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Upcoming Moderation Changes
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
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20-07 Endphase!
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15-07 The big breakup
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13-07 Twentythree!
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13-07 And you will know I am the Lord
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13-07 For all that is Unholy
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12-07 Whistling on a Sunday!
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09-07 Taking initiative
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09-07 Lack of Loyalty
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General Comments & Major Rumors
12:29:33 - 25-12
Happy holidays everyone!
General Comments & Major Rumors
14:12:02 - 18-11
The new round of Omerta will start next Thursday, 21 November at 11 OT.
23-09 Congratulations?
10:00:17 - 07-10
Anonymous at 11:44:43 on 06/10:
i think lackeys should be removed for the game. they cause unfair gameplay

You should check out the new rank requirements update!
Reset Announced 18/04 - New Update/Changes
15:09:53 - 20-04
Anonymous at 21:06:56 on 19/04:
with each ver "change" brings even more options for cheaters, dupes, tv users, etc :w :r

Which part of the changes do you dislike?
13-06 Winter has come! - UPDATE #2
10:58:27 - 15-06
Anonymous at 10:20:11 on 15/06:
Righello at 10:06:14 on 15/06:
Anonymous at 17:47:01 on 14/06:
Every version Leviticus is sucking the version pacts balls; every time is horde bumlicking pacts to survive longer, and outfit just wtf???? Mediterrano ? Watch you noobs will get dick by Winterhill and co in just a matter of time; they will make you taste their hairy balls and wtf with Winterhill in not taking care of your blood line, it looks like they only want to win and for that if they have to blood 90§ version they will like really wtf kind of game is this?

Admins should ban wars up to 3 weeks of version at least so these fucktards can fix their shit

Yeah, great idea, lets ban wars from a maffia game!
Let's also ban every kind of crime too and rename the game to Sims Omerta.

But seriously;
I have used all my efforts to keep the game as fair as possible.
With the latest events, and complaints I have seen below, I believe that something needs to change.
Unfortunately I am not sure how and what, but I will discuss this internally with Kcode and Dot.

All feedback and suggestions are of course welcome, feel free to contact me at IRC of by a ingame message.

Like you would do something about it. You're the most corrupt here :). You guys akill cheaters, but also people who stayed playing for several versions and hadn't proofs to akill them. I know for good info, 2 akills 4 versions ago when they asked what was the limits of v5 to play, even sharing you the conversation with someone "inside" of your crew, you refused to revived cause still arguing you have had proofs. You all killed this game, specially you. Wp Righello, i hope atleast it was worth it :D. Kind regards ;).

If you have proof that I'm indeed corrupt, please contact Dot or Kcode, they will fix the crewkick!
Also keep in mind that every action we do as a crewmember is logged and we also signed a NDA with Omerta.

About your revive/akill story, we check and approve every akill and revive with multiply crewmembers (including Dot) so errors are excluded. Also this way we prevent corruption.