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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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10-09 The pre-plating war
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29-08 Congratulations Outfit
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21-08 Round 17 starts
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12-08 Congratulations ...
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07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
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07-08 Nirvana and Anxious under fire
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03-08 Let the madness begin.
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02-08 Krays dont give a fuck
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02-08 It's the final countdown!!!
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mickgee aka mcgee
Registered: 23:45:12 on 10-06-2018 (468d 4h 9m 44s ago)
Last activity: 11:08:52 on 18-09-2019 (3d 16h 46m 4s ago)
Country: Somalia Somalia
Comment count: 225 (0.48 per day)
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General Comments & Major Rumors
02:14:02 - 13-07
Anonymous at 15:18:38 on 12/07:
Ingame Corleone
Status Alive and online

RP (Rank Position) #2
RP (Alive) #2

A real life policeman finding time to rank to #2 lol

ah the irony

Believable, very likely he's a cop.
He just did some wild devious shit while getting injured on the job, so he's on Light Duty and Disciplinary work.
So he sit's on a computer in the corner of a big records room and plays Omerta all day for a few months and getting uberats barbeque and popeyes for lunch.
What cop would want to babysit him, he's a wild man cop like Danny Glover in Predator 2.
Everyone loves Danny Glover the cop in Predator 2.
02-07 Balance Update #2
20:59:58 - 07-07
Reset fun time period takes up half the round length :'))
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:00:24 - 28-06
Reall Ocarnia at 14:37:51 on 28/06:
Almost time for the best part of the version.

Hodor! Hodor! HODOR HODOR
21-06 Plating drops, and so are bodies
01:06:06 - 24-06
PS: How can I forgot about the possibility of AI accounts being introduced as it relates to winning casinos!

Since I've won over 20 casinos since the reintroduction of them back in the game as being winnable again, if I steal a slotmachine from an AI I won't have to worry about goth emo pleb messages, shit like 5 in one minutes from some plebs xD I can't believe the faggotry I see, sometimes I just empty my whole inbox without reading and losing messages from people I might want to hear from in the process xD This would be great, even if the same people who emo spam me when I win casinos will emo spam the bots they lose their casino to xD !!!
21-06 Plating drops, and so are bodies
00:55:20 - 24-06
Anonymous at 15:54:52 on 23/06:
tbh best idea ever
have an admin ruled bot fam that can interfere when wars are not balanced


Why the fuck not. My Marvel App spawns AI players in versus mode, and this tank game I play.
Can't expect free games to be filled with humans, considering a lot of em here or dumb as rocks or burned out and shit.
I wouldn't mind seeing Admin created bots they buy spots and have lackey'd accounts they can some how run a script to ask for crimes in other cities, and on timers shoot 15k, 30k, and 60k shots periodicly at random families for any reason (probably home city related).
These people here are all followers of old friends, you'd think after over a decade of the same people playing together they'd want to play against each other for fun once. Fucking plebstones.
I bet the bot accounts will have tommygun images and omerta artwork on them to in case to.
Perfect Dark had the best AI Sims on N64 and it's only been a success and lifsaver on many gaming platforms since. I bet admins can get creative and make upgraded pleb accounts to open rounds and they can make as many families as they want :)
I mean shit they can configure it so Bot families fight other Bot families o//