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14-01 Coccada/Cristeria war
Author: zenga
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 19,022
Votes: 1 (5 average)
Version: 2.8a
Involved families: Coccada, Conflict, Cristeria, Elegante, Favela, Illusion, Righelli, Selvetica, Untouchables
As we speak the mighty Coccada alliance is being shot by a number of families, including some of their own bloods.

More info soon.
Sollid (Righelli)
The reason was pretty simple. They shot Lucchese and Lucchese was our blood that has stepped in for us without hesitation twice. Although we like Coccada as a family and we think they did quite good this version, it wasn't an action we could live with. We tried to work something out before, but for various reasons it was impossible. Because of recent developments we did get a chance to do what we wanted without suiciding. Rip to all who died.

Comcast (Selvatica)
We felt after NLS, and then after Ilteber we had to act. We also felt was only a matter of time until Selva/Ut were the next shots of C&C.

evil (Conflict)
We're sorry it had to come to this. Coccada is a longtime blood, and conflict tops have friends there. But seeing how this version progressed, coccada was always the one trying to distance itself from conflict. We got shot twice. first time we got shot by 5 families, with shooting count of over 30 brugs and 30 chiefs total, they decided to shoot only at one fam, and only 4-5 chiefs. After the war they claimed 2 of the 3 war spoils, while they probably didn't deserve even one. Though they did give one back after.

Second time we got shot, by castiglia, they claimed they were bulletless and refused to help aswell, till their don got shot.
This is in contrast to NLS and Ilteber, that jumped for us, even if it could mean their death, and tried to help us as much as they could.
When Coccada shot NLS, we didn't like it, some members wanted to suicide on coccada cause while Lucchese rly helped us, coccada didnt. But we couldn't do much, since they were both bloods, so we accepted that and moved on.

Then after many talks Coccada shot Ilteber, second time Coccada shot a blood of us (Our oldest one). Coccada didn't PM our tops either times to explain why they shot our bloods, a reason , nothing.. i think thats what good bloods do.
Even then we refused to shoot @ coccada or we would have right the next day, but after 2 or 3 days of coccada tops not bothering to give us just 1 explanation to the killing of ilteber, some of our oldest members asked kicks to suicide on C&C cause they claimed they didnt knew the fam they were in anymore, the old Conflict/Sigma/ccce w.e wouldnt just watch our blood list get killed by someone, even another blood.

So basicly after many old members/friends wanted to leave to suicide and rumours that UT/selva or righelli might be next, till there were
noone left, we decided to act. We (conflict tops & members) can't accept that our blood list becomes anyone's target list, friends or not.
Some will call it backstabing, others will cheer this action, we rly dont care, we didnt do it to win a version or to achieve any goal, we just did it cause it felt it was the right thing to do, and we owed it to Lucchese and Ilteber.

Not going to whine or post a lot of stuff this is a game, we got shot by our own bloods so in that way we could`t do much, yes maybe it was predictable but we use to keep our word. rip all c&c soldiers we had fun and we played with OUR brains.

Honestly, i see the point of all families shooting us.
Conflict - We shot 2 of their bloods, and if they didn't do anything they would be called as 'pussies' and now they are called 'backstabbers' for a minimum number of people.
Righelli - We shot Lucchese and as we all know both families love eachother.
Illusion - I have two points for Illusion. First, in their opinion we were disrespectable at all. But imo Illusion is based on true bloods and tactital bloods, like: "Today you rock. Tomorrow you suck, then lets shoot you tomorrow." - Backstabbing.
Ut/Selvatica - Rumours are bitches.
Now, about all this i still think the same, we C&C had the balls which most of fams don't have, can be considered winners of this version, didn't run away from wars we just haven't bullets for it, acted alone. And also the only guys who really had 'good' reasons to shoot in this war was Conflict and Ut+. Conf because somehow they would get fucked if they didn't anything.
Still, thanks for open our minds - Bloods. Now we know who we can trust and who we can't.
Rip all guys and cya next version!

Ishmahell (Coccada)
Yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table.
RIP C&C members.

Lyraboy (Illusion)
We think it should not have come to this way,and we can assure you that was the most hard decision we ever gave in our history but we have our reasons. This version Coccada acted very weird,now we dont want to criticise them since they are dead, but looking to their behaviours it was all just arrogance/ignorance/disrecpect towards us. Ranging asking 10 m for a dead soldier to killing our ex NLS members without notifying us, where we did not ask anything when 2 of their member left them and suicided on us causing our dons and family dead. Then asking 60 m for a suicider from us. Of course these things were what we could shut our eyes BUT shooting NLS, the family which shot with us for ages, revenged us by shooting their blood Leviticus,respected our bloods everytime ( for example cleaning of palermo in this version where they did not shoot Hellsangels out of respect to us ), then shooting Hellsangles, the family which fought with us till their death,then shooting Ilteber, the family which never letted us down when we were bloods, was the last drop for us.

The weird part about those 3 wars were, there were billions of families around which could be threat to C&C and their bloods, yet they decided to clean our bloodlist. We might add that those 3 wars were the only wars they shot beside 1-2 war where they shot with us, and still we could not get any explanation from them plus we still do not understand what was the moral of these actions beside the influence they are getting from our "haters". We owe too much to Nls/Ilteber/Hellsangels that we cant ignore. After seing all of these, we came to a conclusion that next targets of C&C were either Righelli or Selvatica/UT or both, and we could not take the risk of losing those families and doing a suicide war after that, so we needed to act.

Even we as tops of illusion were in doubt, our members were picking targets from C&C since Ilteber was dead, so let along this decision was the decision of all illusion tops, from ex tops founders inactives ones to the active ones, it was the decision of our members who were backing us up. About the de-blooding part, we made this on purpose, and shot them while they had us on their family page, so this message can reach to every family in omerta. Maybe its backstabbing maybe not, do we feel sorry? Of course. DO we regret that ? Of course not. Was it the right thing to do? Hell yeah!

Azoli (Illusion)
From our wiev its sad to face that we shoot our bloods.. first of all they killed 2 of our bloods without any excuse,its really unacceptable for us,we did not wanted to wait till an other close fam of illusion to get shot, we are long time bloods with conf and righelli so we could not let them stand alone in this war.

In the end we decided to help our other bloods in this action, even we regret it would be seens as backstabbing.. but bcuz of these facts and 2of those 3suiciders from C&C we had no other option.. btw congratz coccada on the great game you played. rip everyone :w

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