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General Comments & Major Rumors
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01-05 Labour day war
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Lusa under fire..
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Pre-plating update..
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First families...
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19-03 Horde under fire!
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18-03 NSA broken..
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15-03 Plating war day two
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14-03 Plating war thread
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01-05 Labour day war
19:33:05 - 01-05
Lusa under fire..
13:03:46 - 24-04
Snooker at 12:35:09 on 24/04:
Anonymous at 06:37:18 on 24/04:
(A) Ayvanat 23-04-2021 20:10:35 Local Chief = snooker the mal
(A) Lastweek 23-04-2021 20:10:31 Local Chief = snooker the mal
(A) Kaptan 23-04-2021 20:10:28 Local Chief = snooker the mal
(A) Vegeta = styx
so mad I kind of enjoy that
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:29:35 - 13-04
King Joffrey at 19:59:07 on 13/04:
anonymous at 19:51:02 on 13/04:
King Joffrey at 19:41:31 on 13/04:
King Joffrey at 19:35:01 on 13/04:
Anonymous at 08:12:44 on 13/04:
Anonymous at 19:36:29 on 12/04:
is henkie a bot?

Old rumours say he is waiting for the return of ezzj

Henkie is also clutch if you’re hanging around at the end of a reset and looking for crimes.
For whatever reason why you’re doing them then is fuck beyond me, obay is sometimes shut down during these times. But maybe your looking for hitlist money or det money for spite drivebys (reset fun was shut down, assuming it was a threat to the actual game and people would only show up to a round just for it), whatever the case you won’t find the best of the litter in the crimes to partner with. Tards that travel directly and while they spam their car in another city, scammers etc etc.
Henkie on the other hand won’t fuck you, he gets the crimes done orderly and will compromise cities for more group crimes. This guy is a gold nugget cause who ever fucking thought eventuality in this game finding legit group crime partners would become a scenario like drinkable water was running out, now you have to actually APPRECIATE the fact you didn’t get scammed or fucked with on travel, fake Tommy guns and shit cars added on. Holy fuck-o a Pleb actually said thanks and highlighted my name after race/raid/oc today!!!!
At this point I wouldn’t give a fuck if Henkie was a Bishop or a Data, or fuck maybe even a droideka, you’ll really feel the effects of this game slipping away if people like him don’t log in anymore amk

TLDR: Yo don’t fuck with Henkie. Just send all your dhp to Jazeem and hitlist that scrub everytime he pops up and shit

Says the guy who made new obn acc 2 days ago, so he can hide under new name and pretend he isnt unonymous.

Just out of curiosity what difference does it make what name I use.
The only fucking retard that used his name for 15 years straight was me Henkie and Jazeem, everyone changes their ingame names now. I’m not the one that rekt your faggot head in don’t take it out on me, do a root case analysis and go after the right cock that went up your mothers box and forced her into a weekly 50 dollar diaper spending habit my good sir.


General Comments & Major Rumors
23:05:10 - 01-04
General Comments & Major Rumors
21:52:56 - 16-03
Kapow at 21:40:25 on 16/03:
Kapow at 21:37:30 on 16/03:
Oh my, this version is soooo different then the previous 20. :D
Lawyer dont get fucked by your "friends" as usual.

Also, Critycal is still human garbage and I miss Redsquirt.

P.S. I have it on good authority that Cove is still a dirty gypsy.

This concludes my TED talk.
how u talk about critycal amk