Wednesday - January 23rd - 2019
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19-01 Ascilatipers wins round 11
Comments: 183 - Views: 3,207 - Votes: 0
15-01 Double hijack
Comments: 114 - Views: 2,776 - Votes: 1
15-01 Latitante ↔ Krays
Comments: 25 - Views: 1,053 - Votes: 1
13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
Comments: 159 - Views: 6,291 - Votes: 3
11-01 Herres ↔ Latitante
Comments: 7 - Views: 978 - Votes: 0
08-01 War!
Comments: 51 - Views: 2,373 - Votes: 1
06-01 The onslaught continues
Comments: 88 - Views: 3,191 - Votes: 3
05-01 More trouble in NY
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05-01 Chainreaction
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19-01 Ascilatipers wins round 11
17:04:08 - 22-01
cove at 14:05:25 on 22/01:
Solstice at 13:23:32 on 22/01:
cove at 11:16:26 on 22/01:
Anonymous at 09:43:56 on 22/01:
Anonymous at 09:40:06 on 22/01:
i wonder if that meloberto guy reported bull. seems like a pretty weak acc for top killer to me

Why does it matter much? Everyone was a winner this round.
Except kapow. He was never close to being a winner

People who live in glass trailers should maybe keep their mouth shut?
People that are in their 40s should maybe fix their life and not play gangster simulator browser games

I remember finding Omerta when I was 21. There was an Omerta 40+ club and it was pretty big with quite a lot of people. I just never thought back then I'd be around to actually become a member there, considering I'll be 35 soon.
The only way I can prevent this is traveling through werewolf infested forests, to find the old Gypsy woman to lift the curse.
15-01 Double hijack
19:14:52 - 18-01
Listen up spiteful Motherfuckers you got two Options:
You worthless hateful retarded diseases.

1. Dance with me to the obvious greatest song of the decade: (for 5 hours straight)

2. Don't dance with me, and end up at the gates of eternal hell in the afterlife. You will be greeted by three Irish Goon Bouncers at the door. You will see two of them standing at 6 foot 5 muscled to the bone. Then you'll see a third bouncer, not as muscular at 5'11 but scrappy AF. This third one is obviously me. I will pull you out of the line and drop you to your knees. I will then proceed to smash your fukin head in with a baseball bat. I'll fucking scream in joy like a retard and cum in my pants while I do it. Then I will dismember you with my broken wooden bat, I will make that wood cut through your bones. I will then put you in a garbage bag and pour gasloine over it, with your soul intact and you screaming the whole time, still alive. I will light you on fire until your half ash and half bone.
Mofo then I'll take my mac 10 and spray the shit out of your remains, while your soul is still alive in pain and misery. No it ain't over yet. I will then attach a Silicone Sex Butt to your burned out hipbone and smash the living F out of it. I will then take your remains and cast them into plastic, and turn you into a WWII German SS grey plastic soldier. Which I will then put you in my army men collection bucket which has been approved by Satan to be in hell. Everyday I will play with you and attach firecrackers to your plastic soldier ass and blow you up.

So take a few moments to choose your option...
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:18:19 - 18-01
yo Halflife pleb, slide your Weiner in Mai Pooptube
15-01 Double hijack
18:17:19 - 18-01
pUT yeR peniS in mai FaRTbox
15-01 Double hijack
18:15:56 - 18-01
Anonymous at 16:10:22 on 18/01:
Anonymous at 16:05:07 on 18/01:
Anonymous at 16:03:41 on 18/01:
He deleted my comments too, luckily he's just a member now.

Get out of here!


Who's that Achille guy?

Why does he need all that attention from this game? You wont impress us kiddo, if you do that's gonna be 2 second and then everyone will forget about you.

When I go to Magic the Gathering tournaments, I don't tease passionate players for enjoying and talking about the game.
Nah jk, I don't play Magic the Gathering, I take showers and buy scratch offs instead.