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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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05-06 First family down!
Comments: 11 - Views: 353 - Votes: 0
04-06 First family up!
Comments: 18 - Views: 628 - Votes: 0
27-05 A new (Corona) Omerta round starts!
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23-05 Ontario wins Round 22
Comments: 27 - Views: 1,598 - Votes: 1
21-05 The time has come?!
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19-05 The Final Phase
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17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
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17-05 Exploring the Afterlife
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14-05 Ontario is drowning!
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19-05 The Final Phase
14:11:21 - 20-05
Redspeert at 13:37:25 on 20/05:
Oh the humanity! What a bloodbath we got on our hands here! I can see this going on for awhile.

17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
20:14:45 - 18-05
Anonymous at 15:51:03 on 18/05:
Anonymous at 14:25:41 on 18/05:
I smell lots of pussies
I smell 300+ pussies
Not even hijack?
What kind of omerta players are you?
Always follow the shepherd because that is what sheeps do.


It's not just a game, it's the internet.
With people here of all places there is always a bigger picture of intention while online.
Being bored with omerta will not keep you around much and your mind persuades you to keep yourself occupied with multiple motives. Why would you ever believe what ALL players do here will translate into a long motivated roleplaying round? Most make people a priority over actually being competitive on this game now.
These families are a melting pot of wounded gangs, dupes, rebirths and people who escaped into the past or future and provide fam worth which off balances family positions ingame and creates a tough dynamic for active players playing in the present. You guys take it so hard, the passion is good for the game but don't stress.
Make jokes about the hidden pact up that most of us know about already and chill. They always do this.
This round could be a stepping stone to a greater round, it could not.
All that matters is you fight and die with purpose, to die on your feet ;)
I give out TED talks in other forums let me know if you'd like to follow by replying back.


We love you Mcgee :D
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
22:12:19 - 17-05
Anonymous at 21:41:52 on 17/05:
Kohfi at 21:11:24 on 17/05:
Anonymous at 21:06:06 on 17/05:
Batavia shooted Signoria
Brygs is down mostly by Ontario
Krays is down By Ontario only krays gf is killed by Batavia
Jvam is down by Ontario

Afaik bata didnt shoot our Don, their cdc's shot a few of our brugs though

bata don killed your don
get over it
dont rebirt

Always good seeing people be such gracious winners on here XD
Well done on beating us though. At the start of the 250 brug+ vs. 25 brug+ war I thought we had it in the bag. But then you pulled off a real upset and defeated the mighty Krays :,)

Jokes aside, it was Jollo and not Bata who killed Shuru
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
20:14:20 - 17-05
Anonymous at 18:53:52 on 17/05:
Krays? What a joke. After 50 days they had 20 brugs ( half of them survivors from dead families ) . What can they do? Half of their members have no clue what is this game about.
Krays are #4
Jvam #5
Pandemic #6
Nobody look at this fams like a treat , thats why they lived...
Krays to the fucking Marazzino

You're absolutely right that we're a small fam XD
We don't pact or stab. We play aggressively, and we're a legit nice bunch of guys.

I don't see why that makes us a joke.
12-05 Persico getting shot
21:38:28 - 13-05
Sunamione at 18:33:36 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 15:31:06 on 13/05:
Krays is incest family!! Wanckers
There is a guy who looks like a downie. Is it the begium guy?

Shhsjjsjshahsjhwhwhehhwhwhahw :,)
He's got our number