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First family of the new version
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16-05 A-Kills
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15-05 Royals are next! *Update*
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24-08 It's a Bonfire!
07:04:05 - 25-08
Anonymous at 06:05:28 on 25/08:
Jensen at 02:46:57 on 25/08:
RIP Valente Gangsters

We started small and died strong and gained some great friends and massive respect along the way. We showed some real pwn skills against Nazdrovia+ and again tonight Valente made some excellent kills. Congrats to you Valente soldiers _o_

I am proud that I had the opportunity to serve as one of your top members. And thank you for all the fun times :)

Cheers my soldiers <3

Scarro, Blaater and Gbegformercy, you are n00bs and I love you xD (K)

Now Carpedium, fuck you! And to the anonymous ****'s from the weeks passed:

We are and were not Lucchese! Valente was created by, yes, some former PROUD members of Lucchese, after Lucchese Tops retired/went on summer vacation, but we brought in friends from all corners of Omerta and that's what made us strong. We only had people whom we 100% trusted. And if this is why you shot us, because you think we are Lucchese, then I care not! I am proud of that history. In 3.6 I will be Lucchese again and I sincerely hope you guys stay around so we can kill you.

_O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_

"I am proud of that history. In 3.6 I will be Lucchese again and I sincerely hope you guys stay around so we can kill you."

So you were Luchesse in the end? Hiding under another name.. Like cowards you are! You even admit it in statement :')

I think I can believe Jensen when he says Valente was not Lucchese for the reason that real Lucchese's never react at such way.
When Lucchese get shot, they are sportive and say nice fight. ;)

24-07 Plumber needed. There is a leak!
15:34:16 - 24-07
Applause for Traffi for 2 reasons:

- they attack alone, whitout suport from a long list of bloods.
- they shoot in the middle of the day, not like most lame fams who shoot at night.

Crybabies will always find reasons to dislike these kind of actions, but hey... some people just need a bit more time to grow up ;)
23-05 Vincitori Down!
13:22:13 - 23-05
Who shot Kernek?
21-05 Syndrum says hello!
12:42:19 - 23-05
Anonymous at 10:40:08 on 22/05:
TinTin at 10:12:50 on 22/05:
none of those fag fams is able to play a 1 vs 1?
seriously ? hahaha when was the last time you saw 1v1? if you could do it you would have done the same:) dont cry when you are unable to do it

3 days ago: Loriga vs Rochester...

People can complain as much as they want about the game. As long as players decide to form big pacts, the game is ruined. Don't yell you're not scared to die if you join a huge pact, it's because you're scared to make a 1vs1 war.

This keeps repeating every round. Do you really wanna have the situation where there are only 2 pacts at the start of a new round? 1 pact down = reset. Every next 2 months a new round...

Omerta is dead and that's not the fault of the crew but the players who decide to keep playing it this way.