Thursday - September 20th - 2018
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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15-09 Another big ass war
Comments: 77 - Views: 3,795 - Votes: 0
10-09 Big ass war
Comments: 33 - Views: 1,918 - Votes: 0
08-09 Supremacy ↔ Momentum
Comments: 11 - Views: 1,410 - Votes: 0
08-09 First family down
Comments: 0 - Views: 317 - Votes: 0
07-09 Admins vs Supremacy?
Comments: 16 - Views: 806 - Votes: 0
07-09 First family up
Comments: 16 - Views: 601 - Votes: 0
25-08 A word from the brave winners
Comments: 68 - Views: 2,442 - Votes: 0
19-08 Troublesome closure of the version
Comments: 109 - Views: 3,070 - Votes: 1
06-08 Exile of a blood
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mickgee aka mcgee
Registered: 23:45:12 on 10-06-2018 (101d 22h 30m 10s ago)
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General Comments & Major Rumors
18:57:21 - 18-09
Anonymous at 00:37:14 on 16/09:
I'm dead so gonna dance my last dance..FOR NOW
07-09 Admins vs Supremacy?
16:03:26 - 07-09
Anonymous at 15:24:44 on 07/09:
I think this is the last .COM round.
Not much players, few fams left. No changes, everyone cheat and dont give a shit about this game anymore.

For me it will be last. I imagine that I am not the only one. I call all of you to stop playing this game until some real changes are done.


"Make that chhhhhaaannggee"
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:20:52 - 11-08
Anonymous at 00:37:10 on 11/08:
Redspeert at 23:22:20 on 10/08:
One should bring back the old Coccada&Cristeria alliance.


Yeah like that's ever going to happen!
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:20:09 - 11-08
Solstice at 12:50:21 on 11/08:
Redspeert at 23:22:20 on 10/08:
One should bring back the old Coccada&Cristeria alliance.

Cockadder with assspeert at the helm.

The return of Roper. The undisputed king of the underworld.
03-08 Fragile figureheads
07:21:35 - 06-08
EP at 23:05:56 on 05/08:
Jaydakilla at 12:29:48 on 04/05:

People, this is the state of the game until YOU decide to change it.K Some of you are sitting in fams that have 100 members and only 12 people in the family chat he got 8 more in his chat for his 100 fam to play bingo from the 40 and over hugger pact. This game used to be fun bc we had 50+ fams that had 50 different agendas No, more like 5 or 6 sides that can change the outcome of the game to create longer versions. Now we have 20ish fams that hold maybe 4 different agendas. Alliances aren't always a terrible idea but blooding amongst them is. Break away, start your own fam with some friends. And die to pact/dupe Fams you aided like Horde Do your own thing. Help T-bag, just help T-bag You wanna win? You didn't you were looking for relationships for a dead future You wanna survive and just have some fun? How much fun did you have in safehouse? You wanna hug? You want revenge? Did you revenge and hug your dolls in the safehouse? Or do you just want to keep spending money to help the same 4 fams win under different names? Oh like helping Horde close the round so you can get gangbanged later? I haven't played in awhile meaning he's been here but hasn't done shit in a while but could tell around soldier exactly what was gonna happen this round and I'm sure most of you knew way before that.So after experience he couldn't tell what would happen in this one RIP to everyone in this war. My ex-Sicilian fiance who played with me in the beginning told me, "Steve stop telling your enemies to RIP" ... ever since then it was the only advice I took from her Thank you Vicaria. :'')

Hopefully next round isn't so predictable. But it was thanks to your family defending Horde
#Tempestuoso Won't see me there, watching webcam material
The Storm is coming. The weatherman might've been wrong, but you just lie

Ep nice work o/

I really hope you go back to thinking like this.