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21-06 Plating drops, and so are bodies
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First family of the new version
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16-05 A-Kills
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15-05 Royals are next! *Update*
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14-05 Sure under attack!
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12-05 War! (again)
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12-05 Revenge?
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11-05 The plating war
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09-05 Do you feel the call?
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Registered: 09:52:41 on 04-03-2011 (3035d 23h 59m 18s ago)
Last activity: 06:18:48 on 26-06-2019 (3h 33m 11s ago)
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19-01 Round 11 ends, reset announced
14:04:09 - 23-01
Anonymous at 13:42:39 on 23/01:
Achille at 13:07:01 on 23/01:
DeathBase at 09:22:32 on 23/01:
Hi o/
Hi Jack

You are such a thirsty bitch. Or maybe hungry would be a more apt description.
19-01 Round 11 ends, reset announced
13:07:01 - 23-01
DeathBase at 09:22:32 on 23/01:
Hi o/
Hi Jack
15-01 Double hijack
13:27:11 - 18-01
Critycal at 13:26:13 on 18/01:
Achille at 13:21:16 on 18/01:
Critycal at 13:16:07 on 18/01:
Lol it's funny to see how much you care and how much I dont care:') Seems I triggered a bit of anger and nerves here and there.
Yeah, you care so little that you desperately remove all negative posts about you, then get called out for it, then try to accuse people of lying about you removing the posts, lie about never deleting anything against the rules, then cry about getting your permissions stripped for...
well, hmm, admin abuse? removal of shit about you that wasnt against the rules?
ah yeah, right. luckily you don't care :D
I still believe it was Kailyn 1!!1! :S
15-01 Double hijack
13:21:16 - 18-01
Critycal at 13:16:07 on 18/01:
Lol it's funny to see how much you care and how much I dont care:') Seems I triggered a bit of anger and nerves here and there.
15-01 Double hijack
12:57:43 - 18-01
Critycal at 12:50:57 on 18/01:
Achille at 12:35:41 on 18/01:
Critycal at 10:46:05 on 18/01:
Achille at 20:33:39 on 17/01:
Anonymous at 19:09:32 on 17/01:
Achille at 15:29:01 on 17/01:
Anonymous at 14:55:44 on 17/01:
why comments about achille are deleted? bcs he is s a retard?
Yes I am a retard, but that is not the reason why the comment (yes comment, not comments) was deleted. Swearing is not allowed and therefore the msg got deleted sir Anonymous.

I didint swear at all. I just exposed you. You claim to be in Meddici, Vincitori and Coccada, but u are just a liar, nothing more lol.

Btw, where is sbanks? We need fair objective reporters here, not the ones who delete posts or write posts for their own goodwill @achille.

@sbanks, pls get this mofo outtahere.
Exposed me with what? Matter a fact, if I count in all my dupes as of 2.1 I probably been in each and every family, what the f would be the point of lying about Medicci, Vinci and Coccada:')

And ok, I gotta give it to you: I claimed to be God, this might be a shock to you but I am not God. This in fact WAS a lie. You got me exposed there alright. Darn it.
Talk out of your ass as much as you want, I still see you removing posts from people about you on a regular basis, and not because they broke the rules, but your misplaced ego.
I understand why you have to lie and talk smack like that, you are deathbase's amk and I've hurt his feelings so now you feel obligated to help fearful debbie by trying to target me. I didn't remove shit. Maybe admin Kailyn did it.
So, you didn’t remove posts about you that weren’t breaking the rules, despite multiple people seeing it happen?
You can bring up whatever you want, this is about you being a dysfunctional mod on this site that can’t take it when someone talks about him, despite you trying to force conversation about yourself.

@tunning; you need to earn more than 200 eu a month to draw my attention, nice try though
Exact! Multiple people (1 anonymous user and yourself) who, according to you and sir ano, saw it happen while it never happend. But I understand why you have to lie, still sore :-)

So according to you I remove posts because I dont like it when people talk about me, but at the same time I am trying to force conversation about myself? Dude I am lost now.