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Deathmatch is Calling!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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16-05 A-Kills
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15-05 Royals are next! *Update*
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14-05 Sure under attack!
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12-05 War! (again)
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12-05 Revenge?
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11-05 The plating war
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09-05 Do you feel the call?
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01-05 When pacts collide
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Omerta Balance Patch *UPDATE #2*
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mickgee aka mcgee
Registered: 23:45:12 on 10-06-2018 (349d 17h 44m 26s ago)
Last activity: 15:36:27 on 26-05-2019 (1h 53m 11s ago)
Country: Somalia Somalia
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General Comments & Major Rumors
15:36:28 - 26-05
Anubis at 13:59:03 on 25/05:
mickgee aka mcgee at 13:33:37 on 25/05:
Keeley at 03:30:30 on 23/05:

ya fookin smeagol


mcgee can u chill out?

GI Joe 1984 Firefly "Cobra Saboteur" (NM-Complete Figure 100% w/Card) Bid Time: 24m10sec
Highest Bid: $47.50

General Comments & Major Rumors
13:33:37 - 25-05
Keeley at 03:30:30 on 23/05:

ya fookin smeagol

General Comments & Major Rumors
13:09:40 - 25-05
Redspeert at 22:45:46 on 24/05:
Solstice at 21:46:45 on 24/05:
Snooker at 21:41:54 on 24/05:
Solstice at 12:25:47 on 24/05:
It's a tool with which someone can log on to your computer. For example Righello logs on to my teamviewer to do group crimes for me. He told me not to tell anyone though.
wtf I thought I was the only one using that service.

Nah, it's hella-cheap and I couldn't be more satisfied. Well I could, but he won't give me a blowjob after use.... Still 9/10

If you want top notch teamviewer service you should contact Bruce.

Or Bran Stark
General Comments & Major Rumors
02:11:45 - 18-05
@Rick @Simba and Senza cunts.

Yeah now that the round came to a deciding factor, instead of competing and closing Corleone, you decide to end your fantasy Lion King Disney performance and sell your whole fucking city and sissy family and drop them to run and join Horde Alliance. Fucking faggots, I can't relate to these people xD
These queers had nothing better to do then to look for enemies with colorless low ranks on game chat, because they had no real enemies ingame xD
General Comments & Major Rumors
02:05:04 - 18-05
Kapow at 13:10:10 on 17/05:
mickgee aka mcgee at 13:02:40 on 17/05:
Today's word is cunt.
Sponsored by the Cleganebowl!
Kapow spams cunts way before Clegane ate all the chicken :/

I know you did, but is it fair to keep today's word @ cunt?
Here I got a pair of cunt lips, always have so I got a story about cunts...

Normal friday, off from work got a little active in Omerta.
Won a Detroit Slotmachine from a cunt ing Simba, who was taunting the channel for people to lose money in his casino. 1mil bet on x50 multiplier and took his casino. The bitch was crying for it back, and I was like...
Nigga I see WS of your top 3 shooting LC with 60k and getting ready to sell out both or their families, why do you even want it back lol

Then tonight I come home and I got hitlisted for 25 million. I don't even talk to anybody or accept friend requests lol I'm just playing with my rebirth bullets.
I got hitlisted by some faggot I don't even know in Shield, he calls me a hypocrite, hitlisted my soldier account for 25million.
Yeah his ing is ATF. The faggot not only thinks hes a Marvel Superhero, but a police officer on a mafia game. Obviously being in SHIELD, they only shoots when its safe 10v1 then sells out family for account hugging to horde alliance :') Killing the game in 10 days and this fucking cunt calls my famless account a hypocrite xD

Best I got, it doesn't get more cunt juice then that, I bet this guy commits suicide in a year or two after being exposed in wal-mart walking around as a fake combat war veteran or some shit.