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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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22-07 Plating War
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General Comments & Major Rumors
13:39:31 - 01-10
Bruinsma baby !
26-06 Who won?
15:32:02 - 26-06
20-04 This is your Fatality!
16:09:47 - 24-04
Fenrir at 09:02:23 on 23/04:
Rip all o/

We came back this version with 2goals, low bloodlist and play more for ourselves. We considered ourselves having no natural enemies, so when Righelli made a pact with Aristo/Mid/Lusa/Sinaloa, + fams like nazd and sparta, our targets were easy. We tried gathering fams for a war vs them, but neither the plan itself nor the endproduct was of our choosing. Still we joined in, cause the pact Righ made rivalled the rest of the game. Fuck numbers, when 4-5 of the most active fams band together while somehow having 12-13-14 of the top 20accs in game, its rather easy aint it. We like shooting vs the so called "good" fams, and we have done it successfull all our previous versions. This version we werent quite as active, which probably led to a little quality drop in our gameplay. But who cares :D gz to whoever wins this round o/

Regarding building accounts. Italien, you sound like you're Einstein when giving your accbuilding guide for dummies. Some important questions remain. 2 & 3 versions ago we had 15ish 300m+ spots in the game, and you could maybe find 1-2 accs with 800k+ bullets at brug. This version there were around 20 people with 900k-ish bullets as early brug, even tho the game economy has decreased so much. Around 10 of them coming from the same fam(Righ/Aristo), seeing they were almost as1s. This is highly unnatural. Ive never seen them sell a DC either. Especially when we all know they used a major pokerbug last version aswell(That was never fixed KCode), or well they were buying ing money with irl money, since Messina had this bug. Price at 1$ for 10m right Aart? With the current KA, money equals winning this game. Since KCode wasnt able to find this bug however, its still out there. MurderInc, why dont you post the video where money suddenly pops up from nothing last version? Kinda illustrates the bug being around.

And somehow whenever Redvendetta makes a fam, all their tops end up top5 in bullets. Whether their name is Haike, Johnson, House or Cracka. Sorry for calling ya out, not intending to sound like a sore loser, but fucks sake, kinda obvious :')
I still regret nothing tho, was fun, even tho it was our worst version in 5-6-7 versions.

~fenrir @ #faffie

Hi fenrir and the rest in here.

You got this all messed up.. Redvendette, House, Cracka, Haike etc..all my dupes...

On a more serious note. Shit yeah I scripted, always did, lackyed in the end, with a little mix of scripting ofc, im not stupid, typing codes is retarded..
But you calling out cheaters cause you are caught behind now - lol! That's just sad, dude. And trying to also save face by saying its not to sound like a sore loser. And the nonsense about how you wanted to try something new, few bloods and bla bla - Made me laugh.

Murderinc I got them logs you need btw(but I wont post them so relax, you guys always kept those talks in pm anyway, like any decent top did/do or outside mirc, cause you had brains) But who are you trying to fool, every half decent top in this game knows you guys cheated your balls of - prolly still do, but version changes screwed your cheats over and now you are left dead and whining :) ??? Right? Right?

You use, I dont know how much line space to call a few ppl cheats. Pathetic imo. But go figure!
I played with Redvendetta, Aart and Cracka for 2 versions as tops (for way longer as bloods/friends) and those 3 always whined a bit about me and haike scripting and gambling like little fucks. The only time I think they cheated was with the b/n bug konin and faffie abused the version before (and faffie btw helped admins on that one, since too many found out..go figure). Uh Uh MurderInc guess what? I got logs of that too..!

So lol and lol and rip :)


11-02 Struggle for the top, part 2?
08:50:41 - 12-02
Crakafag for president..!

Go LS and Righelli o/

PS. Eldior you owe me millions xD
18-01 First family down!
07:52:36 - 20-01
Anonymous at 15:28:54 on 19/01:
Anonymous at 13:10:46 on 19/01:
I know irc nick & fam of Drummond 10 milli Jannÿ and i will give you

Aww do I really come that cheap? I bet jannis is wanting to pay you more

lol Drummond :D