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18-11 Vikings
18:13:56 - 19-11
Detailed Hitlisting
User Family Reason Amount Options
Nitranion None greetings from hugo $50,000,000 Buyout for $100,000,000

:D its a drama,aLL showed your face and your styLe again thnx ;)
17-11 Here it Comes
01:48:00 - 18-11
FlowzZ at 01:45:21 on 18/11:
MaFia at 01:43:09 on 18/11:
(its mean aLL server Vs Turkuz/Bs/Yigidos/GeLiboLu )

pls dont use phrases like this , it makes you look important.

ok boss you are unattainable persons o/
17-11 Here it Comes
01:43:09 - 18-11
Deston at 01:12:25 on 18/11:
BoHeM at 23:29:56 on 17/11:
Slow at 23:18:35 on 17/11:
Anonymous at 23:15:29 on 17/11:
Slow at 23:13:07 on 17/11:
BoHeM (Top Turkuz): 'Pact' must not come back for this version. enough story :D

only pact I can see is the one who just shot :x

Be quiet or you will get shot today on a
122 vs 4 ratio :')

1000 to 1 you mean :/
somebody talk about ratio? 3.3 yigidossed the pact with 1k brugs > yigidos bs turkuz penta remember your shits
Okay I will. 1k brugs > Yigidos, Blacksea, Turkuz & Gelibolu. If you may recall your side had some 250 brugs and had not shot all version. Also it was when Maraz backed out and then shot Memento with Krays.

Do you remember the lovely KA where you could die from a 14k preshot? Miss and die in backfire... Well probably you don't because you only had that one war all version. I think the important thing to remember is the only thing that made that war possible was Yigidos/Blacksea/Turkuz/Gelibolu were supposed to shoot together with the attacking families to take out Synd/Lab/Correptio and probably a few fams that I forgot, but you backed out because the odds weren't 'safe' enough. Because of that those families helped 'the pact' to make that war possible, because with out Synd/Lab/Correptio there it wouldn't have happened.

Anyway, I do believe it's a big difference between now and back then when you needed 4 brugs to kill 1, or now when you can kill brugs with chiefs or even lc and often survive.

A Hjaker posted in a war on news I dont remember which war but I remember a user asked on news '' why turkuz dont shoot and still waiting '' and this hjaker said '' they dont cuz they want to bulgaria anal fuck soon :D '' and all saw the anal fuck first on monte carLo and now other Monte carLo appendages ;) and I guess this hjaker is Deston, its a labor thief and he proud of himseLf for that cuz he can post this action and said yes it was me,at least we respect people's labors and we did what game ruLes we dont hj or sui on any fam ... and other side it wasnt 1k Vs 250 bohem,it was 1.6k Vs 224 (its mean aLL server Vs Turkuz/Bs/Yigidos/GeLiboLu )

Good night aLL ...
10-12 Winner 3.2?
20:56:03 - 15-12
Rix at 17:27:49 on 15/12:
Because Turkuz kept on receiving corrupted votes, we decided to remove them from the poll totally. We removed over 20 accounts and 40 votes just from their option alone, and got sick of it.

We're sorry for the real voters who voted on Turkuz.

In 5 min delete all my profile from the omertabeyond if you wont you are inglorious,and we know you are an inglorious group
10-12 Winner 3.2?
13:18:05 - 15-12
counselor at 13:04:44 on 15/12:
to all the flamers and bitchers at each other, you're the real losers :w

No matter how much you flame, no matter how much you bitch and argue, you're a loooooser :w

I agreed with you that there is no winner in 3.2 cuz they killed game with no cd,lackeys and some shit ruLes too.game and reaL rankers and reaL fams died with that stupid ruLes..

but i dont agree with you that all is bitch,i guess there is onLy one bitch and it's you