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Deathmatch is Calling!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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17-10 First fam
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09-10 Welcome to round 18!
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23-09 Congratulations?
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10-09 The pre-plating war
Comments: 422 - Views: 10,135 - Votes: 5
29-08 Congratulations Outfit
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21-08 Round 17 starts
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12-08 Congratulations ...
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07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
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07-08 Nirvana and Anxious under fire
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23-09 Congratulations?
09:04:36 - 26-09
Critycal at 01:30:17 on 26/09:
ceZar at 22:19:40 on 25/09:
crywaby at 19:39:30 on 25/09:
ceZar at 17:54:37 on 25/09:
Soooooo, next version Winterhill ain't getting anything either right? kek

Yeah Outfit, it's your own fault for having 150+ playerbase this version, but if Siberia had the same amount of allies/players that would've been totally fine D:
that comparison about siberia is absurd. there was like 20 fams this version and almost half of them was outfit itself and its as1s sisters cousins and every kind of cognates. Siberia never did that. Horde and winterhill did that so outfit should be compared to them instead(-tho now this wby guy will try to explain how clever( :D ) they are and how superior(!) their shooters are- their superiority is that of hyenas which try to gang up on a lion 40 vs 1). I just hope that admins will be this decisive next version when winterhill plays.

waby, you completely missed my point friend. I was referring to admins for not giving them vouchers as if they have something against Outfit.
They would’ve never cancel any voucher to the pink boys no matter what the case would’ve been (we all know they cheat).

It wasn’t Outfit’s fault that their enemies didn’t show up besides some cry babies that I’ve seen here crying for years about Horde’s wins and trying to turn people against them everyday..

Horde is incomparable to the likes of others, five or eight time winners...I’ve lost count. For the sis fams that we had at that time it wasn’t Horde’s fault for not being able to fit everyone on the same fam so was Outfit’s and Winterhill.
Wasn’t planning to respond anymore to all the heartbroken anon spambots here praising their own family/friends, but since you’re mentioning us under your own name in some bullshit comparison I’ll give it another go.

Show me one version where we blooded/as1d even nearly the amount of what Outfit did.
Show me a version where we won by shooting as little amount of fams as Outfit did.
Show me a version where we had as little chance of being exposed to shots as Outfit.
Show me a version that we won as risk-free as Outfit.

Spoiler: you’ll find none.
You seem to have a hard on for creating some fake narrative and involving us into bullshit claims and comparisons, got some personal issues with us maybe? Stop trying so hard to push your agenda. It’s making you look stupid and it’s getting really hard to take any of your claims seriously. Even in versions where we had a big playerbase, multiple sister fams and an as1, we still never got even close to the weak and scared way of playing like the fams that are being mentioned here.

As you’ve said earlier; you didn’t follow the version but you thought it was super deserved for Outfit to win here. Let’s just put first things first by stating that if you didn’t follow a version closely it’s not the greatest way to make valid points about what’s deserved or not.
You said Outfit was loyal to their bloods for so long. I remember a few versions ago where this same group of players were Fatality. Here they cried all version long that, when things looked bad for Horde, they wanted to shoot Horde, since they screwed them over (whats new) in the past. They were blooded to a boatload of families, one of them being Targaryen. They planned against Horde all version long. The moment things seemed to look better for the Horde side of things, they quickly blooded Horde and dropped Targaryen, hoping that it would give them a better shot at winning. I mean, it wasn’t a smart move since they switched to the wrong side, but still, so much for loyalty. Then the endless amount of times they tried to sneak their way to a win by selling out bloods, trying to dump them, trying to make them kill each other, or straight up shooting their bloods.

Now they blooded and NSA’d so much that they had over 90% of the game connected to them by either being as1, bloods or having NSA. Basically only Krays had no real connections to them. They proposed to shoot Nightmare, but instead of doing that they ended up as1ing them, that was the less risky way of course.

If anything, the only tiny reason they would have deserved a win was because this core of players tried so awfully hard to get one for all these years, and the game/playerbase currently reached a state where it allowed them to get it in the cowardly way they did.

You might not like us for whatever reason, but I’d like to see some proof of your claims. Even in the versions where we played in the dirtiest way we could, it didn’t even come close to what Outfit is doing here. That’s why our wins didn’t get denied, and theirs did.
Gets carried by Guardians. Types extensively on Beyond. - Critycal 2019
10-09 The pre-plating war
13:06:19 - 15-09
Many or one people were IP banned. If you think your ban was unjust go nag someone.
General Comments & Major Rumors
23:43:24 - 26-08
The Reall Ocarina at 09:42:34 on 26/08:
Anonymous at 21:33:20 on 25/08:
Kapow at 19:44:17 on 25/08:
Hi peasants.

antipathic person ever.

Choke on sea men thx
General Comments & Major Rumors
19:44:17 - 25-08
Hi peasants.
07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
07:14:55 - 10-08
Critycal at 11:24:21 on 08/08:
The Reall Ocarina at 07:44:06 on 08/08:
Anonymous at 22:52:42 on 07/08:
Anonymous at 20:41:38 on 07/08:
Critycal at 11:57:28 on 26/07:
Owning my mistakes? Sure we cheated, never denied any of it, nor did we hide it (hell, it's been on our channel topic for years), but at least we didn't drive entire families into retirement through closing out games by being blooded to more than 50% of the playerbase, like the cute little run you've had with the anarchy kankas where you felt the urge to blood everything with a heartrate over a span of multiple years.
Not even including the hypocrisy of whining about other families cheating while your lot was doing the exact same thing at the time when you've had the opportunity.
If anyone, it should be you guys owning your mistakes of creating your circlejerk pacts that ended versions before they started, killing the playerbase in a worse way than cheating has ever done :')

latitante = half of siberia

Not really, nice try with quick fake maffs.
You must work for CNN, not convincing anyone.

Anonymous works at Daily Sabah :D
Glad that I’m so important to you cunts that it’s worth responding to something from 2+ weeks ago on an unrelated topic.
You haven't been important in years..

Pls commit bye world.