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16-01 Kill Algorythm is?
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 20
Views: 10,157
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.52
The last few wars i hardly see any backfire kills. For the first time we even saw a wave of 50 deaths with only 2 or 3 backfire kills today. This is nice if you are the attacking party and you would easier grab your tommy gun when you know there is only a slight chance of dieing in backfire.

So... what is your opinion about the current KA?
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Anonymous (12:37:38 - 20-01)
Link Quote
And now we know why bf kills didn't happen...
Anonymous (14:42:45 - 17-01)
Link Quote
Drimacus at 14:32:41 on 17/01:
Backfire is worse then ever..

famless brug shoots 210 attack brug in fam, yes you probably guessed it NO BACKFIRE KILL.

So its obvious you need an extreme overpowered account to create backfire, so imo this KA is way to attacker friendly.

Someone just died without a BF kill ;)

Attacker friendly KA is good, this KA is fine but indeed the BF should be a bit stronger. In my oppinion a top10 account should be able to kill a #250 account in BF.

But a #250 shooting a #250, no BF imo, keep it attacker friendly.
Drimacus Netherlands (14:32:41 - 17-01)
Link Quote
Backfire is worse then ever..

famless brug shoots 210 attack brug in fam, yes you probably guessed it NO BACKFIRE KILL.

So its obvious you need an extreme overpowered account to create backfire, so imo this KA is way to attacker friendly.
Anonymous (09:39:22 - 17-01)
Link Quote
If BF starts making even close to certain kills, we all know what some people and complete families will do... sit and wait.
probably the same people that want ks from bottle (not shooting) would like to see BF kill. only a much strongeraccount should be able to kill in Bf imo.

Anonymous (08:54:57 - 17-01)
Link Quote
there should be new bodyguards with more complex options to upgrade!!
fact that only way to survive is going full defence and to make a clean kill is going full attack is idiotic :')
no one can keep making such radical changes constantly, based on situations and predictions
it makes many people go full attack and pray their fam will be shooter :')
which leaving them with minimum defence = getting them killed in a first wave [imo]

you should be able to make a setup with high enough attack points to make a kill/bf kill and defence points to survive, (maybe) with only quick slight changes

there should be a 'Bodyguards II' page instead of 'Lackeys II'

cuz afaik, except bodyguards, everyone has the same market stuff and everything
bodyguards make the whole difference
so they should be more sophisticated
that will also mean a more sophisticated KA accordingly

and more variable stuff in market..
where players can actually make a choice between different things, which has different attractive outcomes
there are 4 guns for example and I have no idea what use 2 of them has :')
there should be different guns that actually has a worth and make you think and decide which one you should buy
thats just an example, there should be many different optional stuff in market, and in bodyguards

and more manual choices to decide may even cripple Lackey influence :')
only some fresh stuff like that would make the game exiciting again, for me at least
I think we had enough of the circle of gather big groups of brugs - go full attack - kick poor defender asses

--there has to be many many different ways to build an acc--
without that, change the KA all you want, you'll only be changing the shape of shit, but it will always be shit :')

my 2 cents xD

Audiowaste Netherlands (08:32:19 - 17-01)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 23:38:19 on 16/01:
It's really basic and predictable at this stage. Heck, they should get Rob back to atleast have some strategy.
Hell you had to be drunk when you wrote this.
Rob back when you can re-train bodyguards in 10 minutes? Then you would never die.
Anonymous (06:59:02 - 17-01)
Link Quote
If you are in villa, have 3 def bg and 2 att bg, you will most likly kill in BF, but also you are pretty much dead. If you wanna survive, go 100% def, and ur ok. Its a game about activity, its up to you how u run ur acc ;)
CojoW Netherlands (04:25:59 - 17-01)
Link Quote
I think its a formidable KA, shooting is encouraged hereby. Only real complaining point would be the lack of bf.
Perhaps the way you shoot back should be considered ?
Anonymous (04:23:15 - 17-01)
Link Quote
KA of 3.5 was good. 3.51 and 3.52 was going back to 3.4.
Anonymous (03:05:46 - 17-01)
Link Quote
2.9 KA was the best :/
Anonymous (02:07:49 - 17-01)
Link Quote
I've taken a couple of shots now as brug and almost died in BF of a chief as brug.

I'd say with it's not bad at all. People say it sucks but I've seen so many bad bad bad KA in the previous version. I prefer a KA where people are forced to attack a bit more than a KA where a brug has to preshoot 16k and be afraid to die from a 32k backfire.

Sure, 2.0/2.1 KA was nice, it was the best I've probably experienced but I absolutely don't hate this KA. It's one of the better KA's we had in the 3.x versions.
Moesasji Netherlands (01:06:56 - 17-01)
Link Quote
KA sucks yeah. The simple old BG system was better then what we have now.
Anonymous (00:20:29 - 17-01)
Link Quote
i want wild ka chance you die chance you survive you never know
snooopy (00:15:33 - 17-01)
Link Quote
It's the same whatever the KA is(attacker friendly/defender friendly). If it's defender friendly, people complain like hell for dieing in bf, and family's shoot waay less. Yea, it could be tweaked a little, like it's atleast possible to make a bf kill with a stronger account, but people shoot with this KA. It's eather shoot or get shot, and that I like. What they should change is the ranking speed, it should be faster. That way it doesnt take 3-4 weaks to rank back to brug, and family's can come back faster.
Bosco Netherlands (00:09:15 - 17-01)
Link Quote
It is to attacker friendly, when you attack you almost need not to worry about backfire. What they should do is make reranking easier, perhaps by changing rankspeed prebrug after the first huge war to make reranking faster. Don't know how this will pan out as it will also make reranking faster for standing fams but in a way it gives the standing fams less time to shoot the rerankers down.
Anonymous (23:45:55 - 16-01)
Link Quote
Problem is the KA is attacker friendly for the last couple version. You only have 2 options, Go full defence and make no bf kill. Go in attack mode and if your you will make a bf kill as brug when a LC shoots you.

But in a way this is fucking up the game. A whole family can be downed in less than a min with this KA.

I believe versions are short because of the KA aswell. It makes people eager to kill because of the KA and whole families dying without being able to do something
Anonymous (23:45:50 - 16-01)
Link Quote
KA is good if you want to win you must shoot:)
Anonymous (23:38:19 - 16-01)
Link Quote
Its crap, shit, not working and broken.

Its been 3 versions too, its unbelievable that they cant even spare a few days work into the KA to balance and tweak it.

In practice :

If you are 3 defense and 2 attack and you get shot with 60k..you are DEAD meat. You simply can not survive.

If you are 5 defense you survive but you have no backfire.

It's really basic and predictable at this stage. Heck, they should get Rob back to atleast have some strategy.

For now its all more or less equal accounts shooting with the same bodyguards. Boring.
Ber (23:37:31 - 16-01)
Link Quote

but no bf kills is because they all are full defence

and if u are on att as high brug even low chiefs can kill u -_-

thats whe there are so much defenders!
Profestum (23:36:34 - 16-01)
Link Quote
its a joke

i read on facebook they were working on a new one god knows how long that ll take