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General Comments & Major Rumors
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10-12 Difference & Xzone activate countdown
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08-12 Difference → Cosanostra
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29-11 Hotel Closed
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27-11 Difference ↔ Lusa
Comments: 95 - Views: 4,148 - Votes: 2
26-11 Templar Trample
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23-11 Vianney → Difference
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18-11 Lusa ↔ Cosanostra
Comments: 119 - Views: 6,559 - Votes: 3
18-11 Mo thee see
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16-11 Opening ceremony
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Registered: 20:18:53 on 07-08-2011 (2687d 9h 22m 25s ago)
Last activity: 00:55:14 on 20-11-2018 (26d 4h 46m 4s ago)
Country: Turkey Turkey
Comment count: 131 (0.05 per day)
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12-11 Machines terminated
20:34:46 - 12-11
Redspeert at 18:55:50 on 12/11:
Anonymous at 18:25:36 on 12/11:
cove at 18:06:42 on 12/11:
as pathetic as expected

you and your dupes are next

Thinking cove could afford to run more than one account is your first mistake.
08-11 First family
21:36:04 - 08-11
Seth at 20:00:03 on 08/11:
Tao has balls again xD
No Tao is gay, btw his real name is Selim Kocovali
25-08 A word from the brave winners
12:08:43 - 31-08
Berk at 11:48:12 on 31/08:
Critycal at 10:48:57 on 31/08:
Berk at 06:47:13 on 31/08:
Critycal at 02:18:54 on 31/08:
A funny fashion is how the people who talk about honor the most in this game always turn out to be the least honorful!
Again wrong. There is a funniest fashion is how the people who couldnt manage to collect members to up a family, talk about game. I think they calling this fashion as big mouth season.
"Again wrong" yet you couldn't debunk any of the accusations people have made to you and you only resided to assumptions on others.
Couldn't collect members? You've never been bigger than us, nor will you ever be bigger than us, not even with the support of your special thanks group, get off your high horse buddy :')
What about Winterhill? Not playing cos they have no members? Maraz? No members? Lusa has no members? Aeterna? Pentagram? Conflict? Gravano? Righelli? Kurosawa? Gaybino?

Maybe accept that you've won a version solely because you're the only one left in a time where people simply don't care anymore or have better things to do in life, or just don't have anything to prove to anyone. Talk to me again once you've won a similar amount of versions, until then you're just honorless dogshit :)

The difference between your laughable collective and the one you retardedly idolize is that the jealous humility obsessed cellardweller at least admits he's an unreliable piece of shit that only cares about winning, you however talk about honor and loyalty while you have neither. Unless of course Winterhill comes along to give you a little lesson in humility yourself, but hey, let's forget about that!

Whenever i read your big mouth, i just see one thing because you have only one and then insults/swears follow it. This is only proves a limited thinking way. Everybody knows weak people insults/swear easily when they have a discussion to humiliate because of destroy their own weakness. That is you; The weak.
and yeah we have also won a version with bam bam bam against your paramount/hoogh.
Search articles : [4.10.3] 14-12 The blood keeps on spilling
Simply siberia. When you cant collect 100+ members just make name paramount and it is not sib? No way.

And again I do not want to going down to your level but i really wonder that, are you really get used to put your noise the thing which you are not related with in your real life also? for example; when your parents do or talk about their [censored]fik fik[/censored] last night do you watch/listen and put your noise between them?
or your unnecessary criticisms about us are just a secret admiration?
In both way I can understand you. Kindly advise, you need to watch your tongue or somebody show up one day and push back all of the insults and swears till depness part of your throat. When you try to humiliate someone, you just look like an ant in the front of eyes of the community.
why dont you guys stop insulting eachother and try to fight next version?
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:08:54 - 22-08
Critycal at 14:32:00 on 22/08:
gsbaba at 14:30:18 on 22/08:
Incase you are wondering this is how Critycal plays CS:GO -> https://clips.twitch.tv/SillyGentleLemurBatChest
this are the actual real life problems t-bag claims im having tbh :'(
and this is actually how you feel when you read those statements: https://www.twitch.tv/tense1983/clip/TrappedRepletePieRickroll
General Comments & Major Rumors
14:30:18 - 22-08
Incase you are wondering this is how Critycal plays CS:GO -> https://clips.twitch.tv/SillyGentleLemurBatChest