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13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
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20-11 Reset!
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18-11 War!
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16-11 When lego gets boring
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14-11 To mine, or not to mine.
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12-11 Baltimore Conclusion
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06-11 Out of Time ?
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05-11 Little Late Don't You Think..?
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01-11 Baltimore Trouble
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24-01 No Mercy! (Updated)
07:30:44 - 25-01
oh no, IP ban. He will never play again :') I always laughed about that punishment.
General Comments & Major Rumors
20:37:13 - 20-01
Audiowaste at 16:51:54 on 19/01:
Why do people still get mad about cheaters?
I have a lot of dupes, luckily not killed in this a-kill wave, but who cares?
Why have fun with 1 account while you can have fun with 25 accounts?

Amen! I was always fascinated by how a script did what it had to do. So I made 100 accounts just to watch it all day. I was intriqued. Side note, admins hated my guts for it.
30-05 Here We Go!
06:12:54 - 03-06
zeveroare at 13:08:57 on 02/06:
Anonymous at 11:37:59 on 01/06:
PannaJunk at 08:39:03 on 01/06:
Anonymous at 21:52:51 on 31/05:
Early Luchesse.Squad was ballin', also Messina i loved those fams back in the day. Never heard of Violenzo

Nuevitas, Lso, Marangello, Messina, Vaffanculo, Fatos Locos, CCCE, Portucalia PVP Alliance and Affinitas Alliance. Those were fams....It would be an insult to those fams to compare Violenza with them :') Vio who?!

Cannot agree more to this (Y)


Also, Vaffanculo >> *
Deal with it. -_-
01-06 On A Very Late Night...
14:21:25 - 02-06
Eztevezz at 11:21:00 on 02/06:
Kids nowadays ._.
When i was young we didnt do these Chief wars, it must be really boring if it happens too often.
But ofc sometimes it make sense, atleast now that admins made it possible to buy 20k bullets/ a day cheap.

BUT PLEASE, stop taking it all so personal and trashtalking eachother. Sometimes its really hard not to throw some dirt , but this site is looking like cs:go community. Not a compliment :)
Wars are usually business and the whole point of the game.

On topic:
Im not updated much but shooting first in a new version is allways the hardest as u cant garuantee how the KA works.
So rip to Liberta, my old enemys/friends in Vio(Adolf, mafia etc) and Vastatio and co. that despite seeing how badly the KA worked for the others on Siberia still jumped in and gave it a go.

Rip to everyone in colossal, thx for the quiz and chill! :)

Hi PannaJunkie :w

Eztevez!! :w Hero. Now you're back please get old Bruinsma also back then we can make omerta great again. And not that fail attempt of colo because they dont want you to shoot at night. Really guys, have a text like that on your profile but get pissed about night shooting?! Where were you when LSO shot Medicci in the middle of the night back in the day of 2.1....ofcourse we have sayings like dont shoot at nights or dont shoot at christmas or champions league evenings but seriously? It's a game, if you wanna win a game you need to play to win.
01-06 On A Very Late Night...
07:11:25 - 02-06
Anonymous at 21:53:40 on 01/06:
Anonymous at 21:48:34 on 01/06:
Anonymous at 21:39:38 on 01/06:
Anonymous at 21:36:56 on 01/06:
Anonymous at 21:13:07 on 01/06:
PannaJunk at 20:53:58 on 01/06:
I don't see colossal at last ten death's so what's the big fuzz about colossal crying?
Crying over vastat side shooting "so late at night". Colo lost some members cause Vasta actually made an impact on em and didnt roll over and die by a gangbang.
Yeah Colo lost some members because Vas pussied up together with 4 fams in the middle of night.
Real badassmode over here!
Did your mama tell you to be in bed by 1900?
Talking about yo mama, she still taking them abortionpills when looking at you.
Good that you managed to keep it on topic! Great job! When plans are leaked (for each new comment it seems like it was longer ago, so im gonna say 1 month ago) isnt it kinda up to you to stay up for the war?

About the shooting time. So people who are from America cant shoot at times wich is best for them? About the abortion pills joke....dude, got frustration?