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18-11 War!
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16-11 When lego gets boring
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14-11 To mine, or not to mine.
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12-11 Baltimore Conclusion
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06-11 Out of Time ?
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05-11 Little Late Don't You Think..?
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01-11 Baltimore Trouble
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31-10 Getting Drowned With Force
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30-10 The End of a Succession
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General Comments & Major Rumors
19:39:50 - 17-11
Ok folks, it's the weekend... so, who's shooting who? Who's being true and who don't even care anymore?
06-11 Out of Time ?
17:01:24 - 10-11
Anonymous at 16:56:29 on 10/11:
For Critycal,

1) We didnt hire on Siberia (our blood) but You hired and shot ur own blood, but You didnt stab 'as always', we stabbed
2) You won the HoF with shooting ur own blood, but You played a fair game 'as always' and that was not for HoF, we were dirty, we wanted HoF soooo badly
3) You were #1 position just for 1 day may be 2, but ofc You deserved the win and you can shoot ur blood
4) We shot the #1 fam Vizzini (Anarchy) in first war (the biggest one), and You didnt shoot in first war, but ofc You deserved the win cos we shot shit fams (sorry guys)
5) We shot Phoenix, Provenzano, Trafficante and Enforie (i cant remember all and respect to all of them), but You did everything, we just shot in safe wars

After all, You must be right Critycal

(So sorry again)

How many akills did Maraz suffer and, of those, how many were top accounts?
06-11 Out of Time ?
19:14:20 - 09-11
Merton mkII at 18:55:50 on 09/11:
Fuck me. We need a bloody good relationship counsellor in here...

And a like button. Your post is underrated.
General Comments & Major Rumors
02:03:00 - 07-11
Anonymous at 01:40:57 on 07/11:
I am retired since 3 versions ago but i saw a small family getting a couple of good versions in the last ones called Assassino. Don't know them personally to be honest, i just follow OBN to see what's going on. But i am agreed, small families are so far more funny than big ones, atleast no cheaters in the middle. Greets!

Assassino is a good family :) Had lots of fun with them.
06-11 Out of Time ?
00:13:14 - 07-11
ites at 00:09:07 on 07/11:
suppressor at 00:07:00 on 07/11:
eskurza at 00:01:04 on 07/11:
Bruce i suggest you not to try that hard to look innocent because it looks fucking funny. You were the one telling us if anyone from paramount take a shot at you consider me as a backstabber in out blood channel . But at least you were not lying cause u are a fucking backstabber and these accusations wont change that. You are the ones who are shooting without debloding us and still put the blame on others. You will be remembered as backstabbers in omerta history. I am not even talking about the shit fam sib .

Would you please stop posting and just die (in the game, not RL because, well, I'd feel really bad for wishing that on you) already? Jeeze... I'm still very upset with you for killing me in BF during the first war. That was extremely impolite (translation: not nice).

and somehow you manage to stay friendly towards a cheater who killed you in BF :/ how do you do it

Two reasons:

1) I remember that it's just a game.
2) They are about to be dead soon... just like me.