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General Comments & Major Rumors
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13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
Comments: 236 - Views: 8,797 - Votes: 3
20-11 Reset!
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18-11 War!
Comments: 41 - Views: 1,984 - Votes: 0
16-11 When lego gets boring
Comments: 128 - Views: 3,896 - Votes: 0
14-11 To mine, or not to mine.
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12-11 Baltimore Conclusion
Comments: 73 - Views: 4,454 - Votes: 0
06-11 Out of Time ?
Comments: 216 - Views: 7,950 - Votes: 0
05-11 Little Late Don't You Think..?
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01-11 Baltimore Trouble
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13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
12:39:36 - 14-12
Anonymous at 12:09:01 on 14/12:
Kohfi at 11:56:30 on 14/12:
What a terrible writer of war articles. It's boring, incomplete and inaccurate. Get the fuck on it.
ok, let me try.

As per usual an early chief war opens the probably most retarded v5 version of Omerta.

The North Side had some serious numbers because every spineless family is fine with sucking their dicks for a chance of survival!

Some fams gathered their strength and decided to defend what required no defense, since they already had half of the playerbase
Colossal and Steamroller tried to give it a shot to end this joke of a version as soon as possible.

Later more families joined the attacking side simply because there aren't any proper wars after this:
Salvatrucha, Azeroth, Savagery, Difference/Differences, Omega/Scordisci, Albireo.

The North Side counters with all their retarded lapdogs:
The cheater hating Krays that got started by someone with 85% ontime, something their tops called impossible without cheats in the past ↔ Azeroth
The Timeless knockoffs MIT + Infezione that don't dare to start under their own name because of their sneaky plays last version after having 10 turkish german migrants rank in shifts for weeks ↔ Steamroller

Pentagram/Pentahouse + the pretentious social justice warriors Motisi led by Sps who always knows exactly what's good for people and has the thinking capacity of a brick ↔ Colossal

Brr winter is cold... And where the f*ck is Aeterna ?

It seems some things are more important.
Siberians are shooting Aeterna because Aeterna won v5 merely by blooding everything alive and then making them stab their blood Siberia out of greed from either Bertone or random fams they were ranking in.
Bertone ↔ 'Hidden'

Now Anarchy and friends, have fun dropping Motisi, Aeterna, Assassino, Viddani and Salvatrucha because it's the last things you'll be able to do this version after beating down all the unnecessary dicksucking dogs and having Whitewalkers shoot all the leftovers once they are 100% safe from counters to end this most retarded version in years.

Spoiler: this is how it will end
1. Winterhill
2. Pentagram
3. SHIT/Timeless
4. Whitewalkers
maybe Prestige too if T-dog stays a good dog and doesn't bark too much, but they'll probably be offered a deal to merge in exchange for a voucher which they'll happily accept to keep Rain happy.

Adding naughty no-no words, shaming and cussing doesnt make it a good article. Proper intel does. Try again anon.
13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
11:56:30 - 14-12
What a terrible writer of war articles. It's boring, incomplete and inaccurate. Get the fuck on it.