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General Comments & Major Rumors
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26-12 Christmas Gifts
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26-12 Plating shenanigans
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23-12 Holiday plating test
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05-12 First Family!
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30-11 About DCs For Turkey (Replies Are Allowed)
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26-11 Welcome to Round #34
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23-11 Reset announcement
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15-11 Congratulations Ontario!
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01-07 Down before the end
17:17:05 - 03-07
darklazytologin at 15:38:38 on 03/07:
Anarchism at 14:42:18 on 03/07:
they were crying about zenga :P
Zenga is cool guy and he was badass. Haha watchout curse comes...
20-04 This is your Fatality!
14:34:48 - 24-04
Anonymous at 13:08:21 on 24/04:
says one of the cheaters. you just dont get it.....
Really? Why have they introduced lackeys do you think? Because they could not beat the scripts or because they (finally) recognized that it was necessary to keep the game alive? For years they have tried to enforce rules they could not verify themselves properly. Really there are only so many times that a normal human being can rank up to brug again manually without going insane. In 2.3 already, 300 different people that I could verify myself were scripting, most because they did not have the stamina to go once again full retard mode and level up. Werther you like it or not, those people would have not played without scripts, and a game without players won't be any fun to no one.

Johnx at 13:03:36 on 24/04:
Hey zenga, do you still play wow, or are you exploring new games?
Both, still pretty active in wow without any time commitments though, and playing other games like hearthstone, Dota and LoL.
20-04 This is your Fatality!
12:58:48 - 24-04
Anonymous at 12:48:18 on 24/04:
...and realize that your actions of cheating are what has contributed to the failure of this game.

Without scripts being available to the masses (since 2.3), this game would have been dead years ago. A lot of the gameplay is centred around getting revenge. How many times do you think that a sane person can rank himself to bruglione of the course of a multiple years? It's not like you are out in the world adventuring while ranking up, you have to hit 1 button every 90s and 1 every 5min. If anything, scripting has contributed to the success of this game, not to the failure like you claim.
20-04 This is your Fatality!
09:32:33 - 23-04
It's fairly easy math:
- compute what 1 brug can make each day by keeping the lackeys run 24/7 at max speed with irl cash, including crimes
- multiply that by how long the version has been running and subtract a week for levelling
- subtract the cost of all training
- compute what a top fam their objects make per day, multiply by version duration, divide by the amount of accounts you expect to be funded

You should have a pretty good idea of what is possible and what not.

Italien- at 00:17:56 on 23/04:
To be perfectly honest, old families like Righelli, Lucchese, Vaffan, Presi etc are families based on shooting for 10 years.
You forget to mention that a lot of that history is based on cheating/exploiting (and that is not limited to the fams mentioned, a big part of the history of the game is based on cheating/exploiting, most versions were won by who cheated the best/most).
General Comments & Major Rumors
10:39:21 - 08-03
ElMariachi` at 05:14:21 on 08/03:
I remember back in the 2.x days the Fumatore script could do those just fine