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General Comments & Major Rumors
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22-05 Kerberossa - V5.5 Version winner!
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16-05 Wrap Up!
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16-05 Stracci -VS- Colony
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14-05 CA-GO Morra Dispute!
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13-05 Clean-up on aisle 4!
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12-05 Stab denied
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09-05 Cleaning out the garage
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08-05 Viddani under fire!
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07-05 Hour of Deathly Hallows!
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08-05 Viddani under fire!
21:44:35 - 09-05
Giddiness at 11:01:51 on 09/05:
You are a big on words but not so much on actions. You can have whatever reasons you want(made up or not) but seeing you go this low for a voucher is really sad. Make sure to use it well.

Having worked with Soty as bloods on several versions, I can honestly say you are way off base. Soty is a great blood, as long as you remember what it is to be a blood and you don't try to undermine him in the process. If you try to screw him or his family over, you get what you ask for. If you work together consistently and honestly, you'll find that he's one of the better bloods to have in the game.

You'd do well to learn what it means to be a true blood.
General Comments & Major Rumors
13:55:06 - 23-04
dark at 11:50:00 on 23/04:
I didnt say we are invulnurable. Even war? You mean totally gangbang? Ye i have been in there. The good part is we adopted the playing style and used it against our enemy. Last part if there is anyone who can challange us in one & one, we accept challanges. Just dont cry when u see infezione is not ur fam its other one blabla thing. We are retired for good i believe. Because it was killing dead game. Some part of us (winterhill) wants to play, they can play. But as anarchy we do not see any reason. In old times there were big alliances and maybe better fams. You know everything changes in time. Noone can know what would happen if Anarchy and other old fams back in the game. I am sure we could count as big power house and can win. U cant compare fams and we also used old connections from other old power houses. In this game, colloboration and diplomacy are the main powers which lead u to win and we found good fams to cover us. Its ur idea and i cant change it since u already give ur decision about us. One idea will not change anything for me. We were and we still are big powerhouse and nobody can deny it. Ciao ciao

This game really IS dead. Last version was the first on in years where I didn't even create an account and it was amazing how much I didn't miss it. All it has devolved to is 1 huge side, 1 large side and some stragglers, and whoever's not in the huge side spends their time whining and calling people names. There are a lot of angry people in this game now.

If the game is still around in October, I'll play a version. Until then, I'll be streaming on Twitch.tv.
07-04 Drowning
05:01:34 - 09-04
Just out of curiosity, what fam/fams formed Latitante?
22-03 Round #2
16:34:42 - 23-03
Kskforever Natarelli Founder
As Natarelli we are the only fam in omerta who had NO blood no alliance no secret agreements. at the begining of version both two sides offered us blood or to close version together but we always said we are neutral.. every night both two pacts called us messaged us if we are shooting them or not.. we didnt want to be part or shooter of an alliance.. we didnt take any crossblood.. if we were acc lovers like some fams we would close version for sure and this vers would end in 2 weeks.. we wanted bring this dead game a balance wanted to make a third side to bring fun like old times.we still didnt choose any side we just shot cuz we wanted.. not for someone.. We are an oldschool fam and we dont like pussy alliances. From now on everybody will remember Natarelli as a brave fam who organised a war against 3 times bigger alliance.
we will be back 10 years later again..

Latitante is getting shot by Natarelli, Pentagram, Viddani, Kurosawa and Krays.

I call bullshit on you, Ksk. You claim to be a brave family that organized a war against an alliance, but all you appear to have done is organize an alliance against a single family. I'm not playing this version, so I don't know all the dynamics of it, but your top statement completely contradicts the facts presented in the war description. Which is true? Methinks the war story is true and you're a coward trying to be a lion.

General Comments & Major Rumors
21:02:18 - 19-02
Anonymous at 21:43:04 on 18/02:
Yeap the new generation of winners. Every child gets a medal just for participating.

Aetleviassa was it.

A way to be remembered. We couldn't win alone but united as 3 with about 15 families we overpowered this one family we don't like.

I also remember Aeterna stabbed a blood that version also.

Maybe Aetleviorde can be the name that closes the version this time. As long as Aet is at the beggining of the word cant have it be Levihordeaet or Hordeaetlevi.

As a top in Assa at the time, I see things differently. We did not 'fuck' Siberia, since we were never blooded to them. In fact, we had word that we were going to be shot by them soon, since we had a disagreement about the handling of the death of one of their members who hadn't logged in for more than a week.

If my memory serves me right, we were supposed to be As1 to Phoenix, but they got shot out of the game early and we were left scrambling for bloods. Being ex-Psychonymous and remembering that Psycho and Aeterna had a good relationship in the past, I approached Saros and we were soon blooded to Aeterna and Predator's family. Most of Levi was in our family re-ranking, and they formed in Detroit after the Siberia war.

As for Siberia that version, they were going to die either way. The 2 major non-Sib alliances had no desire to see a Pony win. Predator made that clear when he and Yurina would chat.

Our reason for shooting Siberia was for survival. Not to 'fuck' them. One thing people tend to forget is that our 3 family alliance had to defeat 2 much larger alliances, who were semi-allied, as well as some treacherous bloods (Gaybino anyone?).