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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
12:54:32 - 26-03
Redspeert at 00:24:26 on 26/03:
Four posts in a row Mcgee, you're outdoing yourself. Imagine telling people they are obsessed about this game when you youself spend all your free time replying to your own comments here. Sad.

Why you hating bro? ;(
27-02 First families!
13:46:20 - 03-03
Anonymous at 13:18:43 on 03/03:
Anonymous at 13:14:06 on 03/03:
Anonymous at 12:54:38 on 03/03:
Anonymous at 13:35:40 on 02/03:
Anonymous at 13:32:46 on 02/03:
ontario should be akilled just for being ontario....
or for masspacting, mass duping, buying cheap serbian DCs from agon, buying cheap farmed dcs from dupers with real money, sharing, scripting, buying ingame money from cheaters, but admins agree with this behavior :D

Always nice to see so much support and appreciation for our 4*
Keep up the hate!

Are they YOUR 4 stars or did you “share” them with 6-7 other fams on Versions that had 1500 accounts?
Biggest family in the game made up of multiple fams and still blooded to over half of the game. Quite pathetic, don’t you think? You’re killing the game you love to play. What are you gonna do when it’s just you and your pathetic friends giving each other handys and no competition?

It has always been like this... LSO, CCCE, Affinitas, ....... always a group of fams against the rest.
And the fact the rest is to stupid to team up and resist... (Look at last version as well, where Imp got the winning for free)

Nah, you can't say the powerhouse of each version is the same.
Winter have had versions where they control 60%+ of the brug+ playerbase. Perfect cooperation by all enemies couldn't stop them.

Onta/Imp are well organized powerhouses, but their opponents always have a chance.
31-01 The big bang
18:42:35 - 05-02
Anonymous at 17:19:13 on 05/02:
Anonymous at 17:12:42 on 05/02:
Anonymous at 17:01:50 on 05/02:
Anonymous at 15:43:51 on 05/02:
Anonymous at 11:39:48 on 05/02:
lusa 5 good acc 70 dupes always, its nt a big fam its a easy fam to kill i never saw Lusa leading any version tbh...they are like the other ones ..dogs, they always have been..with Siberia mostly and now Imperium. When you realised how easy was killing Lusa by choosing the right targets they become useless...

You need to check topics which includes lusa and imp together before open ur big mouth

you just dumb or you cant read what i wrote...read again pls! thank you

You are basically saying its easy to kill lusa, which is survived from gondor + elagente + cannabis . Its never easy to kill lusa nor imp if it isnt a 3:1 / 4:1 ratio war you big mouth

dont be ridiculous...most of them have 60k or none in bf...sh is a bitch for them, always was. They really have shots...but...agaisn who? ying yang and the fams that are already almost down..Lusa would never be a great fam in .com you wish but they just cant handle a version leading. And yes make a 1 vs 1 withLusa and we will see. I already saw in the pass just you to kow :)

have a nice day o/

In an even ratio war, I'd back Lusa to win over basically any other family.
They have decent accounts, understand the KA, and are seriously well organized.
31-01 The big bang
23:49:26 - 04-02
Anonymous at 23:13:22 on 04/02:
Diamante at 15:22:00 on 02/02:
i see lots of comments blaming plating, pacting, p2w etc. but from my point of view, those are not the issue with this war. Numbers seem equal and maybe even in the favor of attackers. if you get such a bad result with these numbers, it only means plan/organizing/execution was poor. lusa & imperium & mayhem are strong fams to deal with indeed but there are lots of veterans on attacking side. You guys could have done better with a better leadership.
You only won the war because the real fams arent playing hope you’re proud of yourself xx

I think we can all agree that Imps opponent's put on a poor show XD
31-01 The big bang
16:15:27 - 03-02
Anonymous at 15:49:32 on 03/02:
Anonymous at 15:45:00 on 03/02:
Where were those crying babies when imp+lusa doing 2vs9 3-4 version ago .

You all just trash families with small players die die die

lets start by calling "imp" ontario and not something "new" every version....

Name a single Ontario member in Imp?