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General Comments & Major Rumors
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27-10 Unfinished business
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25-10 Another day, another war
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22-10 Lads, its a war
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19-10 Batavia → IBM
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17-10 Let's get ready to rumbleee!!!
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13-10 You can run, but you can't hide!
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03-10 The Detroit War
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01-10 First fams!
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23-09 Round 25 begins
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General Comments & Major Rumors
02:27:33 - 30-05
Pakito at 21:53:57 on 29/05:
First they hate, then they copy.
Hacked again? Or are you always a prick?
03-05 Oh
21:11:54 - 03-05
Thank you Jannisary for keeping us alive this past week. Bloods before friends.
Have fun Siberia cleaning us out.
And for Meso, sorry that we couldnt help out in that Chief war, but you have to realize there were 2 bloods under attack, and 1 was directly under attack and you were under attack after you moved for your blood Marazzino, and that night and we did help out a little for Colossal.

We (Salvato) tried to do the honourable thing this round, unfortunately its not the way to win this game (ever). At least we were always on the attacking side of things in 1 vs 1 war situations, untill the counters came offcourse.
27-04 Round two
13:10:27 - 28-04
shell at 10:54:46 on 28/04:
Is there any fam which is open to recruit ? :X

!Fail Xerano
!Rip Righelli
!Thanks Salvato & Imperial

Edit : After a long break, we had decided to start righelli once again, for that we'd called many old members back and some of us came back from retirement. Re-considering our decision now - When there was barely 40 families and some of them were sisters to top families - whether top families have more than 4 bloods families, it's considered naive to think having fun from the game.
It isn't fun anymore Shell :(
27-04 Round two
13:07:57 - 28-04
Anonymous at 11:08:02 on 28/04:
so ceasefire salvato?
Not funny sir
02-04 Backstabbing Armageddon
18:44:48 - 05-04
tiaguh at 03:54:20 on 05/04:
H'HMD at 23:19:47 on 04/04:
Congrats to the shooter, my guess would be Slack since despite being #1 overall Alessandro didn't have the guts to shoot at me.


I agree with you if you say that Alessandro might be far from being the bravest shooter around... But saying that he was afraid to shoot you... that's just bs and u know it buddy.

You were already demoted to Brug so it was impossible that your acount could kill Alessandro's in bf. I know that, you know that, Alessandro know that, everybody knows that. So just cut the bs.

Side note:

I don't want to get into an argument about the way this version was played bla bla bla... I stated my opinion @ my profile a while ago "squirrel" ingame.

About the last events (proph+lusa shooting colossal) i'm actually happy about it cause i think that next version might be wide open with all this mess with (ex) bloods.

So please tops of the biggest fams, since most of the blood lines were destroyed this version please change your game style and instead of massblood try a different aproach. Think it would be the best for everyone. (ps: If 5 or 6 big fams do that, it will work like a snowball so it might work... but meh, i'm a dreamer i guess)

Honestly i just hope next version don't get into new lows such as bigger massblooding(if that's even possible) and/or Colossal blooding Siberia again (just an example of an odd thing that would result in another backstabb sooner or later)

This post is getting too long, so main point is:

Tops of biggest fams please realize that nowadays playerbase is so small that massblooding removes any chance of the medium size(neutral) fams having any impact in the game, so please make sure the game is "fair" to everyone... This is just a game, it should be fun, remember it...

Good post mate, I couldnt agree more.
Some points that might help making the game more fun:

1: max 1 as1 or no as1's
2: no more then 2 bloods in top10 before war1 starts with a max of 4bloods per fam.
3: dont be a pussy(sneaky rat) and show your bloods, as1's on fampage
4: cut the bullshit with strategical bloods whom only blood eachother so they wont have to shoot/kill eachother,
5: No more non-shooting agreements, ceasefires! Are you fucking kiddin me?
6: No more then 4 fams ending a version!
7: Your bloods die, you die.

I can continue with less important stuff but im pretty sure no one would care anyway.
I wonder if things will change next round but im affraid it will be the same old bullshit once again.