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24-01 (A)nother Wave
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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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19-01 (A) Warm Welcome
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17-01 First blood of 2021
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16-01 First family!
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31-12 New Years Wishes
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30-12 Congratulations Ontario
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29-12 It's the Final Countdownnnn!
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27-12 Andromeda under attack!
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31-12 New Years Wishes
16:30:17 - 03-01
Remove HPs gotta be prio #1 of things that might actually happen. Or keep them but make them pointless. There are things that should have higher priority but will never happen anyway, like new unbiased admins as mentioned by Nier.

Another big change I would like to see to make the game more about strategy and skill rather than the "masspacting/pay most win" as it is now, is to introduce different skills that can be ranked up. The skills would have both pros and cons. Too big of a change tho so will never happen.

And obviously somehow get rid of the possibilites to masspact and have 1vs1 wars but dunno how to do that in a good way tho.
10-09 The pre-plating war
13:30:44 - 14-09
The Reall Ocarina at 13:14:53 on 14/09:

Lusa's don died by LC attacks. Oh yea we will remember. If u actually know this game, it is quite easy to die when u are LC+ with good tactics and manpower. So, don't make empty on a dead website and game man.

I don't understan what you mean, what you try to tell me. :(
10-09 The pre-plating war
12:37:03 - 14-09
Critycal at 12:17:22 on 14/09:
Nobody will remember you anyway

I agree on most you wrote but on the quoted part I think you might be wrong. People will remember how the GF died from a Chief and how the successor, a Brug, died from a LC without even shooting back.
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:25:49 - 11-02
KCode at 17:03:38 on 11/02:
Seriously, why do you guys kill eachother at LC/Chief.
How can that be part of the meta of an enjoyable game?

Sucks big time indeed the early wars. It is not enjoyable at all.

I guess one reason is that Detroit gives a great advantage. Most of the time it is a Detroit family that get shot in the first, early shootout. To let a family have poker-, bank-, narcspot etc. in Detroit for a couple of weeks or so, until people are brugs, gives them way to much money. Better shoot before they gain too much advantage from the spots.

I know changes were made this round to make people travel more. It has obviously helped but Detroit is still the place to be.

Too much money, thus too much bullets, in the game. Should not be possible to have nearly 500k bullets before you reach chief.

HOF doesn't help. Remove that shit. Or start to hand out pus*sy stars instead of golden stars if families win in a shitty way.

And a lot more..

But what do I know, I'm just a noob anyway..
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:42:50 - 14-08
Anonymous at 18:17:31 on 12/08:
EazyE at 13:18:15 on 11/08:
Redspeert at 23:22:20 on 10/08:
One should bring back the old Coccada&Cristeria alliance.
Bring back Coccada!

Bring back Casappa and friends please

Lets go up. Im in :)