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15-01 Double hijack
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15-01 Brutal, savage, REKT
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13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
Comments: 156 - Views: 5,814 - Votes: 3
11-01 Herres ↔ Latitante
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08-01 War!
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06-01 The onslaught continues
Comments: 88 - Views: 3,020 - Votes: 3
05-01 More trouble in NY
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05-01 Chainreaction
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04-01 Cyka blyat!
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15-01 Brutal, savage, REKT
20:47:44 - 15-01
YouTube video
13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
17:31:47 - 15-01
cove at 17:24:29 on 15/01:
Solstice at 16:34:00 on 15/01:
Anonymous at 16:12:10 on 15/01:
Anonymous at 09:40:28 on 15/01:
grigory and slack wanna comment on ur FAIL? xD
fail on not choosing to stab? you might not like them but lusa is the only big fam that doesnt stab so easily


hue hue hue hue
13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
11:06:59 - 14-01
Critycal at 11:02:48 on 14/01:
Anonymous at 10:34:10 on 14/01:
It is so sad that backstabbing became a regular thing in this game. And the ones that were backstabbed are called stupid or ametour.
Why? Is anyone forcing them to blood families that can't be trusted?
When you have families that stab every round, why would you be surprised? Just stop blooding these idiots and you solve the problem, but that's too hard to figure out for these dumbshit tops it seems..

only.. it's only game. why you heff to be mad?
13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
09:21:21 - 14-01
Achille at 20:42:50 on 13/01:
Berk at 20:23:05 on 13/01:
(23:18:05) <Berk> Next to Ascension (stabbing) shooting their blood Lusa, they've asked Cosanostra and Resilience to shoot at Persico
(23:18:12) <Berk> where you have this info ?
(23:18:17) <Berk> cuz not true at all
(23:18:25) <Berk> did you ask cosa/resi tops?
(23:19:08) <LL> I dunno it was Achille that posted that
(23:19:50) <LL> /q Achille
(23:19:54) <LL> I am just there to ban ppl

Really Achille? You are using your position to be harmful. You can hate me but this way just pathetic :)

None of reporters allowed to make fake reports here. None!
I agree a 100% with you, luckily I don't make fake reports. Amk stop crying and deal with the fact that you are known as a stabber. Have a nice day and wipe off the tears.
isn't it funny when achille calls someone a stabber and it's actually true
08-01 War!
00:13:36 - 12-01
Anonymous at 15:05:08 on 11/01:
Ocarina - The best reporter in Omerta History. He writes only the truth.

Ascension + Lusa + Persico > They afraid each other for now. Lusa will gone first. Who will be second?

Persico - They want to find a guilty but they are loser and cowards for sure.

Persicosy - Candycrush fam for making satisfy.

Ascension - Fighting with his Girls from another fams. They are waiting like a guard dog.

Ascensio - Horde open ticket for Siverek players for taking Top3 from them. Dirty but ok.

Cosanostra - Best fam in this version.

Latitante - Zizusky & Snooker's fam. They took first day detroit poker income and gave the fam to db. They changed game money for real money. Other fams were scared except Templars.

Lusa - Other fams open tickets for them. Apparently they are playing this time!

Achille - Ultra c0py paster. He needs Guardashians ultra noob sweety Kapow for future. Its ok.

Kapow - The best l0ser. He cant fight like a real man or he cant backstab someone. He makes leaks and try to find a guilty with using Omerta Beyond. In the end, he died. Simply the best!

Omerta Beyond: You see here, what reporters wanna show. Not reality most of topics are manipulation. Reporters have afraid to show it fast if they dont like. When its shameful for Kapow or another reporters (because they are playing too), they are closing the subject. It's like Kapow and his friends personal website nothing with Omerta. If Kapow die, he dont want to show it fast. If he win, first page. You are a reporter here but in your real life a piece of shit. If you cant be equal here, go home, and f*ck your self as you are satisfty enough.

Please don't be disturbed. Keep doing what you did in the past. But if you keep lying, we'il f*ck you all :D
solidarity brother