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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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06-01 Reset announcement, bugfixes & updates
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18-12 Pow pow pow
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17-12 Marazzino under attack
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14-12 Plating ends, time for a massacre!!
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14-12 The pre-plating morning
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14-12 The pre-plating night
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12-12 Another Outfit article...
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07-12 Another one bites the dust
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07-12 Hijack attempts and local wars
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General Comments & Major Rumors
20:03:12 - 27-12
MurderInc at 19:25:03 on 27/12:
The Reall Ocarina at 09:21:34 on 27/12:
Anonymous at 08:07:48 on 27/12:
MurderInc at 00:21:16 on 27/12:
Plebadmins can now reset versions/logger stats, so go nag them instead of me if they're not doing it. Merry Yuletide.

OB has been sold to omerta ltd?

How can one sell a website who is as one with Omerta LTD?
*secret as1.
18-12 Pow pow pow
13:01:01 - 22-12
ites at 12:48:04 on 22/12:

lusa guyzzzz pls stop posting anon, we know it is you.

I would prefer Lusa's anon posting all day rather than outfidiots and winterhill/anarchy tops flexing about how good their gameplay is.
18-12 Pow pow pow
19:39:38 - 20-12
KGfather at 19:31:15 on 20/12:
Anonymous at 12:32:14 on 20/12:
Lusa peeps too eager to deny the cheating.. come on, you guys can't without cheats. Doesn't matter, you aren't the only one. But after 15(or more) versions nonstop akills for mass dupes with 1-5% ontime, no irc, no profile or all same profile. I can imagine the hard work it takes to make it look like an actual person, but you never cared to even try and hide it. Funny to complain again and again. Oh, and 5 powerhouses with massive amounts of bullets and money on the other side.. funny how it's suddenly all legit, right! I know you are having lines with crew, it has been admitted by a main Lusa top in a moment of blind rage (after receiving a bunch of akills, again). Anyway, doesn't matter seen the current boring state of the game, anyone can win these versions without having to face a proper challenge!

Gimme your Phone number, your irc name and discord and i can invite you for all ! next version you can play with us and you will see, with your own eyes, the army of dupes in action. We are in a 4 win streak on .pt version and our enemys there are used to say the same when they lose. anyway... some of them are with us now and they already knew the army of dupes. ill Welcome you, come :D
Gimme your phone number, your irc name and discord so I can teach you guys how to dupe
07-12 Another one bites the dust
15:34:37 - 10-12
Kapow at 11:50:52 on 09/12:
Actually Siberia as most "cheater" fam might be close to factual need to check my stats.

But for akills.. Even Snooker has had more akills then Siberia.

fuck you

Anonymous at 10:53:12 on 10/12:
Outfit celebrating killing siberia swindlers and assas xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

at least this time they didnt hitlist them for 80mil, I see the improvement
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:08:57 - 30-10
Solstice at 16:30:02 on 30/10:
Snooker at 15:42:27 on 30/10:
Solstice at 10:20:35 on 30/10:
Snooker at 10:16:00 on 30/10:
Anonymous at 23:19:01 on 29/10:
Snooker at 18:35:53 on 29/10:
ites at 16:34:57 on 29/10:
Anonymous at 16:31:43 on 29/10:
so how many new players registered since the changes started? I really wonder on this since their excuse for the changes was attracting more players

where they at?
changes dont kill the game. pacting turks do.
<3 for all non-pacting turks tho
don't <3 me ever again kk hond
Snorkel, arent you italian?
no, I am a turkish pizza lover

I thought everyone knew honestly ;(

You're not relevant enough mate.
I wish I failed enough suicides on separate fams to be known as much as you mate.

If failures were fame you'd be as well known as Donald Trump mate.
You mean Donald Duck? 🙄