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General Comments & Major Rumors
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24-11 Spotwar in Philly
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21-11 Access denied
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20-11 First families
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03-11 Congratulations Aquilas
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01-11 Access denied
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30-10 Autumn clean-up
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30-10 Maranello bites the dust!
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29-10 A-kills
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27-10 Unfinished business
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26-02 London Bridge is falling down
20:11:57 - 27-02
Well, this is just another situation where the conventional wisdom of the players makes absolutely no sense to me, but if I'd have put in the time and energy (and probably real money) and got an account that high, I think I'd be looking to do more than "annoy the attackers." Everybody does it, so it's nothing against anyone in particular, but why not have fun while you can? It is a game after all, and yes, you may survive a couple extra hours or whatever, but what did you personally gain from it? Your family is still going down, all your friends are dead, and you will be soon, and all you got out of it was watching the statspage or whatever people do when they're in sh during a war. And, all that time and everything you collected goes with you while you sat and watched.
15-01 The bugs are swarming
15:30:14 - 15-01
PannaJunk at 14:44:01 on 15/01:
I think Brando is losing motivation for this game, after a hard working period of improvements he prolly got tired of it, I wont be suprised if he;s thinking of a new game....

Where is he hiding these "improvements"?
13-01 Lackeys sleeping
16:54:26 - 14-01
ElMariachi at 15:27:13 on 14/01:
LL at 14:09:59 on 14/01:
Pritalex at 22:19:09 on 13/01:
Smul at 22:17:35 on 13/01:
Rix at 22:08:17 on 13/01:
Dellamorte at 21:28:07 on 13/01:
Lackeys aren't supposed to work as manual rankers

Actually, the admins did say that the lackeys are just as fast as manual ranking when they announced them.

And they are here to beat scripts.. So they should be faster or at least nearly as fast..
In the short run they're slower, but when your account gets tired they are faster

I have been wondering, does your lackey activity influence your online time? Or could you "rank manual" for 34 hours, and then have your lackeys on for the remaining 12 and not end up getting a punish? (If that system would work properly, which it does not anyways)

ofc you can rank on without the punish, you can run your lackeys 24/7 for a week long if you want to without any restrictions. lackeys don't even get tired. Even though the tekst says your acc is tired the lackeys just keep on buying booze/narcs without any problems. So yeah i do also wonder what the manual advantages are over lackeys, haven't seen em yet...

Bloody, calloused fingers, strained, bloodshot eyes, and minimal human interaction
General Comments & Major Rumors
02:53:14 - 09-01
bafrali at 02:02:51 on 09/01:
Redspeert at 01:35:38 on 09/01:
bafrali at 01:12:11 on 09/01:
Rix at 23:18:39 on 08/01:
We've adjusted the algorithm used to calculate the points at the hall of shame. It uses the following formula now:

0.5 * (√(2) ^ (rank - 1))

We will also add some code to give more points for top 3 or capo's than normal members.

it is a joke? or prove that how u got that formula

Its called math, maybe you've heard about it?

lol Mr. Illiterate, have u heard that proof of any equation? Newton didnt make up F=m*a from his ass

Before you start calling people names:

1. An algorithm is simply a definition of rules by which some result will be determined. There is no mathematical proof available for any algorithm, as long as it follows the logical rules of mathematics then it is a valid algorithm. Rix (and OBNews) has decided that 0.5 * (√(2) ^ (rank - 1)) will be equal to the points for a family's standing on the Hall of Shame, and therefore it is so.

2. There is no mathematical proof that F=ma, as it is a formula hypothesized after scientific research and cannot be proved using any mathematical theorems.

3. F=ma only applies in a limited range of scenarios anyway, and so therefore could never be "proved" in the mathematical sense because it has proven to be false via observation under certain circumstances.
General Comments & Major Rumors
14:55:46 - 05-01
I honestly don't even care if people script/dupe/whatever; you can get your enjoyment out of a game that doesn't matter however you choose.

But, seriously, anyone defending these things by saying that "everyone is doing it" or it's "tactical" or it's "justified by lackeys" is just idiotic. It's cheating, plain and simple.

I hope you live your lives with more integrity, honor, and respect than you portray yourself in a tiny online mmorpg.