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15-09 Another big ass war
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10-09 Big ass war
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08-09 Supremacy ↔ Momentum
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08-09 First family down
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07-09 Admins vs Supremacy?
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07-09 First family up
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25-08 A word from the brave winners
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19-08 Troublesome closure of the version
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06-08 Exile of a blood
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15-09 Another big ass war
00:38:26 - 22-09
Anonymous at 20:55:36 on 21/09:
EP at 17:42:31 on 21/09:
Anonymous at 13:42:33 on 21/09:

Mate, come with figures from the start of this war or just fuck off. Also, Krays for some reason kicked 20 brugs and 20 chiefs or something in that region. They're all out there taking famless potshots. Maybe the reason was so you could come in here with really skewed numbers acting like you shot against some big pact, while really you outnumbered them by 2 to 1 or something like that?

You're doing fine though, killing 1 account at a time, while every 2 days about 10/20 get rekt in return.

Also why in the att/def column isn't the bluth side registered? There's been shot for 1620 points this war so far, supremacy side lost about 436 points, so the rest is you and your many many accounts dieing.

Not sure who I'm replying to here, but 90% it's one of my friends XD
Plz don't forget that I like you but:

By chief, Supremacy (A powerhouse in its own right) was blooded or pacted with:
Bluth, Hoogvliet, Tremps, Vicaria, Ndrangheta, Mesopotamia + sister fams?

Is that right? Did Kartello join later?

No one makes that many bloods in a small version, unless they're a pacter.

At that point the combined forces of the rest of the version didn't have a chance against you.

De-blooding Bluth didn't change that, and it didn't change your original intention to pact up this version.
You deblooded them after they + Krays/Peppers/Trapezia lost all their good accounts.

I wish I had the D-bot stats from the first war, because they were pretty ugly.
We were talking semi-seriously in our war chan that given how outnumbered we were, suiciding on each-other instead of the pact. It'd rob the pact of any satisfaction they'd get from an entirely unskillful version win.

You're currently pwning the shit out of us, that's true.
But then, pacts generally pwn the shit out of the rest of the version XD

Doubt you'd know me. First war was a reversal of this war, which was mostly the fault of the friends you chose, viddani/momentum getting killed early and outfit getting killed even earlier. When you're playing with Caliente you shouldn't be complaining about pacts anyway, they basically invented playing with more than half the version.

This war the roles were reversed and you had way more on your side than Supremacy who had deblooded bluth/hoogvliet and blooded kartello and ndrangheta(who for long barely had any highranks btw). Bit in poor taste to start whining now and pulling out highly skewed graphs after a week of war. But then again, it's boesmans, I'd expect no better. From you however I would.

yo guy.
they went as1 with kartello.
they blooded ndrangheta before fams went up.

after first war, supre+, cali/krays and bluth+ had more or less the same number of accounts.
you are however a complete retard in failing to see supremacy came out of first nearly undamaged (you know, because countering and not getting shot at) and cal/krays + bluth lost a shitload.

the first war was a direct cause of their lame gameplay and closing down of the version before any family was near of going up. feel free to whine at me, everybody who ranked this version know what you did. we know it, you know it, and your members know it (hence the hijack etc), your bullshitting of facts on here won't change that.

and there is no point in talking about what caliente did or didnt invent, only what they did this version. different (enemy) families like caliente-krays-bluth should ofc be teaming up to try and do something about the pact. there wouldnt be much of a version otherwise.
but again, this is directly caused by supre's style of play. no way krays-cali-sava-bluth would have teamed up if there wasnt one fam out there as1'ing and blooding all over. if you want proof of that, look at first war and tell us again how the original shooters+defenders were trying to totally lock up a version together.

15-09 Another big ass war
08:44:55 - 21-09
Anonymous at 07:35:01 on 21/09:
ites at 23:21:04 on 20/09:
Anonymous at 21:55:39 on 20/09:
how did supremacy get down. they had like 40+ local chiefs to take over the fam?

they made an hijacker successor :')

A hijacker they knew good and that had been with the fam several versions both as a member and capo earlier.
didn't know him well enough, then.
15-09 Another big ass war
23:21:04 - 20-09
Anonymous at 21:55:39 on 20/09:
how did supremacy get down. they had like 40+ local chiefs to take over the fam?

they made an hijacker successor :')
15-09 Another big ass war
17:53:15 - 20-09
the ratios were 2:1 5 hours ago in favor of supre :')
either that, or dbot is lying to me


i will grant you that peperss fam isnt counted in this screenshot, please forgive me
15-09 Another big ass war
17:23:40 - 20-09
Anonymous at 16:58:12 on 20/09:
ites at 14:07:01 on 20/09:
Calling these even ratios is absurd. But, sure, go ahead. Not sure how good a job they are doing considering the unbalanced top20 player list + massive dc sells etc.

I can't talk about other families, but supremacy approached krays 30min after bluth de-blood to blood bc "they were surrounded by enemies"


And then we didn't even talk about the 50+ assa+ akills, and the ones adminz most likely missed.

"if you can't beat the pact, be the pact" sums up supremacy pretty well.

Even 10-15 massive dc sellers, can't deal with a way larger amount of LC+ acounts rebirthing and suiciding.
Plus if you had a IQ above 10 which obviously you don't, you could see that Peppers+ numbers are higher than Supremacy+

and you should be looking at the numbers before krays/cali war vs bluth, and those before supre+ vs krays/cali/sava

and if 15+ dc sellers cant deal with LC+ suiciding, they maybe shouldnt fill their fams with dupes and look stronger than they actually are.

they had the accounts advantage, top20 advantage and brug advantage.

seems what you are really crying about is people actually reranking and not letting you steal a win with your massduped idiotic fams