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19-03 Horde under fire!
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18-03 NSA broken..
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15-03 Plating war day two
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14-03 Plating war thread
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11-03 Pre-plating summary
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27-02 First families!
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31-01 The big bang
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24-01 (A)nother Wave
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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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14-03 Plating war thread
20:35:07 - 15-03
Anonymous at 15:28:24 on 15/03:
Anonymous at 21:25:10 on 14/03:
Anonymous at 20:49:50 on 14/03:
Provenzano left their bloods to die.
Im really curious does it really worth to live one more extra day ? What do they really expect after all of their bloods died ?
Huggers deserve to be gangbanged...

what bloods? I love these no-sense talks. It seems nowadays be in the same city means blood? pathetic comentary..

I don’t think those Palermo families who got shot even wanted that family up in Palermo.
I would’ve took a bet Batavia and Paranoia would shoot Provenzano over spots.
Glad I didn’t.
And of course he didn’t return listing their bloods!

ano nubs,unlike 99% of the game we didnt massblood,therefor we didnt see a single blood die yesterday,we were planning on something us vs entire server,sadly the pussypact was first... we would have diedanyway but i take comfort we didnt need 20 fams to help us,we did it on our own cuz we actually have a pair,i suggest the rest of bara grows a pair aswell but like that will ever happen :'')

have fun getting rekt by ur bloods soon

signing out o/
14-03 Plating war thread
14:23:04 - 14-03
Anonymous at 13:22:28 on 14/03:
Anonymous at 13:18:59 on 14/03:
Provezano Hired On Rohan

That's not true.. Sorry my friend

yes yes,ano rumours must be true..
btw did u hear we are hunting Putin,Macron,Trump ( and Biden to be sure ),Merkel and all leaders of state aswell?

General Comments & Major Rumors
14:30:48 - 13-03
Anonymous at 08:33:34 on 13/03:
Tomrrow 11.oo Platting ends . Ontario vs ?

if i had to take a wild guess : all lc dupes shoot at Ontario,i mean,has been happening for days,why change :')
unless admins get their heads out of their asses ( no not only Ontario does it,but they just dont give a f*ck about who sees it )
31-01 The big bang
22:06:37 - 01-02
all i saw and see is pussyplay, users and used fams besides the fams that has the balls to go 1 on 1 ( ridiculously few )
seems it gets worse every version,hell i could even live with 2 on 1 but shiiiiiiiiiiit when u compare this BS to lets say vs 2.3 as example...this game has gotten beyond sad,i just lackey,do some gc's when i feel like it but this isnt worth going full speed since a lon time ( talking about all mass pacts now even when i stumbled in 1 )
congratz to the people that spend hundreds of dollars/euro/rubels/ WE on this game just for a fictional star ( unless u get rekt cuz u made the wrong deals ;) )

here's an idea,let oldschool player make rules and play the game as it should instead of devs and hugging dons
cuz this shit is pathetic

General Comments & Major Rumors
02:10:34 - 15-12
Anonymous at 07:15:08 on 14/12:
thisisfaith at 14:39:10 on 13/12:
Anonymous at 04:07:28 on 13/12:
Anonymous at 17:36:10 on 12/12:
Anonymous at 10:54:05 on 12/12:
Rumor has it, Ontario gathering pact rebirths to give it one last try for the win.
Aiming for revenge at their so called 'bloods' from platingwar.
Behind the door talks have been made with some smaller fams.

Might see some action from their side during the next decisional war!

Take as much bloods as they did, one of them is bound to stab you.
Good luck to Horde Winchester Vengeance Introvici Ontarioand Legion then. All the lapdogs in one place where it should have been at the first place.

bitch please,Vengeance aint a lapdog,we help bloods but we also do our shit cuz its just a effin game and wanna have fun so dont talk like u know us.

idgaf about politics but shiiit double standards, 3big ass fams can blood + a shitload of smaller ones,no bitchin... but when other fams help eachother mostly vs a big ass fam... the shit hits the fan... cuz that aint right... F the F off.

bullshit. everyone knows whats your fam is about. always sucking cocks of bigger families to be a part of detroit and then always suicide other fams for them. you dont even play for yourself. amazing lapdog fam vengeance is. same as winchester.

tell me what is "we do our shit" because all i see from vengeance is being dogs and attack when they are told :D

our shit is simple,have fun,if we die during the proces...well shit happens xD
just a game,seems a lot of u forgot that...
we dont attack when we are told,we attack when we feel like it,big ass fam or a ezpz fam...like i said,just a game so why not have some fun and smile.... we got Tr,Tugas,Belgian,Dutch,south americans and yet we all get along,joke,laugh and realize,this shyte is a GAME.

ps now u got more ano salt cry me a frigging river to talk about while we laugh,till we're 6 feet under or well who knows...

pps : version is far from over,Gaybino and shyte still need to go buhbye or slap us...so save ur whining,u might win afterall