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First families...
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19-03 Horde under fire!
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18-03 NSA broken..
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15-03 Plating war day two
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14-03 Plating war thread
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11-03 Pre-plating summary
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27-02 First families!
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31-01 The big bang
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12-08 Countdown to a massacre? KA live at 19OT
12:31:37 - 14-08
Lucci at 11:20:31 on 13/08:
Anonymous at 08:06:37 on 13/08:
Lucci at 23:33:59 on 12/08:
''Ray got now 20 attack points instead of 10.
Ike got now 70 attack points instead of 50.
Joe got now 75 attack points instead of 30.''

Correct english spelling would be for example:

Ray has now got 20 attack points instead of 10

written by a dutch person?

No, that's also wrong, but you'll get it right some day.

Dutch person.

No its not wrong, but thanks for wasting everyone's time with your nonsense

has now got ain't right man.

'Ray now has 20 ATK points instead of 10'

would be best.
General Comments & Major Rumors
21:50:10 - 29-07
Slow at 19:55:13 on 29/07:
Anonymous at 19:27:17 on 29/07:
gravano are loosing members due to there lack of tops being online, and treating new members like shit, typical gravano, when i was in gravano, was tops spoke to high rankers, looks like half of them have went to monte carlo...do i blame them?.... no...... tops in gravano have there favourite's and thats not new news

its summer, some people have lives.

Yeah nigger, drop by sometimes.

Got cold beer and a bbq here ^^
General Comments & Major Rumors
19:14:46 - 05-07
Stanto at 12:44:26 on 05/07:

Tell me this ? Your top ranker dosnt use script ? Or at least 2 people on one account playing in shifts ? So dont try to avoid script ?
And second one , my acc have 13% online time so i am not talking about me, i am talking about those kills which happen yesterday .

Aye, we have no scripters nor sharers. Take a good look before asking stuff like that :')
So what happens if all low ontime people killed eachother? Who will be left to kill the ones with 90% ontime?
General Comments & Major Rumors
12:37:37 - 05-07

Stanto at 10:06:52 on 05/07:

There is no chance to found you on IRC for some nice suggestion.

1. Its really sad when player with 1% online time kill one of the best rankers and any other player who have 20 30 40 50% online time . Player with so little online time is 99% dupe but you cant check and catch him if they use teamviewer . So where is justice for players who play this game , live by the game die by the game ?? So if i lose my eyes on typing code to be faster and online as much as i can , i dont wanna die from account who is 1% online .
So , what about to put easy option , IF ELSE(programing code you know what i am talking about) that account with 1-5% online time cant shoot account over 20% , account 1-10% online time cant shoot account over 40% and account with 1-15% online time cant shoot account over 50% online time . So lackey account still have it chance to shoot lackey account but not player who die on keyboard and lose his eyes on codes . This is justice for everyone and that is one way to stop one man army with dupes .

2. You change whole economy in game , bring us more money , easy money , more bullets and faster ranking , right ? So its very easy to have a pretty nice amount of bullets on Assasin Local Chief . So why you dont put some max limit on bullet shoot per rank ? Now you get situation same if Bruglion can shoot 120k for secure suiciding ? And Bruglione have limit on 60k , so put limit example ...swindler can shoot max 14k , assasin max 20k , LC max 40k(if sure that he can suriviev shoot of 40k) Chief max 60k .

Second suggestion is hard to setup , maybe not , but first suggestion you can setup in 1 hour , and you will bring justice to player who play this game .

I lol'd.
More rankscript and less lackeys for a higher ontime. Also, someone can't be killed just because he is online a lot?

Both of your ideas are ridiculous. How in any way would this be fair for players that aren't online as much as you?
26-06 Want to start a family? read!!!
12:37:46 - 29-06
Aawaq at 19:56:24 on 28/06:
to all the bitches


Belongs to frontera

Claiming shit with showing it is for bitches.

rip ugly