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General Comments & Major Rumors
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13-07 Twentythree!
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13-07 And you will know I am the Lord
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13-07 For all that is Unholy
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12-07 Whistling on a Sunday!
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09-07 Taking initiative
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09-07 Lack of Loyalty
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09-07 Chilling with a Tommygun
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08-07 Turbulent wednesday
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06-07 Pew pew
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09-05 Do you feel the call?
13:19:42 - 09-05
/q Redsperm for more info thanks u
General Comments & Major Rumors
12:05:19 - 27-02
Redspeert at 11:22:44 on 27/02:
Aart at 10:54:27 on 27/02:
Demoted wow. So much for being friendsies asspeert.

I dindu do nuffin
No one would expect you to be useful anyway
26-02 Popcorn → Lusa
09:50:46 - 27-02
Kapow at 09:26:09 on 27/02:
Anonymous at 09:10:07 on 27/02:
Anonymous at 08:34:59 on 27/02:
Anonymous at 07:45:43 on 27/02:
Anonymous at 06:17:26 on 27/02:
Anonymous at 05:39:37 on 27/02:
it is the next level of backstabbing.
Imperium removes their fampage comment. It was written lusa+imperium=1
Then lusa got shot by Popcorn
Imperium goes to popcorn mode.

That's what happens when HOF and golden stars are given out. People in Imperium have a chance on getting a star and that is more important than anything else for them. Ofc they will jump around and try to stay alive. Killing reranking famless chiefs. Quite the balls on them guys.

The following statement was told by a member from Lusa and not a top so dunno if it's true. Lusa was offered to join Imperium and thus stay alive but they refused even tho they knew that was going to get them killed. I can respect they didn't want to join a big pact ending it in a lame pussy way but rather stay true to their own family. Just too bad they didn't shoot but wait to get shot. If this is true I think it is something members who rank for the fam have the right to know. But I don't think a fam message was sent. Kind of a shitty move.
Well the truth is imperium agreed with Lusa about closing fam into Imp, when akro died Lusa wanted to keep family and they aware of possible consequences by persico&popcorn, Imp respected their decision about keeping fam and handover by their request. Imp-Lusa relationship is not your business and unlike how you think Imp did not sell them, if Imp wanted to sell them they wouldnt jump in Local Chief war in middle of night or wouldnt rename their main fam as Lusa.
Keep your shitty comments for you and before knowing facts, if you wants to learn things go ask Lusa if they willing to tell you the story.

Never said Imperium sold Lusa.

You can say whatever you want and try to make excuses and explanations but it all comes down to the morherfu*king stars. No reason to join Popcorn if it wasnt for HOF (as long as you are not an account hugging dog fam). As long as I have played Persico has always been a shite pussy fam so can't expect anything from them. Don't know much about Imperium, but I choose to believe they wouldn't end in a shitty way if it wasn't for HOF.
Well imp damaged so heavily after few wars, doubt others could initiate those actions if imp kept their stregth. in this point its not about to end like that or otherwise. Version is over for imperium long ago, feel free to check their fam and you can see how many account they have left. Stabbing bloods not a preference for everybody also cant be responsible by other families actions specially when you dont have power to avoid your bloods getting shot by another.
So getting what they earned and idling till its over fine by them when you look at the picture, that can also change and you never know they will get stabbed since its over. That up to Popcorn to stab another blood and make another enemy.
None of the family will change their perspective regarding of third persons, there is no needed for excuse or explanations and nothing is your business in this point. Sometimes better not to involved things which is not your concern.
Too much bla bla.

Once other wars happend, suddenly Lusa was reinvigorated with ambitions to sell dcs and buld accs some more.

When asked about their previous deal to close they claimed "Why should we close fam now, we wana finish"

So they finished...
Pliz ad top statment
12-02 Redemption <-> Persico
12:24:21 - 13-02
Anonymous at 12:13:36 on 13/02:
Barbecos at 11:47:56 on 13/02:
Anonymous at 06:22:56 on 13/02:
they managed to kill every persico top accs just with dupe suicides while redemption don didnt shoot a single bullet. come and see why people choose lc-chief wars @kcode
Didn't redemption Don get suicides too? :thinking:
Kills: 1
Bullets shot 60,000 (Backfire: 0) +

Doesnt seem like it.
Redemption Redemptions.. Same thing
12-02 Redemption <-> Persico
11:47:56 - 13-02
Anonymous at 06:22:56 on 13/02:
they managed to kill every persico top accs just with dupe suicides while redemption don didnt shoot a single bullet. come and see why people choose lc-chief wars @kcode
Didn't redemption Don get suicides too? :thinking: