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31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
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20-07 Endphase!
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15-07 The big breakup
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13-07 Twentythree!
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13-07 And you will know I am the Lord
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13-07 For all that is Unholy
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12-07 Whistling on a Sunday!
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09-07 Taking initiative
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09-07 Lack of Loyalty
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General Comments & Major Rumors
12:36:47 - 03-08
Anonymous at 18:29:41 on 02/08:
Solstice at 08:47:34 on 02/08:
Anonymous at 07:47:28 on 02/08:
Coolpanter at 07:39:49 on 02/08:

We'll be back shortly

We're sorry and promise to solve this quickly.
There was some Omerta shooting close to our datacenters and we had to close them for a few minutes.



We'll be back shortly

We're sorry and promise to solve this quickly.
Our datacenter is having network problems under different regions, in order to avoid a unfair advantage for users that can connect, we've temporarily disabled the game.


Whoever you are, do us a favor and keep the game/website closed.

Says the cunt while posting on a website about the game/website.

Solsice, you definitely are the brand new version of Ocarina. Nobody’s asking for your opinion so stop being obnoxious.

I'd rather hear Solstice, then some anonymous. For sure noone has ever asked for an anonymous opinion on this forum :)
31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
07:53:29 - 02-08
EP at 08:14:55 on 01/08:
I haven't really followed the last few months of the version, but from this not sure why Bata is getting hate?

Normally version winners are big fams who pact hard, supported by a bunch of dogs who try and settle for 3rd place. Imo gratz to any fam who wins without having 50%+ of the playerbase aligned from day 1.

Every fam listed could have stopped Bata early in the version if they'd wanted.

Because the losers always have to externalise their issues on others and blame others for their failures. That is much more comforting for the brain than acknowledging their own failure. So you will see this every version without exception ;) it happens in ordinary life as well
20-07 Endphase!
08:07:41 - 22-07
Anonymous at 06:43:01 on 22/07:

omerta pricing applied to win the version by kcode and righello

immortality = €5000
fam down = €1000
spot protection = €500
1m bullet = €2000
new bodyguard = €500
full hp = €500
24 hour sh = €500

You are right about a couple of things but not for the reasons u want xD

2000 euro is 666 donating codes could be depending on the DC price 1 million bullets :)

24 sh is more or less correct

The rest is rubbish
15-07 The big breakup
12:18:38 - 18-07
Anonymous at 12:12:57 on 18/07:
Anonymous at 12:03:39 on 18/07:
A sister is:
- An extra family that is under control of the same top;
To benefit from spots in another city
To get more promoted accounts (bruglione+)
- To avoid the main family getting downed because of a too high amount of akills
- To move completely from one city to another in case of war (main family needs to be down in the same day)

Which one Penta did break?
"To get more promoted accounts (bruglione+)." - This one at the very least.

Additionally, Andronova went down with 100+ brugs alive. Instead of restarting they all went to Pentagram so did Lastdance with over 30+ brugs alive.

There were no strategic play here this was just all going to one family to close the version together. Therefore they became sister fams and are now downed.

Lets not forget that Andronova was also a merge between 2 families + Aeterna and Leviticus.

Overall downing Penta was not a stretch or some bending of rules. Lets not forget Ilteber is a sister family also.

Totally agree
15-07 The big breakup
17:46:53 - 17-07
Anonymous at 14:48:13 on 17/07:
Anonymous at 13:43:17 on 17/07:
Anonymous at 22:15:17 on 16/07:
Latroit shot 1m+ and 7 kills (>50% of your bulletd went to waste). I would hide those laughable statistics if i were you, only shows you were full defense all version long and confirms the impact your family has had on this version: none.
+1 NONE is right!!
he and his cunt HAL should just retire or go back to NL, each version you earn less respect for your SH tactics and make yourselves look even more worthless, BOTH of you :r :w

Someone's angry? Must be ....chy