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General Comments & Major Rumors
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30-11 About DCs For Turkey (Replies Are Allowed)
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26-11 Welcome to Round #34
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23-11 Reset announcement
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15-11 Congratulations Ontario!
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12-11 War
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09-11 Insurrection
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07-11 The Betrayal Suicide
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Tension in Las Vegas !
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21-10 First family!
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23-11 Reset announcement
10:53:07 - 23-11
Anonymous at 10:03:16 on 23/11:
- Factory only produces if the average activity of the family is higher than 65%.
useless one. except 2-3 family none will see + %65 activity at their fam. activity isnt for omerta. your playerbase 30-50yo. please stop make this game so complicated. you cant bring new players. so dont make quit old ones.

"We can't wait to see family or group strategies to weaken “monster” accounts."
lol. they are kidding with us. people were expect remove honor points from account str. i already see chat msgs "selling dhps pm with offer"

Fairer Nick a Car
good one.

Family Rankings
another useless one. just remove plating. i remember some small family tops were cry here. when admins bring plating they were happy about it. then what? i dont see them anymore at game. retired. because they cant shoot even single bullet when plating drop. rekt by powerhouses. no more surprises, no more organise wars. hope admins will disable kill page soon. its better for all :)

Well said, changes are still something which means admins trying things yet first you have to deal with the elephant in the room. #1 priority change is removing plating for good then you can make some experiments on the game. Why do you ignore the community I don't really get it, I don't think there is any fam that wants to keep the game it is and would be much happier and into the game, if the changes have been made how it's supposed to be.
General Comments & Major Rumors
01:37:50 - 13-11
Anonymous at 21:04:37 on 12/11:
I started playing this version about 10 days ago. This is my first version after about 10 years. I can't believe how much better this game was 10+ years ago and how many more people played this game, I think it was often a minimum of 10k + ... I don't know how you could fuck it up like this, my opinion because of the money, who has the money and pay more 99% wins, that is, money wins, not skills, resourcefulness, tactics and much more. I am very disappointed with what I see today ... Although a game like this will forever remain in the top 3 in my heart, maybe even the top 1.
Big respect for everyone and best regards

imho things needs to be fixed are clear;

1- remove platting
2- forbidden dc farming or dcs only avaiable for lackeys even those you sell in obay.

that will balance the game politics by game itself, pacting and war time(plating) will not be certain and increase options for gameplay of families. This is how it is, this is how it must be done and we been saying that for long.

Or at least you might take lessons from previous versions and observe how its game develop, this v5 even not allowing the casual playing and force people to playhard and eventually doesnt hit total playerbase. Would be fine to bring late v4 for exceptional(special) version to see how people react. Ingame chat also killed the community, irc used to be one of the main reason why people like this game. And accounts used to mean something instead of beasts meanwhile beast also were important. Balance is the key, you have to be observing and take lessons to provide sustanibility. Otherwise, even when you miss to play omerta, you wouldnt bother to play in empty rounds or game that doesnt provide what it used to be good at back in the time.

Interview with Righello
11:14:07 - 10-09
Seems like the marketing speech from Righello referred to "Company" because we all know the fact that the game isn't going anywhere good so far. Regardless of giving too much hope, still good to hear that some things will change eventually. Hopefully, new ownership brings decent mgt so would be nice to play in fun/crowded rounds in few times in a year tho.

Thanks Karmi for the questions aswell.
General Comments & Major Rumors
06:34:46 - 28-04
Anonymous at 01:11:33 on 28/04:

woaaa so racist

That was a figure of the speech, which meant to make soup to clean our hands from the blood (this is also related with ingame speech just fyi) of the targets which is clearly not pointed into the specific group may cause any misunderstanding of discrimination not even need to underline that is nothing with the race. The real problem is people shouldn’t name their families anything related with religion, race etc. Because, when they make fun of that its not really humor “like spend/farm bucks like jew” which is actually abusive and shouldn’t be allowed as freedom of speech, we do not promote racism here but seems like decisions of naming families like that may cause directly/indirectly abuse the topic. There is no point to bring comments into something dark or try to present something irrelevant.
General Comments & Major Rumors
19:43:06 - 28-01
Anonymous at 17:31:28 on 28/01:
Witch family`s are Imperiums sister fams, since imperium only have brugs now.