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16-09 Violenza war
Author: Rix
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 15,464
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families: Anadolu, Atrocita, Civella, Coccada, Deluccio, Fatoslocos, Genovese, Ilteber, Influente, Invocandi, Kerberos, Krays, Levana, Notte, Righelli, Severity, Untouchables, Vaffanculo, Vengeance, Violenza
Violenza seems to be getting shot by Vaffanculo, Invocandi, Kerberos, Krays, Fatoslocos, Righelli, Notte, Deluccio, Untouchables, Genovese, Civella, Coccada and Levana.

Fatoslocos + Kerberos + Righelli + Vaffanculo <-> Atrocita + Anadolu + Severity

Invocandi <-> Vengeance

Notte + Untouchables <-> Ilteber
Later in that war, Levana and Coccada joined attackers side and helped as well.

Deluccio + Krays <-> Influente

After many hours, Ilteber was the first family to go down, shot by Notte.
After a day full of shooting, Vengeance was the second family to go down. A big part of Violenza, however, was already taken over by other families.

Ilteber 17-09-2010 01:40:56
Vengeance 17-09-2010 18:01:31
MrWhite (Krays): We're here to help out our bloods, thats all.

Knife` (Top Atrocita): I agree with attackers, Fuck KA.

Bazjuuh (Top Vaffanculo): We have had no real issues with Vio, but they shot our bloods. We retaliated, end of story

ReveaL (Influente): First of all I wanna say RIP both of side, respect who died. I hope Balashikha learned .com rules, anyway we had known we would die soon but someone have to teach them you must show respect other fams... At the end of, Violenza never dies, just transfigures itself!

Adolf (Atrocita): special thanx coccada and civella. they took successor from us and they made up their family.they are really honorable _o_ rip who died and gratz shooters..We will come back again 10 day later ^^

[A]Mikey (Deluccio) : This was a long fought war, we also don't have any major problems with vio, they killed Balashikha(our bloods) so we felt it was our duty to revenge them. RIP both sides

Wilco (Fatoslocos): For us it was an easy decision, one of our bloods was shot and we wanted to get rid of Violenza, mostly because they claimed 50% of all objects. Too bad one of our bloods died before we had a chance to do something. For us this war had two positive sides: We had a chance to revenge one of our close bloods and second a big and powerful pact would get shot. RIP TO BOTH SIDES (Rix was bitching my statement was too short) so again Rip to both sides

/q sbanks or Rix for statements

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