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General Comments & Major Rumors
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14-09 Congratulations Latitante!
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12-09 Endgame
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10-09 War!
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Interview with Righello
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08-09 Here We Go!
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30-08 Corleone is on fire!
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08-09 Pre-plating update..
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25-08 First Family
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17-08 Welcome to Round #32
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14-09 Congratulations Latitante!
09:07:52 - 15-09
Anonymous at 08:17:58 on 15/09:
If you use a rule to Gambino or Batavia, you should use same rule to Latitante or Horde. Its very simple if you want use ofc.

Latitante cried to win a star and version. They want that we dont write anything about it. Just shut up maybe nobody see this bullshit. They efford lot many versions but if admins could use their rules they cant win, simple. But Admins tried to find evidences and proofs 20 days and they say they found nothing. Congratulations Zizus and Snooker they are simply best cheaters and traders in this game.

Normally you cant win HoF with sister families like Reichtshaler too but its Omerta everything can happen here. Righello helped them for free? hmm We cant trust him anymore. And when righello cant answer the questions he is also crying like Latitante in same way.

pls dont blame and cry more ok you won perfect but how? you are the most lame family in this game. you won the game with cheating and we have the proofs but there is no admin wants to use it. you are very lucky? :D

Hi anony bitch. Latitante only raped rats like you in the ass this vers. We shooted all fams which played. We have 1Gf 5CDC while all other fams have 1Gf total, lame right?

We abused no bugs, it was not needed. its not needed when you have that much power. You are just a little whore with butt hurt. Also as i know sharing a city with close bloods is allowed. Also again Reicht. fam did not help Latitante with even a single shoot and died in Sure fams attack.

I know you guys have avarage 20 iq and talking shit without knowledge. its like my penis having his own opinion.

Still you are right that Zizus and Snooker are the best 2 players in the game. I am pretty sure you serve your sister if they ask and want to join you. Also i am pretty sure you are super jealous because one of them is our crew now and one other is our close blood.

Most lame family list is soo long in this game but i am pretty sure its not starting with us, while there are fams like the fam you are playing with, outfit, maraz, gaybino (they raped by 15 herres gangs in 15 mins. in this very version.) etc. like i said the list goes on.

Its funny that you write all these stuff as anony like a little scared girl. So keep crying and getting raped by the Lati foookin Tante.

Cheers o/

YouTube video

12-09 Endgame
10:38:20 - 13-09
Zizuskyfall at 10:28:26 on 13/09:
I was invited to Latitante 4 months ago.
I didn't have any positive thoughts or opinions about Horde but amount of DeathBase's trust on them had some influence on me too.

Until they sent 75+ brug to other families as members. TBag himself said "We are not going to be powerful, we'll aid you guys" in the convo we had before the version started.
After this "incident" They talked with everyone they can to gather enough firepower to shoot Latitante in case of any disagreements.
3 days ago they even said "We hired on you guys" and now acting all sentimental which is funny.
While the family Sure was shooting on Reichsthaler (Snooker's fam), they said they didn't know anything about it, however yesterday, they said they made Sure shoot Reichsthaler.
They did everything in their power to win, but they sadly overlooked an important factor, Me. Even after all the wrong that was done to DeathBase, he'd continue the road with Horde, and Horde trusted this, knowing DeathBase all too well.

People can think that we did this to get the Top Fam star, but it's not the case.
I even suggested Lati Crews to shoot Reiben, Heinz and Ontario accs, in that case we would tell the Horde "We cleansed the members inside the Horde, you can have the Top Fam." As a result, fortunately it was decided that they don't deserve even that, fortunate because after a small argument when the war was over, they said they made others to shoot Snooker and added "wish we shot you". This clearly proves the ill will inside them xd

Whoever is put against Horde in the scales of innocence, Horde would stay up, but the text above is my perspective of the events that happened.

The efforts of Volume, Alesso, Ebumusab and the Family went to waste because of Tbag and Reiben.

I can't say it was a good version, there were many few people. Eventhough we didn't enjoy, i thank everyone for their efforts.

It was my first and the last OB comment. I wish goodluck to everyone in version to come.

YouTube video

a usual night for Grausam, Snooker and Zizus

Critycal 😘👍

what about the super cunt heinz?

i blame bora and heinz about all this yet i dont want to talk details in public.

it was not a usual night for DeathBase sadly but a necessary one.

good summary doguke.

i am still trying to process the event and i am not happy at all but long story short we did nothing unfair and we did nothing for the hof.

also its changing accordingly where you stand, i mean this is our side and perspective of the story, ppl might think different.

cheers o/

General Comments & Major Rumors
13:27:28 - 25-03
Anonymous at 05:41:13 on 25/03:
Hi this is deathbase

i m sefil of detroit

i always say “ her seçiş bir vazgeçiştir.”

I could not win anything again in this version.

I must say I won the most in the game. such fools can believe.

I say I do not sell my blood. I always chase dishonor.

I think I can express myself well enough.

Gratz siberia for round 28.

I may have mixed up families because I use cannabis a lot.

hi zxnrante oç o/ nice comment.

latitante boss raped/owned tk you cant even dream of it.

your dog fam dying in my hands like 10 in a row.

keep sucking dicks with like your abi told you.

long live colossal!

welcome to jannisary.

siberian arab/kurdo pony says hi o/ (so much weed indeed)
18-03 NSA broken..
13:01:49 - 19-03
Anonymous at 12:21:35 on 19/03:
DeathBase at 11:56:49 on 19/03:
Hi this is DeathBase.

Owner and sefir of Detroit.

Raped many butts, fucked huge pacts and have won lots of versions with many names.

Shield war is not related with past nor any of those stuff . I am just sad for those kids who unnecessaryl make a childish move in public.

I still wont reply and still wont give an offical testament about the issue. I only can say its all Lisandro's fault.

Like i said before "Her seçiş bir vazgeçiştir kardeşim".

Hope he will be happy with the most tricky sneaky and log sharer cunts in omerta history.

Fuck you all those anony bitches.

I wont even bother myself to find which idiots you are. Probably i fucked you too, hard before.

I will be around to answer any decent questions and stuff.


Cheers o/

I remember how you whined like a childish bitch when we "stabbed" you, your words because it wasn't a stab. We warned you for your plan to be a huge mistake, it was meant for failure. Yet you were too stubborn, too blind, too stoned, too wasted, too high on your ego, to proud to consider our warnings as legit and a base for further cooporation IF you wouldn't follow that dumb plan. Not our fault we didn't see any use of helping you at that time, there was nothing we had to do for you since there was nothing but friendly talking with the intention for further cooperation. Seen the ways you act towards friends, we made a great judgement call to not follow. When a star comes in sight you seem to be no different than 99% of the players, you become horny for it and you do stupid shit and you get shit thrown at you for that. Deal with it like a man, since you claim to be such a badass.

olla dangerangel how is life treating you lately, liar stabber bitch? long time no see o/

i am absolutely different than %99 of the players for sure and i never go horny about the stars thing. this is the most famous topic between all my members and crews. they go mad about. as a matter of fact i am the no:1 player on the list who gave the most stars away to his bloods and friends instead taking it for himself. And noone claimed or stole shields any star with this move btw. Because they had none. Noone make such a deal with them.

So not surprisingly you are wrong one more time. Keep talking without any wisdom nor knowledge.

Hiding in anony names, quitting the game to avoid butt rape but writing posinious and empty words has become a trade mark for you. gratzie with this.

18-03 NSA broken..
11:58:31 - 19-03
Anonymous at 10:52:30 on 19/03:
Anonymous at 05:07:11 on 19/03:
""I am Deathbase (famous Turkish player from Latitante) but not the owner of Detroit. You are b..ch of Detroit" :w "

hahahah famous junkie, this man really stupid.


lan anony bitch. the quote is not my words. its their broken english.

JunkieBase says hi