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General Comments & Major Rumors
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18-06 Plating ends, so there's war.
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Pre-plating update..
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First families..
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Welcome to Round #30
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01-05 Labour day war
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Lusa under fire..
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Pre-plating update..
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First families...
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12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
20:49:21 - 13-09
ites at 20:09:15 on 13/09:
This game is dead and should die. The only reason it still is around is because pathetic fuckers like me keep coming out of retirement because tey miss the adrenaline this game can give you.
However pacting motherfuckers are sucking it dry and people are going to stay away.
Top that with corrupt admins and a pay2win structure and this game has 0 longterm future.

It sucks. The concept behind this game is amazing. Admins are not fit to lead it, and most tops are not worthy of it.
Time to let it gently die so we can remember the good times

+1 on pathetic fuckers :))
+1 on longterm future
+1 on concept being amazing

I played a lot last .com/.dm/this .com.

#bulletpricing/obaying - It'll change the game to a degree that more people will have 2-3 shots. Uber-accounts can still get 500bull/DC via PayPal donation.
#75HQ - this is awesome if you are actually (you == admins) going to be present and punish sistering/pacting. This'll open up the game
#no capo successors - this is hard. .dm is a bit different, but this is hard
#family-city - I hope you found a way to tweak the Round #77 KA from .dm. If not, it's gonna be a nightmare
#1-1 war system - this would make people return, even move active people from .dm to .com maybe. my2c. Too bad it's still not here on .com. Smaller fams would a) have much more fam b) have much more chance c) would avoid being packed against :)

31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
08:24:59 - 02-08
However much we like to see a family who shot the most win the version, Batavia played their game and won the version. And other... Thousands of players can simply hate it, but that's the fact. Well played.

15-07 The big breakup
15:13:44 - 18-07
Squating slavs rule \o/


It's ultra hard to create rules in a mafia game... Mafia themselves went that way because they don't want to play by the rules... To some people pacting is interesting and winning like that version after version. To some it is bot. Given that this is a game, I'm looking forward to see new 1-on-1 war system... It's going to bring a new joy into the game.. For example, something that Krays did for themselves early in this version..

15-07 The big breakup
17:47:24 - 15-07
Anonymous at 17:39:25 on 15/07:
Funny how people can hate on people if they spend money be glad some people can they probly worked hard for it in RL when you guys see somebody in a nice car you hate them aswelp? thats why you would never make something of your life

goodluck all fams

Good one. Respect.
15-07 The big breakup
17:38:19 - 15-07
We are 150 brug+ away from the end. At least. Popcorn. GL+HF. WP all