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General Comments & Major Rumors
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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22-07 Plating War
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20-01 Its raining money!
18:51:26 - 21-01
Saros`away at 18:32:44 on 20/01:
Rix at 18:28:07 on 20/01:
Anonymous at 18:24:52 on 20/01:
counselor at 18:03:55 on 20/01:
Anonymous at 17:39:55 on 20/01:
The reason they seems to do anything is because they're working on a new layout for Omerta.

Ror a hot-dog stand...

I got a better one!

-Commite a Crime- in the left, under the gun xD

*commit :')

What about "you can do a crime right a way".

It was probably better if they just used Lorem Ipsum for their mockups xD

"Extorse A Kindergarten"

And what about the background wallpaper, it's mafia II xD
09-01 Omerta's New Year's Resolution
18:59:14 - 10-01
Anonymous at 14:28:56 on 10/01:
Problem is the fucking community, only thing that should matter is shooting and killing and who's strongest. Not who will win the version and which fam will have highest points at thr end of the version. You should rank, shoot, die/stay alive and then repeat this cycle. Who the fuck cares about who will end first at the end, for me there is no satisfaction in that. For me the satisfaction lies at shooting, killing and the chaos war brings. Wether you get owned and have to safehouse/travelmfast rebuy or train bodyguards, or get a clean shot and shoot a smaller, weaker family every day with small losses doesnt matter. 20 vs 10 aint fun. 2 vs 1, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2.. Is much more fun.

That would be a bit like:

/playomerta {
if ($bullets >= 60k) goto steptwo
else goto stepone
if ($backfire == survived) goto steptwo
else goto stepthree

but it's kinda more like:
if ($wartype == gangbang) goto steptwo
else /hugandfingerscrossed
goto stepthree
if ($gangbangwar == win) goto stepthree
else /feelashamed
if ($hugging == successful)
/claim versionwin

Don't know why it popped up but it seems true to me xD
General Comments & Major Rumors
20:20:05 - 03-01
The so called first pacts(back in the old days) introduced the pacting indeed. I guess it's them who some call pussypact. But it was the turks(well the majority of the people I'm talking about is turkish) that started gangbang wars. What pact is more pussy?

Fact is you can't beat a pact unless you're in a pact that's at least close to the size of the other(even a slightly smaller pact with better strategy can defeat a big noob pact like we've seen many previous versions). Problem is it seems all opposing players to the turkish pacts don't cooperate and small groups of them can't defend the pact mentioned before.

Everybody pacts, and that will most likely stay the same, how regrettable that may be. There simply will always be a few families who will make a pact just to become "powerfull". And personally I don't care much for the pacting itself, just make sure when you eventually become a powerfull alliance/pact/etc you also make use of that power.
12-12 The real winner of 3.51? by Smurf
15:14:07 - 22-12
Sorry, have been offline for a week but feel the need to respond anyway.
Actually it looks to me like the pacting problem shares some problems with the lackeys problem.

Nowadays every family seems to pact. You would be stupid not to pact, whether you want it or not. A small country like Holland would not be able to fight Russia, the USA or China alone. Neither France, Germany or Spain alone(for example just a bunch of countries) would be able to stand a chance. It doesn't matter if you look at their military forces, import of products, export of products or economic strength. The EU-countries needed to form the EU to compete with the Huge forces mentioned before.

It's kinda like the same with omerta. China has been there for a long time as big ass country, so has Russia, and also the USA exist for quitte some time. The EU however isn't that old at all. They didn't all come together in just 1 century or shorter. It took a lot of time.

Pacts did exist for longer time, but the few pacts that used to be around in some versions didn't get that big as many of them are nowadays. But sometimes they did and ruled an entire oldschool version. When the lackeys were introduced more highranks became available, or more precisely said, more people who used to become no more than lowrank and didn't have a clue about what this game was about and how to rank and play it became Bruglione even faster than people who always worked hard to get their way up to the rank Bruglione(which used to mean something).

It became much more easy to form such a big pact. It started in 3.2 when the lackeys came around, over 110 families in the game. Many, many brugs. Some pacts arose. Next version you had to pact because of the family limit(that eliminated many small families).

Nowadays there will always be a group/family that will create an alliance or pact. Even if you get most of the people to agree on not pacting there will turn up others who will do it. And the only way to fight a pact is to be in a strong pact urself or make a strong pact. In this situation the only way to fight fire is with fire.

Doesn't mean many won't people dislike it...

In my opinion there is no solution for either pacting or lackeys. Pacting is impossible to stop since it has been integrated in the way this game is being played already and if some quit others will start. And with lackeys, it makes the game boring together with the pacting. The game will die slowly in this way. It may exist for a very long time but I certainly don't expect it to grow anymore. On the other hand there is no way back to how it was, simply because the game will run empty even slower I think. Whether they remove lackeys or not, there will come a time that it's not bringing any profit anymore for Brando and Brando, businessman as he is, won't be a fool to spend all of his money on keeping a dieing game alive.

The big question on this part is how long it will take before one of these outcomes will appear. No one can say.
07-12 The real winner??
20:49:49 - 10-12
Is it just me or was it more like which family won the version back in the days in stead of which alliance(or more precisely which pact) has won the version? :')