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16-04 Winner of Round 5!
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12-04 Eleet
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10-04 Stranger things
Comments: 36 - Views: 1,647 - Votes: 1
07-04 Drowning
Comments: 67 - Views: 3,035 - Votes: 3
05-04 RIPelle
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04-04 The last round
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31-03 Ratio testing
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28-03 Scripted!
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27-03 Woke
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General Comments & Major Rumors
17:59:00 - 26-03
Anonymous at 16:49:36 on 26/03:
someone knows the reason behind all the akills?

They’re revives. In order for the revived account to come back, they akill the players existing account and merge the stats with the original one.
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:05:23 - 24-03
Anonymous at 15:34:46 on 24/03:
if u dont cheat and u know people who do then go to #help with some proof and report it

if u dont like mass blooding then dont play for those who do it

if u cheat and mass blood then dont complain that others do it also

redspeert, critycal, dark, etc complaining about all this when all their fams are well know for cheating and duping and massive packs

anarchy has the biggest number of dupes every version they play just to feed of the main accs, then they have all the crappy dog fams that manage to have even more AK then them, but as always only the crap accs get AK, the top ones just lose a few dupes and that's that

ites isn't even worth going into detail, krays is what it is "all cheaters are bad unless they're our bloods, but they told us they'd play fair this time" crap

so is looking more unstable every version that goes on, I dont know who he is but a few versions ago he was looking paranoid here on ob about some war where he died and now doesn't seem much better

and who allowed kapow to be a moderator? xd is he even around anymore? since his ranker disappeared after that star that kapow had to suck a lot for, the only place i see him is obn

fun fun fun times, bara seems to be doing great !

And then the anonymous user adopted an introspective look and decided that maybe his own personality could use some improvement. He gazed at his paragraph of rambling judgment of others, wondering where his anger came from, wondering why he needed to hide behind the anonymous name. One day, he thinks, one day he will have enough confidence to move past this curtain of secrecy and admit that he also spends too much time following this game.

General Comments & Major Rumors
18:35:20 - 03-11
Anonymous at 17:57:59 on 03/11:
Anonymous at 13:40:24 on 03/11:
it seems that the monthly fee was not paid to admins....


Bunch of akills. Implying admins are corrupt and killed cheaters for not paying them. But I'm pretty sure it was just a joke.
30-10 The End of a Succession
18:28:29 - 31-10
Anonymous at 18:09:08 on 31/10:
tunning at 14:44:10 on 31/10:
Anonymous at 12:19:48 on 31/10:
tao at 12:05:18 on 31/10:
Link at 11:54:15 on 31/10:
tao at 10:41:05 on 31/10:
Critycal at 10:39:19 on 31/10:
Anyone seen tunning recently?
Like u killed him :'')
Like you haven't dared me two days ago to have you killed.
Its about having courage.
Want me to call Saros?

Dogs don't call their owners...

Have you ever had a dog? They sure fucking do call their owners, especially at 2-3 in the morning when they need to go outside.
27-10 Independence day
21:21:40 - 27-10
Anonymous at 21:20:06 on 27/10:
The real question is...

what penta motisi and Paramount are doing? wtf guys you guys gonna shot? or are u just afk and keeping your bullets until reset fun?

Paramount is shooting currently :')