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General Comments & Major Rumors
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01-07 First Family!
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22-06 Welcome to Round #38
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15-06 Reset → 22 June 2022, Wednesday → 11:00 OT
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12-06 Congratulations Latitante!
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31-05 The Corleone Raid
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21-05 Pre-plating Update..
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19-05 First Family!
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10-05 Welcome to Round #37
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07-05 Reset → 10 May 2022, Tuesday → 11:00 OT
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General Comments & Major Rumors
12:14:17 - 23-06
If obay DC prices go up, more people will put DC's on obay, stabilizing the price. Thats like economy 101 folks
16-06 Sunday, bloody sunday! Part II
00:38:55 - 17-06
kenny goed gedaan hoor knul
02-06 It's getting Intense!
22:56:36 - 02-06
Watching at 22:50:51 on 02/06:
Dogukan where are you, and your loyal members? Sitting, watching, licking Vaffanculo ass some more?
Pay attention to the news
General Comments & Major Rumors
23:30:00 - 17-05
Anonymous at 17:57:36 on 17/05:
Johnny at 17:53:57 on 17/05:
Soph at 17:29:27 on 17/05:
Johnny at 11:05:39 on 17/05:
As ironcly as it may sound I don't like pacts myself. I tried to move away from that way of playing, when it didn't work I just wanted to stomp some families and retire.

Thing is when you have built fam name, name that's either liked or disliked it's really damn hard to play without big back up. All it takes is few fams having different vision than you and no matter how much you try to be neutral, or how much you try to show others u can play with 5 bloods instead of 8, you simply can't. No matter how many more numbers you have as single family. In the end you will get raped, and that's only that it matters. You just have to decide, will you try to give fun to yourself and members, or 20 others fams while they rip you apart.

I see it as mistake cause from what I see other big families aren't nearly as ready to go away from pact/side play. People on Omerta are unable to start new version as new, they're not mature enough. They shown that over and over again. Anyway if what Vaffa did changes anything on Omerta, except their status of Alive and online in last 5 minutes, I will be 1st one to applaud them and congratulate them as I have many friends there.

Don't be such a pessimist Johnny, it's not all bad. There are actually families who try, just like how you tried. There's noway they'll succeed if the masses are moronic though. Everytime these people do not succeed, they'll be more prone to leave Omerta, as the game isn't evolving enough for them. This leaves you with an even bigger majority of people who can't seem farther ahead than their nose reaches. Oh hey, now I'm being a pessimist to, but yes.. there are families who try to make a difference.. they are not able to hold out against the forces of the masses though.

Krays is one of those families who have different politics for sure and you have huge props from me for that.

When we restarted Vinci in 2.9 I stole a lot about fam politics from what I saw with Krays, and I can say it's one of the best things I saw in this game. I think it's pretty bad that family like yours is always in background of bigger pacts and groups and that you deserve more spotlight than you get as backups and so (and I don't mean this on bad way). Still you always get your 5 minutes to shine, those 5 minutes may not always end good for you but you make them worth it. I really do have respect for way you've been playing all these version, and if there's 1 family that doesn't have ''side'' and that doesn't prefer one side over another it's Krays imo.

yeh they switch between the most likely winners -_-, cant hold a longterm relationship with any fam. Thumbs up, derp

Untrue, Krays usually picks the losers :D
General Comments & Major Rumors
10:32:18 - 17-05
How nostalgic, everybody talking about Vaffanculo.