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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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09-10 Welcome to round 18!
Comments: 49 - Views: 964 - Votes: 0
23-09 Congratulations?
Comments: 282 - Views: 4,726 - Votes: 0
10-09 The pre-plating war
Comments: 422 - Views: 10,041 - Votes: 5
29-08 Congratulations Outfit
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21-08 Round 17 starts
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12-08 Congratulations ...
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07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
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07-08 Nirvana and Anxious under fire
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03-08 Let the madness begin.
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General Comments & Major Rumors
05:07:50 - 18-09
Anonymous at 00:14:08 on 18/09:

Anonymous at 20:50:12 on 16/09:

GTFO retarded shits :W

I dont
Hes not attacking EP

pick 1 :D
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:57:32 - 17-09
Anonymous at 02:51:50 on 17/09:
Anonymous at 21:23:10 on 16/09:
EP at 20:59:11 on 16/09:
Anonymous at 20:50:12 on 16/09:
"If you have 10 enemies, don't bring 9 bullets."
Must be a retard quote I just read.
9 shots to the head, and smash the other motherfucker in the head with pistol whip, pull a Deadpool.
Anyhoot, at least some mofo's make enemies opposed to pacting gays on a shooting game ^^

In Omerta, I think that is a very sensible idea.
9 bullets isn't really going to do shit :')

Pay for lackey cred to rank high and make large pact to try and stay alive with no harm, just to make retarded brain dead quotes? It's that, "I can say anything on profile quote when I pay a lot of money to be high rank and make oversized pact, and what I say seems so important".
GTFO retarded shits :W

Can you look up ingame 'EP' before you start talking shit about my broski?

I second this.
10-09 The pre-plating war
15:34:42 - 14-09
Anonymous at 14:41:46 on 14/09:
Anonymous at 14:38:37 on 14/09:
Anonymous at 14:35:17 on 14/09:
Anonymous at 03:30:19 on 14/09:
Anonymous at 22:32:08 on 13/09:
Stef vs pact...

Listen golddigger you should understand, Outfit is not a pact, just played every version that you couldnt do alone because you fear to die. If you dont like that you can come to game on next more crowded and give an answer on game but not here. Stef cried on phone, made his fam name from Siberia to Cookies because we want it. Stef said that he fuck Siberia, fuck Crytical and Krays is nothing for him. He asked just help to stay alive. He beg to be Godfather. We give him a chance for 2 days but he try to make tricks, hitlisted someone again and now he is on safehouse for 10 days.

Actually you are the biggest pact/alliance i have ever seen: big mouths players who wanting to buy everything with money + middle easts gold diggers + european villagers with endless requests + global spot beggars + patients in a crying coma + hobbits with big ego..

sad but true +1


we played 3 years together we are blood like 17 versions with same blood.. so please dont cry here just stfu and come on next if you can :)))))

QQ, just because u do a shitty thing for 17 versions doesnt mean it is OK. It was shit 17 versions ago and it is shit now.
10-09 The pre-plating war
11:11:18 - 14-09
ites at 10:45:00 on 14/09:
Wolf was at home taking a little nap as you pulled up outside their house...
You kick a table over and keep your head down below it as pulls out a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and pulls the trigger...
Wolf died from the wounds you have inflicted. He's swimming with the fishes now.
Your enemy did not try to strike back.
You killed Outfit's don but someone else took control of the family.

Outfit MVP's
Chief vs GF.
LC vs Brug

10-09 The pre-plating war
10:07:26 - 14-09
Anonymous at 10:04:20 on 14/09:
if outfit and siberia would have team up they would have won the version for sure. Now it is the biggest fam vs the other biggest fam. Also outfit has a lot of sister fams. When Siberia has none. Krays and Siberia were as 1 but Siberia started shooting later. Also Anxious and Inferno clan didnt started shooting fast enough.

So then it was first krays and siberia vs inferno and anxious. And later outfit cleared the rest of the version. Only showing that Templars was the best family from the start.

Templars had smallest fam from the beginning yet they stood to the end

Both krays and siberia got powned and outfit was best shooter fam

that summarize the version

you are missing some chromosomes my friend?