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03-03 Popcorn wins round 12!
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26-02 Popcorn → Lusa
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24-02 These Things Happen
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23-02 Ocarina tears
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20-02 Warriors vs Ottaviano
Comments: 14 - Views: 1,627 - Votes: 1
19-02 Kurosawa → Cosanostra
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17-02 Harlem → Imperium
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16-02 Redemption war
Comments: 236 - Views: 7,017 - Votes: 6
12-02 Redemption <-> Persico
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01-09 Going for gold!
05:56:27 - 02-09
Anonymous at 05:31:22 on 02/09:

Why was there only her as running a regime? 40+ in one regime is a bit extreme. Could of had more then just top3 as CDC+ . Apart from havoc there doesn't seem to be too much fight (except on obn) from the montenegro's

You still anonymous...

if u want to advice how to run a fam u can do it in ur fam...

'Apart from havoc there doesn't seem to be too much fight (except on obn) from the montenegro's '
Really? Again? check how many bullets ppl shot beside Havoc. :')
open profile of ing Delano, Francois, Slackerinho, etc....then tell me again only havoc did something and that all worked for her...ppl are not stupid..u treating ppl as they are stupid.

grow up :')
01-09 Going for gold!
03:41:51 - 02-09
Anonymous at 01:25:39 on 02/09:

Nice account eliza, it's amazing what one can do when all family resources and bullets go to one person. It's a shame the rest of the monte fam will die without much of a fight.

You serious? You should first of all drop ur anonymous thingy :p
Anyway i can assure u Eliza didn't got all BF bullets since i was running it ...and as it was already said you can check the amount of bullets our shooters shoted. You comment also looks ridicule cause we were shooting non-stop till the very end..and yeah we did damage... i bet u still crying cause of it :p

Just admit that Eliza really putted a big effort as she always do into her account...and she also e was always there for the rest of fam members.

It was a team work and was fun!

Have fun for the rest of the version o/
RIP us :')
02-05 The Awakening - Blood Bath
00:06:02 - 05-05
. edited

just to say Hi there :w

P.S. Please remove all this offtopic posts from here. and delete mine aswell :')
Nice pics + article btw
05-12 The Punishment
19:21:48 - 05-12
i think solution is to let this version last until admins fix all major bugs and find a solution for dupers, pushers, money trades, stop giving advantage to offline accounts, update wiki with all information about rules, etc...

Then i think next version can be called new version... and maybe more players will come...and maybe with all those old/new players that would come would be possible to ban lackeys also since more players means more money to support the game...

this is a constructive post with the intention to start gathering all good ideias from ppl around (enemies or not) that like to play this game so please avoid to call me n00b (wich everyone knows i am already :p).

lets help admins to make this game better so we all can have more fun and not quit.

...yeah i like to pretend im naif :')

...put hate 6 feet under just for this time and lets try to make this happen ok? we all like the game and want to see it better.

Respect o//

11-11 Nations Clash
01:53:39 - 12-11
Anonymous at 01:47:51 on 12/11:
??? at 01:40:13 on 12/11:
Anonymous at 01:29:04 on 12/11:
Anonymous at 01:27:28 on 12/11:
Anonymous at 23:22:07 on 11/11:
Anonymous at 22:57:28 on 11/11:
hahahaha maraz,ashen noobs they die like flies

so badass to say when the top5 fams are being a bunch of wimps and gang up on them

What gangbang? It was 2 vs 1.

3 vs 2. Aeterna/Casappa & Lusa vs Marazzino & Ashen!

what about lusa + aeterna + casappa + kurosawa + burguesia vs illuanna?

thats not karma :p
karma will be when u all will want to play with ur dupe accounts and there willl be no enemys to kill cause players that dont cheat gave up this pay to win game :')