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Desperate times & Blocked road
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21-01 Peak-A-Boo
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20-01 First Fam & Welcome onboard
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29-12 New year's resolutions
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28-12 The time has come
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28-12 Krays hijacked!
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27-12 Prestige vs Memberhill
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23-12 Kurosawa being shot
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General Comments & Major Rumors
15:39:50 - 02-01
Anonymous at 11:12:02 on 31/12:
Anonymous at 09:25:00 on 31/12:
Anonymous at 02:26:59 on 31/12:
From: Laile
Type: Family
Sent: 30-Dec @ 21:14:09
Hey all together o/

The Version will not end tomorrow cz we get 5 Akill's.
As you know tomorrow is New Year and there is Kill Protection and we can't start
the timer again. So we must wait till 02.01.2018. And we will start the Timer than again.
We request all of you to ceep your Sluggs run
And don't start a new Fam it willexlend the Version.
On Tuesday we will have a clean up and start the Timer again.

Enjoy your Game and have a nice Evening (^.^)

hahahah that bitch is crying and begging for that star xD
what a DON and TOP we got over the time in this game..

ooo omerta what happen to you :(
She probably willget shot 2th of januar
It doesn't matter, the admins won't give them stars even if they create a new family

Yes they will. The akills are tied to a family ID. If a family has 5+ akills, they can change the name of the family, create a new family with the old name, and that new family can win because there will be no akills tied to the ID. It's how the admins get around having to actually punish the cheaters.
General Comments & Major Rumors
21:52:47 - 19-12
Reset pushhhhh at 21:27:34 on 19/12:
Darkwalkers, Deathproof, Infezione, Jitem, Krays, Memberhill, Mit, Motisi, Pentagram, Pentahouse, Summerhill, Whitewalkers, Winterhill, prestige,kurosawa=15 fams reset it nice vers

I'd like to wish everyone who is NOT a member of one of those families listed above a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll be back sometime in 2018.
13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
14:58:57 - 14-12
Critycal at 12:33:17 on 14/12:
Cmon waby, don't act like this.
Talking about DB like this is bullshit. DB told you he'd be happy to receive you in the last few versions where he would have an equal support (us playing) to have some balance in the game and have a fair war.
You guys knew we would only play a few versions and then retire again, as we've told multiple of your tops.
The moment we retire you return and talk shit about people like this.
Don't get me wrong, it's nothing personal towards you guys and it's more the fams that keep sucking your dicks to blame here, but this was never supposed to be an even or honorable version for anyone. You can act like it is but it really isn't. There's no glory in beating the remaining 35% if you make up the other 65%, bloodlines and as1s included (lets not even start about the secret Motisi <-> Pentagram as1, making them bloods to you aswell while planning on the other side).
I have heard the exact same story as you about JG's birthday, that you were challenged to play and that you said you would come with 500 members, but that was more than half a year ago, and you stayed away all the time until now.
You won this war, you won this version, congratulations, honestly. But now don't start acting like it was a huge achievement.
Again, nothing personal, it's just that there's no reason to be smug about all this when you had to do basically no effort at all since the game was decided the moment you took more than 1 blood after you've got multiple families to play inside you already.

DB played his part here and did whatever he could in his impossible mission where plain suicide was the only viable option, since the majority is either blooded, as1 or leaking to you.

Most underrated comment in this entire thread.
General Comments & Major Rumors
05:36:59 - 14-12
Anonymous at 06:09:49 on 13/12:
Omg suppressor .. do you ever stop!? Shit man.

Why? I have so many friends here. They say such nice things about me, so I feel obligated to stay and play :)
General Comments & Major Rumors
05:35:07 - 14-12
Anonymous at 19:09:35 on 13/12:
Anonymous at 18:41:10 on 13/12:
suppressor at 16:37:42 on 13/12:
No worries for WH. They know the corrupt admins will rez them all once the war is done.
Why your baby assassino isnt shooting on winterhill now? Talking is much easier than act right? You are just a fun here nothing all.
All talks no action, pretending to know it all and meanwhile do nothing. You like to keep referring to things that happened 3 days ago when, being connected to amost every side, you managed to survive a bit. If you want to prove your worth i suggest you take some action now before this version is over.

LOL, I have no power to ask any family to shoot anyone. I'm just a member of a family this version and last. :)