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General Comments & Major Rumors
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27-02 First families!
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31-01 The big bang
Comments: 313 - Views: 13,575 - Votes: 2
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24-01 (A)nother Wave
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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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19-01 (A) Warm Welcome
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17-01 First blood of 2021
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16-01 First family!
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31-12 New Years Wishes
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30-12 Congratulations Ontario
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General Comments & Major Rumors
20:16:22 - 27-11
Critycal at 17:25:46 on 27/11:
Snooker at 14:27:02 on 27/11:
Anonymous at 14:07:24 on 27/11:
Snooker selling Petronas family bank for food
Indeed, it was a delicious kebab 😎👌
wtf man you cant say kebab thats racist as fuck
17:28:04 27/11 Bank down: $77,557,501 (-$199,880,643)
explain this halooooo?
20-11 First families
08:39:46 - 20-11
Vroom vroom
01-10 First fams!
18:26:30 - 01-10
Imagine being the first to start your famiy and stuck on family spaces
23-09 Round 25 begins
08:33:48 - 27-09
Critycal at 04:09:27 on 27/09:
cheating fucking sucks
10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
13:12:40 - 11-09
Anonymous at 12:53:32 on 11/09:
Nier|AFK at 12:33:25 on 11/09:
"What should happen with the game?", is a better question to ask. We can discuss about new features to make the game better or interesting, new things just make it more complicated while this game had the best times when it was plain simple, easy, accessable for new players, free to play, long versions, irc chat fun.

All those new things, what has it actually done to improve the game? Lackeys, HoF, family system/city map, new lay-out. It only brought bugs, more cheats, pay2win, no balance. On top of that there is extremely poor management of the game. Players are also part of the downfall, including me, why fight the cheaters if you can join and have more fun aye?

Lackeys can't be removed, none will play without. HoF and the rewards should be removed. City win (solo win) should always be the ending, that is the way this system should be played. I never saw this system work as it is built for. The new 5.0 layout looks fancy, but imo the old lay-out only required a re-style, not a total change.

In this case we come to the developer/management issues. It's ok to change and work on new things, long enough until it works properly. Make a beta version, and not .dm, a real beta version to make players test new things and let them play there. We can give feedback. There have been/are players willing to help. I have no experience on programming, but from the looks and extremely frequent bug appearances, I can be certain that none of the things are worked out properly and a lot of them were a hasty job.

What kind of developer are you if you make something and let it run in a game that people pay for while it is still full of bugs or very sensitive for bugs. It only requires testing. And if so, how can bugs return version after version? If you fix something, it should be a permanent fix. Reported bugs are not even fixed, often enough it's not fixed yet. While mister is already working on a new bugtastic fail feature to ruin the game even more. There is a lack of logic in the game also (racing for buying more bullets?!) Sorry, that is just poor management. And there is nothing we can do about that except for: stop paying and stop playing.

They have shown that they don't listen to player feedback, they don't care about quality, only about money and there is obviously a lack of professionality and skills concerned managing the game. So why bother, they can't even run the game atm, with all the bugs and bullshit. Shame for Omerta, if they only decided to invest in an application instead of lackeys..

This!!!!!! You are totally right. I agree with you on EVERYTHING.
Stop pretending to be like ocarina pls