Wednesday - January 27th - 2021
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31-12 New Years Wishes
04:00:34 - 05-01
I think the there are 2 things that can be discused on top priority:

1 - Pay2win concpect;
2 - All around gameplay;

For the 1 i would like to suggest a new approach to the DCs, including a new feature that is being used for most part of the games nowadays that is the concept of a "Pass". That you can have like a "Monthly Pass" or a "Version Pass"; this could grant you XXX credits for lackeys and SMS (you make the division by yourself) and unlimited clicks.
This is something you can't sell.
But as we are in a Mafia game, I think that is a way that you can sell your daily quantity of credits for example;
With this mass change, i would change the old DCs to "Packs" and get them to 100 to 3k limiter for credits for the player taht don't have or don't want the "Pass";

For the 2 I think that the game could be more strategic and you could improve the gameplay by setting some challenges, for example:

* Create some progression of the game in the family like we have the "My Progress" for the family;
* You need to be rank 2 to shoot another family, etc;
* Improove and create more maps/cities;
* When a family shoots another family and kills it, the players that weren't dead in the shooting can have the choice of being recruited in the shooter family;
* You can still limiter the normal of a family as 75 players, but if this family kills another family, it can take its spots and grow for more than the 75 players and the maximum will be the currently spots + the spots from the dead family; (more possibility of hijacks)
* This would be a "Measure" for the domination that I speak below;
* A family from city X can only shoot a family from city Y IF and only IF the family X has the total domination on its current city;
* A family in dominant if she has XX% of control of the map/active spots;
* When this war starts, the other families that are in the cities of the 2 starters, can shoot them;
* A family 1 of the city X can shoot the family 2 that started the war against the family 3 (from the city Y) and this can happen for at the other city too (a more dinamic game)
* A new family can be created on a city with a already dominant Family and it has 2 possibilities:
* Ask for protection to the dominant family. In this case, the dominant family will have to grant them the protection and the time they will have;
* They don't ask and don't get any protection and get shoot anytime;

I think both changes would dramatically change the concept and probably get versions to last longer.

Anyway, brainstorming is great. Lets see if something we get here can be put in the game as it keeps evolving.