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03-03 Popcorn wins round 12!
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26-02 Popcorn → Lusa
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24-02 These Things Happen
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23-02 Ocarina tears
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20-02 Warriors vs Ottaviano
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19-02 Kurosawa → Cosanostra
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17-02 Harlem → Imperium
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16-02 Redemption war
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12-02 Redemption <-> Persico
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Reall Ocarina
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General Comments & Major Rumors
00:58:33 - 20-03
mickgee aka mcgee at 00:34:46 on 20/03:
Your omerta game chat was quickly turning into just a public channel filled with people getting angry over being scammed by trading. If I was brand new and thats all I read when I saw the game public channel Id be out for sure. I used to sit in that channel up to 15 minutes trying to get someone to heist with me cause Im not in Detroit, and all it is I see when I read is people getting angry from scammed with trading. Yo that ain't going to help get new people to want to stick around reading that shit. Unless they see how fucking stupid some of these people are for getting baited on an online anonymous shoot em up crime game, kind of a good lesson to. Idk, WWJD? Grab a Kebab?

Ok u just watched Supernatural Tv series last episode... WWWD u should say... then get my WMD up your somewhere...
General Comments & Major Rumors
23:24:08 - 19-03
Kapow at 22:48:49 on 19/03:
KCode at 12:45:49 on 19/03:
Redspeert at 11:53:12 on 19/03:
Say I have 50mil at .NL and want to transfer these shekels over to .com, previously I could just find some guy to trade with...he'd get 50mil at .NL and I'd get 50mil at .com

I'm glad you think that way, that's exactly the reason I was always against banning Trading. I think people should be able to do what they want most of the times (That was always the great thing of Omerta).

And this is still doable if you know the person you are doing it with.
Feel free to send 50M to a friend of yours on any version...

You just can't go around spam IRC, Chat with "TRADE NL, GIVE COM" or use shady sites for such.

Redspeert at 11:53:12 on 19/03:
To do the same now I'd have to buy DC's at .NL (bought from you guys, which obviously would give Brando ltd money) and resell them at .com. So its still legal to transfer money the way I see it, only now you have to buy DC's on one version and resell them at another version. How does this exactly remove ghost accounts, and how does this not make omerta more money? Instead of people just trading cash, they have to use you as a middleman for purchasing dc's to sell.

You are really missing the point of how agressive the 'market' has gone. We're not talking about a bunch of friends trading between them. We're talking about full schemes setup around making XX accounts, BUYING MULTIPLE DCs, hire lackeys and trade at the end.

Once again:
Less ghost/dupes = Less DCs.
Less ghost/dupes = Better ingame economy (less no-use money created ingame).


But if you were a snail. How long would you be?

I can't see the picture even with the usage of proxy. Can u give me another link please? (I'm very curious)
General Comments & Major Rumors
19:05:54 - 19-03
I think GOLD member DC + should upgrade my click limit to 66. 40 is not enough sometimes if I'm scripting...
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:21:16 - 17-03
iYattara at 12:48:35 on 17/03:
EP at 01:37:17 on 17/03:
Looks like Horde is planning on blooding the whole version for the win :|
real fun style guys
that playstyle makes me remember some other family haha

it does.
no need to compare sheeps :D
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:56:17 - 16-03
You just gotta...