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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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Total members: 3714
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» Family History
Founder:Dreia, Halfreka
Been up in:2.3, 2.4, 2.5/2.6, 2.7b
Alliance:Fortitudo 2.3, Bloodlink 2.4, Era 2.6
Sisterfam:Underworld 2.4
2.3 Equilibrium
Halfreka, Dreia

In 2.3 we formed Fortitudo alliance (Equillibrium, Dolcevita, Lioni, Vittoria) we shot Bulgaria for spots. A day later Ascension shot Fortitudo. Equilibrium was only up for 1 day not so long before the reset.

2.4 Equilibrium/Underworld
Halfreka, Dreia, Spherix, Donddavidd, Tsebunny, Nightmare and 2 months into the game Davydenko also joined

Don of Equilibrium was Halfreka and in Underworld Dreia was the Donna.

We were in bloodlink an alliance made to shoot down DP (Devil's pact) the bloodlink alliance succeeded but after a while we heard rumours Affinitas, The Order and LPG would shoot bloodlink so we decided to act first but we got shot down anyways like all bloodlink fams.

2nd time that version Orion
Spherix, Dreia, Halfreka, Nightmare, Donddavidd

A few weeks after Equilibrium got shot we decided to come back but under a new name, “Orion”. We were the same tops, same people and the same spirit. Spherix was our don this time as he was lucky enough to survive the bloodlink war.

The so called "Pussypact" was still up and we were still the underdog. We teamed up with 2 other fams one of them was Renaissance (can’t remember the 2nd one) and shot at affinitas. We did alot of dammage but when we wanted to start our 2nd wave the first deaths on our side came up. The Order and LPG started shooting us and killed most of us.

2.5 Started as Origin
Dreia, Halfreka, Donddavidd, Davydenko, Nightmare started in Firenze that version but when they were down he joined us again

In 2.5 we were up pretty fast cause of the fast ranking of Halfreka. Deluccio was also in Origin. We started together so we both had time to grow and when we could stand on our own we would split up as happened later on. In one of the first wars against Thievery and Memento Halfreka died so Donddavidd took over the fam.

A few weeks later Morales came to us and said that SCU and Vaffanculo had plans to shoot them, without hesitating too much we organised a fast war alongside with Merovingians, Ilyria/Trotters and Morales ofc. We lost some highranks in the first wave but brought down SCU and Vaffancula rather fast. Fatoslocos and Medicci decided to help their bloods (SCU and Vaffanculo) and started shooting at us. We hired for the 2nd round and started shooting back. Fatoslocos and Medicci also shot at Gazarri, wich saved us cause they were forced to shoot back. At the end of a long night all the opponents were dead and we survived but we lost most of our highranks.
A bit later Memento shot us down cause they were blooded with SCU.

2.6 Orion
Dreia, Halfreka, Nightmare, Davydenko and Tyketto who was also in Origin as a member but a few tops retired so we invited her into our top

A few weeks after Origin got shot down we started Orion with Nightmare as don and later on Dreia took over, We were barely up and running and we had our first wars. First we shot Deluccio in the early morning alongside our bloods and other fams. When Valahia decided to revenge Deluccio and concentrated their power on Shadows (our blood) we backed them up with the few ranks we had valahia got shot down and we both survived but we were very weakened.

The day after Justicia decided to shoot us. They were warned by a member that our bloods would jump in and kill them but they didn’t listen, we lost some highranks but our bloods took care of Justicia before they could kill us (Bloods: Merovingians, Torretta, Gurentai, Shadows didn’t participate but they offered it although they were also weakend by the wars).

After those wars we had some time to grow strong again. Some weeks later we shot at Decavalente and Agrigento, the 1st fam shot one of our bloods.
A few days later Bruinsma shot at Merovingians and now it was our turn to jump in so we shot down Bruinsma with other blooded fams and Merovingians managed to stay alive.
Some time after that we shot Sindacco with Shadows, Infragilis, Catalonia and Righelli cause they had alot of Decavalente rankers.
When Tyketto got killed by a suicider from the Patriarica family they showed us no respect in compensation talks so we decided to shoot them with the help of Toretta.

Era Alliance: We formed the Era alliance with some fams we like and we were connected to other fams cause of our bloods. W all wanted to force a reset and this would be the quickest way. There were alot of wars in Era and also ppl that shot at the alliance. (Targets + Shooters: Blacklotus alliance, Rossineri, Gurentai, Lioni and Lacrimo) There were also some individual attacks at certain fams.

2.7b Orion
Halfreka, Dreia, Tyketto, Nightmare, Davydenko, Willtodie was our don this time so he was also in top

After some probs with getting started in 2.7 we got Orion up in 2.7b

We needed alot of time to grow cause many ppl quitted the game but we were lucky with some new additions and got to be a decent fam. Alot of ppl came talking to us to shoot with them to open up the game. Most of them died before they could act and after a few weeks we felt it was our turn now. Cause of some probs with Conflict in 2.7 where they told us that Orion is their enemy we felt that they would be the shooters. Cause of this we decided to attack first and went all out on them. Their bloods jumped in and killed us.

This is Orion’s story, Thanx to everyone who was in Orion and who faught with us at some point. Respect for our bloods, friends and soldiers!

Thanks to Davydenko for submitting.
Involved wars
25-03 War versus Deluccio and Vittoria
25-03 Valahia war
07-05 Shadows + Orion + Coccada + Catalonia <-> Decavalante + Agrigento
16-05 Shadows + others <-> Sindacco
24-05 Orion + Torretta <-> Patriarca
01-06 Era Alliance formed
02-06 Era <-> Blacklotus+
02-06 Rossineri <-> Era
04-06 Era <-> Gurentai
08-06 Era <-> Lioni and Lacrimo
03-02 Orion <-> Conflict
23-02 Big Bang
24-01 Samagono war