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19-03 Horde under fire!
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18-03 NSA broken..
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15-03 Plating war day two
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14-03 Plating war thread
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11-03 Pre-plating summary
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27-02 First families!
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31-01 The big bang
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18-03 NSA broken..
16:27:54 - 19-03
DeathBase at 13:01:49 on 19/03:
Anonymous at 12:21:35 on 19/03:
DeathBase at 11:56:49 on 19/03:
Hi this is DeathBase.

Owner and sefir of Detroit.

Raped many butts, fucked huge pacts and have won lots of versions with many names.

Shield war is not related with past nor any of those stuff . I am just sad for those kids who unnecessaryl make a childish move in public.

I still wont reply and still wont give an offical testament about the issue. I only can say its all Lisandro's fault.

Like i said before "Her seçiş bir vazgeçiştir kardeşim".

Hope he will be happy with the most tricky sneaky and log sharer cunts in omerta history.

Fuck you all those anony bitches.

I wont even bother myself to find which idiots you are. Probably i fucked you too, hard before.

I will be around to answer any decent questions and stuff.


Cheers o/

I remember how you whined like a childish bitch when we "stabbed" you, your words because it wasn't a stab. We warned you for your plan to be a huge mistake, it was meant for failure. Yet you were too stubborn, too blind, too stoned, too wasted, too high on your ego, to proud to consider our warnings as legit and a base for further cooporation IF you wouldn't follow that dumb plan. Not our fault we didn't see any use of helping you at that time, there was nothing we had to do for you since there was nothing but friendly talking with the intention for further cooperation. Seen the ways you act towards friends, we made a great judgement call to not follow. When a star comes in sight you seem to be no different than 99% of the players, you become horny for it and you do stupid shit and you get shit thrown at you for that. Deal with it like a man, since you claim to be such a badass.

olla dangerangel how is life treating you lately, liar stabber bitch? long time no see o/

i am absolutely different than %99 of the players for sure and i never go horny about the stars thing. this is the most famous topic between all my members and crews. they go mad about. as a matter of fact i am the no:1 player on the list who gave the most stars away to his bloods and friends instead taking it for himself. And noone claimed or stole shields any star with this move btw. Because they had none. Noone make such a deal with them.

So not surprisingly you are wrong one more time. Keep talking without any wisdom nor knowledge.

Hiding in anony names, quitting the game to avoid butt rape but writing posinious and empty words has become a trade mark for you. gratzie with this.

Hi this is dangerangel`.
Owner and sefir of... blah bla blah.

I rarely comment on here, but when I do, I own my name.

And to be honest I logged in just to say: Its statement bro, not testament.
I do agree with the said above from anon dude (who is indeed from Delorio) with the small add from my side - you might not be horny for stars, but you sure as hell are horny for DCs and omerta money, you cute little beggar you.
Time to move on Debbie, Im not playing... dont let the past keep you moist. :)

Cheers o/
04-09 Cleanup on aisle one!
21:29:10 - 05-09
Snooker at 17:24:50 on 05/09:
gsbaba at 17:23:33 on 05/09:
Anonymous at 17:20:42 on 05/09:
Critycal at 15:31:28 on 05/09:
Newsflash; while desperately looking for families that aren't blooded to them, Ontario figured shooting the #14 ranked Petronas family was the only remaining option.
Newsflash; please do your self a favor and get a life #9 wins, #5 coms, #dm #nl. Who the fuck gives a fuck and who the fuck do you think you are. go wash your ass fucking pussy
dont talk to my son like that!
didnt know you were an orospu
Hi, someone called for me?
28-03 The Corona Round
12:39:03 - 28-03
DeathBase at 12:34:56 on 28/03:
okay amk

Hello my love, how's life treating you? :D
29-08 There was a firefight!
11:12:03 - 31-08
Critycal at 10:59:21 on 31/08:
Show me a few stabs that happened in the last, let's say, 2 years.
Me in the heart ;(
07-02 Boredom & War
11:32:25 - 08-02
Keeley at 01:34:06 on 08/02:
your bored cause you "play like douchebags"
you can quote me
You're *