Wednesday - January 22nd - 2020
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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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06-01 Reset announcement, bugfixes & updates
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18-12 Pow pow pow
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17-12 Marazzino under attack
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14-12 Plating ends, time for a massacre!!
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14-12 The pre-plating morning
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14-12 The pre-plating night
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12-12 Another Outfit article...
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07-12 Another one bites the dust
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07-12 Hijack attempts and local wars
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General Comments & Major Rumors
20:10:57 - 09-01
Fucking Fenrir sniping my AV premade..
14-12 Plating ends, time for a massacre!!
14:59:33 - 14-12
Siberia getting cucked by Difference.. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
07-12 Another one bites the dust
22:51:05 - 09-12
Removed invalid quoting. Cant remove invalid people.
07-12 Another one bites the dust
18:14:08 - 09-12
Solstice at 18:10:17 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 18:03:26 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 11:42:12 on 09/12:
Critycal at 11:34:24 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 11:32:48 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 11:23:05 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 11:13:07 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 10:59:12 on 09/12:
Life at 22:13:48 on 08/12:
Anonymous at 08:30:44 on 08/12:
Life at 03:03:22 on 08/12:
Anonymous at 21:15:16 on 07/12:
cool story Crytical wants to write just about Outfit now :D
Well if you look at the state of OBN and the game itself, I think he's the only reporter who still want's to make war reports because the rest can't be arsed to do so and rightfully so.

critical is good reporter and probably the best player at this moment on .com
Most of the good players stopped playing in 2.x

But I agree he's a good reporter!

oh praise the lord! it's my main man Life

People seem to forget the whole reason pacting came about was because of Critycal's dupe armies, the only way fams could compete was to join together in unheard of alliances to try and combat the imbalance, the fact that Critycal condoned scripting and duping will always be his epitath, and by default, that of the game, respect where respect is due, you can't deny his achievements, but he fucked it

This way of playing comes back much further, the only big difference is that it was then possible. There were many more families and many more players. You can't keep blaming Crit nor Siberia for current gameplay. The only reason why people play so much is because people want to win as easily as possible.

Many people don't even play anymore when they are not awarded, and like you noticed last version many of the rewards were removed and people were really mad and emo about it. But they don't realize that the only reason they won at all is because the others allowed it, not because they were so good.

They even inkilled someone who was about to win top killer since they promised someone else that spot. Same for Soufly who was the top ranker, she has never contributed or served anything, but only won because the rest allowed it and stopped their lackeys to let her win.

Fair comment, but you have to admit they were the start of the end, he knowingly condoned the behaviour, and who proudly displays on their fampage that they're the most a-killed fam in history? I know from personal experience that Soulfly & Agrona share accounts, and as for Getther and his antics, just lol. I begrudgingly respect Crit, but history doesn't lie

Display on the fampage that we're the most a-killed fam in history? Never happened.
Besides that; pretty sure that we're not the most akilled family.

Semantics Crit, I remember a pony fampage not so long ago that boasted of such things, and I'd struggle to think of a fam that exceeds Siberia's fame for cheating mate, but you're right in one regard, you're certainly not alone, a-kills are par for the course and the game is defo dead

You must be new to the game then ... Kitten, Kredu, Atremo, RS, there where massive fams like Luchesse, Nuevitas and many more cheating in the past on those scripts.
Beyond as it exitsts today used to be Fingon/Zenga's page, these guys ran one man proxy armies with fams like Fumatore and later on Curse. I'm sure Siberia inherited some exclusive goodies from the past, but it's not like they invented it.

Nonono, ponies bad. Crit invented pacting and murder invented cheating. Meanwhile piao invented being a douche on irc.
Actually MurderCuck did invent cheating..
07-12 Another one bites the dust
17:59:57 - 09-12
Whats with the screenshots from old busted scripts?