for those alive and the rest of summer for those who died :D
01-09 Going for gold!
02:04:07 - 02-09
Anonymous at 01:25:39 on 02/09:
Nice account eliza, it's amazing what one can do when all family resources and bullets go to one person. It's a shame the rest of the monte fam will die without much of a fight.

You clearly didn't track the version very well.

I was top5 in bullets since the version started, was already #1 in Echo by Chief, shot 240k and died still being #2 or #3.
Havoc was #1 in bullets since I finished my bullets milestones.

Montenegro was built with 1 profit spot, Chicago Travel. We had no bullet factory till we shot for it a few days ago, and no other profit spots. And the bullets from the bullet factory were shared since I actually like my members to have bullets to shoot with me. Crazy right?

That's why unlike some *cough cough* we didn't have just 2-3 shooters, and all of us shot quite decent amounts.

And I wouldn't say Monte is dying without a fight, since we have more than half the game shooting us for over 3 days, yet we downed enemy fams and killed great accounts.

But indeed, it was a nice account mate, thanks :)