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20-01 First Fam & Welcome onboard
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29-12 New year's resolutions
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28-12 The time has come
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28-12 Krays hijacked!
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27-12 Prestige vs Memberhill
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23-12 Kurosawa being shot
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General Comments & Major Rumors
14:21:34 - 14-01
Merton at 12:34:51 on 14/01:
Anonymous at 06:29:15 on 14/01:


There we have it. OB's most constructive criticism award goes too...
shut up bitch
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:17:47 - 05-01
redspeert is from the syrian arab republic because this site says so and this website would not lie to us.

this means he's a goatfucker like my buddy kareem. no offense

29-12 New year's resolutions
12:04:39 - 01-01
Solstice at 10:13:41 on 01/01:
Anonymous at 23:16:29 on 31/12:
Critycal at 18:09:54 on 31/12:
Crane at 12:09:33 on 31/12:
I just wonder why do not Siberia and Winterhill play in the same version. I mean, when 1 does, the other goes "afk" and vice versa.
It would really increase some of the fun this game already had. Nowadays, it's a shame wasting time in here.

Have you even watched the last few versions? We've been reranking 3-4 times in each version the last few months and kept getting shot no matter if other families/sides were bigger.
In v4, playing multiple versions actively after each other wasn't much of an issue, since you'd be done half of the times if you died in the first war, but in v5 this costs shitloads of money, time and DCs to keep it up (especially seeing as our lovely bloods Timeless didn't give us any of the money from the spots they took over from us when we died, thus resulting in having to send bm from sold DCs) that we simply don't have
or don't want to spend on a textgame at the moment. We told Winterhill that we'd go up last 2 versions and would stop again for a while after the last one, but you can't blame up for not going all out 3 versions in a row.

so when are you going up you whiny little bitch? probably never... since you dont have the courage to play properly anymore ^^

Hi boesmans, happy newyear.
told you already, i don't post anon... so, no.
happy ny to you too!
28-12 Krays hijacked!
22:40:18 - 28-12
Anonymous at 22:37:28 on 28/12:
ites at 22:28:39 on 28/12:
Anonymous at 22:19:34 on 28/12:
krays is hijacked and what does boesmans do? look look they had it too 2 versions ago!
shit fam
no ofcourse not. merely reacting to lies. i didnt bring their hijack up bitch, read up. you can read right?
Glad to see you're still completely ignoring the subject, trying to slag it off by referring to things that happened months ago. Why don't you just ignore crit, who you obviously consider a drug addict suffering from short-term memory loss, and make a statement about this version?
It would suit you better than the salty approach you're taking right now, and have been taking for the last few versions.
i have nothing to say to you. i dont owe you a thing. the people we owe an explanation know where to find us :)
28-12 Krays hijacked!
22:29:25 - 28-12
Saros`away at 22:06:57 on 28/12:

"In the end, Montenegro and Balance were both hijacked. Both families now under the control of their enemies - Aeterna, Gambino, & Horde."

Hello? :(

it's the drugs mate. he forgets. dont blame him