Thursday - November 23rd - 2017
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20-11 Reset!
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18-11 War!
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16-11 When lego gets boring
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14-11 To mine, or not to mine.
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12-11 Baltimore Conclusion
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06-11 Out of Time ?
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05-11 Little Late Don't You Think..?
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01-11 Baltimore Trouble
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31-10 Getting Drowned With Force
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06-11 Out of Time ?
10:52:29 - 07-11
Weak, mby Iam yeah? But you post anonymous. So Prolly not that weak
06-11 Out of Time ?
10:14:35 - 07-11
So just to confirm - pentg/Adolf did betray me with timeless. Link Crit please shot them. Ty for a Good friendship Adolf xD Lol
General Comments & Major Rumors
12:59:51 - 19-09
Anonymous at 12:28:49 on 19/09:
Asso will backstap Levi tonight 20 OT!

With help from Goldenarmy
12-09 Wake me up when September ends.
21:13:07 - 15-09
Anonymous at 18:42:13 on 15/09:
I called you a puppet, not a puppy :p

I value loyalty, but only when it's deserved. After that it does move from loyalty to blind following.

You guys started out good, now you're just being used for other fams purposes instead of following your own.

That's fine if you have no aspirations of your own, makes you a great blood to gave that does all you ask without complaining.
some dont give a fuck for hof.. And iam 1 of them, just wanna have fun ! Call me dog or whatever. You clearly dont know me, or know word of loyalty as long you're bloods gives you the same in return
13-09 Lucchese ↔ Mesopotamia
19:02:40 - 15-09
Eliza at 18:48:10 on 15/09:
Onetwo at 15:46:46 on 15/09: well now i can respond, @yurina you came to ME twice, second time, i steped in, what fuerte the first time decide was his choice, and indeed havoc was still killing assasinos, and me and vanguard try to avoid that he got shot, and it was not 24 hours later is was less

then vanguard shot havoc offline and died, still dont know why, before that fuerte shot delano with 3 attack bgs and he died(delano).


Grieg shot me online in Detroit while I was waiting for travel to shoot Fuerte that was in Chicago, what is with people saying they shot me offline?

And stop saying "Havoc" killed this family or that family and was on a GF rampage or whatever... I didn't accomplish anything alone, Montenegro and Balance members were right there with me all along, no matter how long it took people to leave SH and how messed up the hours were.

They shot from work, they shot from phones, they shot in the middle of the night, they shot knowing it was almost impossible for us to make it out alive, and no one ever stopped or made excuses, and when someone died they didn't leave, they stayed and helped make those long hours fun.

No one makes successful wars alone, no matter how strong they might be.

I won't bother correcting things around here anymore, but try to get your facts straight before claiming something, just for accuracy's sake.

Now let's go back to the real world and enjoy the weekend!