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06-01 Reset announcement, bugfixes & updates
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18-12 Pow pow pow
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17-12 Marazzino under attack
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14-12 Plating ends, time for a massacre!!
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14-12 The pre-plating morning
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14-12 The pre-plating night
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12-12 Another Outfit article...
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07-12 Another one bites the dust
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18-12 Pow pow pow
20:15:13 - 22-12
Nier|AFK at 19:51:27 on 22/12:
KGfather at 19:23:57 on 20/12:
Anonymous at 12:32:14 on 20/12:
Lusa peeps too eager to deny the cheating.. come on, you guys can't without cheats. Doesn't matter, you aren't the only one. But after 15(or more) versions nonstop akills for mass dupes with 1-5% ontime, no irc, no profile or all same profile. I can imagine the hard work it takes to make it look like an actual person, but you never cared to even try and hide it. Funny to complain again and again. Oh, and 5 powerhouses with massive amounts of bullets and money on the other side.. funny how it's suddenly all legit, right! I know you are having lines with crew, it has been admitted by a main Lusa top in a moment of blind rage (after receiving a bunch of akills, again). Anyway, doesn't matter seen the current boring state of the game, anyone can win these versions without having to face a proper challenge!

you know nothing Jon Snow


Lusa++++++ winning a version says enough about the overall quality of the current state this game is in. Still a bit sad to see, always enjoyed playing the game before it became fucking retarded, it went down really fast.


(Epstein didn't kill himself!)

at least its nothing like such "aetleviassa" or any other "asdghsgadh" faggotry!
18-12 Pow pow pow
16:52:00 - 21-12
rafaz at 14:52:45 on 21/12:
gratz kings muito bom ver esses nabos todos a sentirem o poder da verdadeira war machine

grande abraço do vosso puto irritante e boas festas :)
18-12 Pow pow pow
11:02:57 - 20-12
Anonymous at 08:10:34 on 20/12:
gsbaba at 19:01:00 on 18/12:
Its quite funny for Malavitta tbh. Difference stabbed them couple of versions ago and stole the win from them. Yet they took them blood again and they tried to stab them again.
yea they always stab as like ''pkk'' terrorist organization. they like to become betray cuz they re supporter of the pkk irl.
such a primitive way of thinking. you cant just call them pkk supporters just because they are kurds. They had turkish nationalists like kul-tigin in their fam. stab itself is a different matter which they paid the price of it but accusing them for being terrorist(supporters) is just stupid.
18-12 Pow pow pow
13:12:09 - 18-12
hope spectators enjoyed it too. i'm not gonna explain what happened that time or this time, but for our part, i can say we enjoyed this round a lot and i think we brought some real action to .com again. thanks everyone who participated, allies and rivals both.

-you can use it for a top statement-
General Comments & Major Rumors
04:03:21 - 07-12
Kapow at 00:29:24 on 07/12:
Diamante at 16:11:27 on 06/12:
Kapow at 09:46:06 on 06/12:
Diamante at 12:14:38 on 05/12:
rk9 at 23:07:30 on 04/12:
gratz outfit on winning this round's hall of shame
Historian is here?
Yes, for a while. Where re you? Still not playing and being mean to people around obn? :D
Yes, for a while. It gives me purpose in life.
Nice. I ll give it a shot myself too then