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General Comments & Major Rumors
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15-01 Double hijack
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15-01 Latitante ↔ Krays
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13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
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11-01 Herres ↔ Latitante
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08-01 War!
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06-01 The onslaught continues
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05-01 More trouble in NY
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05-01 Chainreaction
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04-01 Cyka blyat!
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Last activity: 18:58:42 on 22-06-2018 (210d 4h 5m 19s ago)
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General Comments & Major Rumors
11:47:27 - 21-03
cove at 11:40:24 on 21/03:
Anonymous at 10:58:58 on 21/03:
Soumynona at 08:23:47 on 21/03:
cove at 08:12:50 on 21/03:
So at 02:52:29 on 21/03:
So at 02:02:16 on 21/03:
Anonymous at 23:45:20 on 20/03:
Redspeert at 22:20:00 on 20/03:
So at 22:16:02 on 20/03:
exposing the scripts is hardly advertising, kapow's flawed logic doesn't make him right, or you, you play for sib, hardly unbiased imo, we need more people exposing these mutts, what does beyond have to lose by allowing the playerbase to expose and comment? you'll prolly even delete this

I've never been a member of Siberia. I think you are thinking about the version winner of 5.1, also known as Colossal.
As I said, if you want to get rid of scripts do this. 1: Open irc 2: /join #help
Even a simpleton like you should be able to complete this without assistance. Or you could just send them a mail.

*Edit. You and anyone else here can talk about scripts and who are scripting as much as you please, but keep the urls in your pants.
maybe you re right my friend, but the thing is, righello answers you in #help. and i think he is not that reliable and trustworthy. just my opinion though. maybe time for a crew change

never been a member maybe, but you've played with them, lie with dogs you get fleas, and lol, 'simpleton' ... that the best you have mutt??

lol, go throw a mouse anyway dickweed, every single asswipe like you that's played with them, fought for them, either in sib, in an as1, or in a blood, has contributed to the demise of this game, everytime you turn a blind eye to the scripting/duping ingame, while you laugh with them on irc or app, is just enabling it, they know they cheat, you know they cheat, EVERYONE knows it, but no-one stops it, when are you pricks gonna just own up to what you've done, what you CONTINUE to do, and leave what's left of the game to the people that genuinely rank every version, spend what little they have to make a competitive acct, only to be killed by a dupe/script? yes there will always be cheats, but we need to expose them, not rank with/for them ... say what you want, but you know I'm right, idc if it hurts to hear it, say what you want about me, #carefactorzero, but the facts remain the facts, and you're either a part of the solution, or you're a part of the problem

You seem emotional unstable, are you alright?
Good words So` but every single asswipe you have played with or family you have been in have been throat down on scripter or teamviewing massduping mass-sharing dick.

Every time a bitch ass all angelic fucker writes a post about how the other side is all bad and you are all virgins i wanna poke my eyes out with a spoon.

Every family you have ever been a part of has been at some point blooded to mass abusers or has overblooded and contributed to the ruinous state the game is.

Unless you decide to go full boesmans and build a family that has no "cheaters or teamview users" and ravel in the dirt of being asswhipe of everyone.. you do not get to state your opinion or toss blame around.

We are all shits that would run over corpses of dead babies to win. And when we lose we blame the other side for abusing scripting sharing duping better.

Its the eternal cycle of omerta. Which is infact lets say a competition. In every single fucking competition there is someone that cheats be it Sport, Esport motherfucking Darts .. Every single competitive aspect there is some fucker that will cut corners.

And yes you do your best to stop it.. Or if not stop it use it to your advantage.

But when you decide not to stop it and use it to your advantage as the families you have been in have. You lose every right to write about shit cause you took part in it.

Now go fuck off reranking or wait for next version where you can team up with some cheaters and then claim you did it cause others did it so why shouldn't you and so on and so forth.

Fucking hyprocrites.

[Edited on request of the Anonymous author by Kapow at 21/03/2018 9:30AM]
hey cove gipsy ,how u doing my gipsy friend

How big of a pussy you have to be to use Anon to call me a gipsy? :(
Gipsy. ;(
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:38:08 - 07-12
Snooker`AK :*
26-01 That sure made a Difference
10:52:24 - 27-01
Anonymous at 10:39:10 on 27/01:
mr_anon at 01:45:15 on 27/01:
meh siberia still up so they didnt catch THE script yet

it's really foolish to mage that zizus(Lina) guy create your family :) he is a known scripter and cheater in both com and tr :) siberia family will be down just because of this guy