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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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27-05 A new (Corona) Omerta round starts!
Comments: 5 - Views: 358 - Votes: 0
23-05 Ontario wins Round 22
Comments: 27 - Views: 1,413 - Votes: 1
21-05 The time has come?!
Comments: 139 - Views: 4,238 - Votes: 0
19-05 The Final Phase
Comments: 42 - Views: 2,080 - Votes: 0
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
Comments: 108 - Views: 3,484 - Votes: 0
17-05 Exploring the Afterlife
Comments: 2 - Views: 464 - Votes: 0
14-05 Ontario is drowning!
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13-05 Wednesday war day
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12-05 Persico getting shot
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21-05 The time has come?!
23:15:04 - 21-05
Anonymous at 22:36:03 on 21/05:
Anonymous at 21:55:06 on 21/05:
Rivriv topkiller!!!!
He killed whole moronzino

Did you guys ever see someone with ' I'm proud moronzino member'?

hahahaa thats like saying proud to be gay imo

Homofobia ftw

gtfo bigot
21-05 The time has come?!
14:51:11 - 21-05
Anonymous at 14:43:33 on 21/05:
Where is Kohfi to explain how Krays don't stab.
Just their members hj Marazzino
Krays to the fking idiotic move

Just read what ites wrote.

Afaik we didn't organize it but I do applaud it. Imo this should've happened with all 3 remaining families as a sign that this way of ending a promising version is just not appreciated.

Props for writing my name correctly though o/
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
21:11:24 - 17-05
Anonymous at 21:06:06 on 17/05:
Batavia shooted Signoria
Brygs is down mostly by Ontario
Krays is down By Ontario only krays gf is killed by Batavia
Jvam is down by Ontario

Afaik bata didnt shoot our Don, their cdc's shot a few of our brugs though
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
17:52:28 - 17-05
Anonymous at 17:48:22 on 17/05:
We weren't happy with 4th place, and hoped Bata wouldn't be happy with 3rd place, so asked them to plan vs Onta with us. Sadly Bata leaked our plans, and we got banged. GG

User: Kohfi / (Add to your friends list)
Rank: Bruglione
Thank you to my family and friends. It was fun! Haters gonna hate, they dont know any better
you can add "runners gonna run , thank you krays for the hotel"

Like I said, haters gonna hate :w

12-05 Persico getting shot
13:11:52 - 13-05
EazyE at 13:08:02 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 09:04:03 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 09:02:36 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 22:21:08 on 12/05:
Anonymous at 21:52:49 on 12/05:
*something happens in omerta*
players: this is so gay

*nothing happens in omerta*
players: this is so boring

*version is short*
players: omg fuck you admins dead game i didnt get to play

*version is long*
players: this is boring i dont want to rerank

If you don't like it, don't play and stop bitching.

Players are whiners yes but there are too many flawed processes in play for the admins to ignore them.
From trafficking real money through servers making farm accounts 50% of the playingfield to senseless links between accomodations and cdc+ ranks all the way to the global plating issue wich forces everyone to shoot everything the moment plating goes down.
The admins have completely lost sight when it comes to making it a playworthy game but they dont care cause revenue is soaring through the roof will all the homeless pts and knks playing purely to harvest dcs for a, couple hundred euros extra per version.

Preplating wars are a thing. Krays did that very succesfull the first time it came around.
boesmans will say it was his idea :(

Classic boesmans