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General Comments & Major Rumors
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14-10 War!
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13-10 Tremps&co → Ili
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10-10 Supreme speech
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09-10 RIP
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04-10 RIP Krays
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02-10 Tremp(s) ↔ Kartello(s)
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28-09 War!
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15-09 Another big ass war
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10-09 Big ass war
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07-01 Reset?
20:56:11 - 11-07
Redspeert at 13:25:59 on 11/01:
What most people seems to not realize is that this is a old as fuck game with outdated content. With all the facebook and app games out there good ole omerta just doesn't bring in much new blood. So we got the same people here that has been here for years, and believe it or not people stop playing a game sooner or later.

Whats killing omerta more than cheaters is the following:

* Old game, repetive tasks aint fun in 2016
* Aging playerbase, most people started playing when they were 13-18 years old (and that was 10+ years ago) but are now into their mid 20's thus less time to play a time consuming such as omerta.
* Harder market, back in 2004/2005 omerta got big because there weren't much competition. People got too many options now and a 12/13 year old textbased browser game just doesn't bring all the kids running.

So even if omerta was 100% fair and clean (which its obviously not) it would still see a large decrease in players.

Agreed on all this. Plus take away the fucking clicklimit. it is 2018.
General Comments & Major Rumors
05:10:23 - 04-07
Anonymous at 10:16:08 on 03/07:
EP at 08:41:56 on 03/07:
Anonymous at 07:47:15 on 03/07:
Ep u have a fucking big mouth on here, but tell me sad little clown: what did u archieved with krays so far?

Does, "We haven't sucked an asshole recently" count as an achievement? :,)

nopes, coz everyone knows you've got one lined up for next ver, ur already wearing that brown grin of achievement ;)

People know so much :')
General Comments & Major Rumors
05:53:05 - 24-06
Anonymous at 03:26:25 on 24/06:
Mcgee just shut up dude, you’re so annoying. Jeeeeeez, go away, we don’t like you, you already know that no one pays attention of whatever you have to say.

Speak for yourself, not for the rest of the players.
I, for one, fucking love mcgee
29-12 New year's resolutions
23:25:16 - 31-12
Anonymous at 23:17:49 on 31/12:
Anonymous at 21:44:02 on 31/12:
siberia = always fun to shoot because their shooters are superior compared to all other fams
winterhill = their shooters are weak compared to most of the fams but still no point in shooting because they are bloods with 70% of the game. i would rather shoot fams that gives a good blowjob to winterhill like horde, krays, pentagram, motisi etc etc.


siberia without organizing 15-20 families to shoot or back them up = krays.

So we are superior shooters? Not surprising but thanks anyway :)
29-12 New year's resolutions
15:05:56 - 31-12
Anonymous at 14:56:34 on 31/12:
ElMariachi at 14:13:06 on 31/12:
Amproof at 22:44:38 on 30/12:
Anonymous at 14:48:03 on 30/12:
Kohfi at 13:32:51 on 30/12:
Let's shoot Krays after they got hijacked and lost half of their HR due to people killing all famless brugs. They are a major threat for the NSA.

Like our hero AlcatraaZ once said: "i dont see normal brain in this game".

only ones that doesn't have a normal brains are the ones who blooded northside and surprised about its conclusion. well done guys, you guys proved how worthless northside is. though it was proven like 1728467218 times before xD
Well I didn't see other quality bloods lining up to ask us for bloods either..... I mean you can only critizise our choices if you actually know of us turning down better bloods.

Maybe try and make a third side of your own next time you guys are around instead of chosing to just go with the big ass pact. Ofc they asked you for bloods, they asked over 50% to blood their side ...

I mean I remember Kurosawa from the past, they wheren't shy of action in those days, maybe Hidden/Aeterna could have been there aswell, hell even Penta/Motisi might have joined your side seeing they tried to win this version and they did have the amount of ppl to do so.
This would have made the version much more interesting, maybe you guys would not have won it, maybe you would but at least a third side gives reason for ppl to rerank which clearly was useless in this one ...
Stop trying to defend your horrible thinking and playstyle Amproof. It's silly

Says another nobody? If you're gonna criticize him at least come with arguments.
e.g. Why is it horrible?