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31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
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20-07 Endphase!
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15-07 The big breakup
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13-07 Twentythree!
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13-07 And you will know I am the Lord
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13-07 For all that is Unholy
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12-07 Whistling on a Sunday!
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09-07 Taking initiative
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09-07 Lack of Loyalty
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15-07 The big breakup
18:45:50 - 19-07
Anonymous at 18:08:03 on 19/07:
Since KCode took over this game was never the same.


Too right. your likes complaining shows progress if you ask me.
General Comments & Major Rumors
01:52:07 - 15-07
Kapow at 21:09:32 on 14/07:
noobSuavizado at 20:05:19 on 14/07:
Anonymous at 19:30:56 on 14/07:
This is an open letter to Omerta Crew:

It has been shared with me that Reganto is paying real life money to Andronova in place of spot profits from Detroit. I tried confirming it myself. However as a player I couldn't see the money transfers between accounts. Therefore I call for an investigation from Omerta Crew to confirm or deny this allegation. I will share the details with crew in an e-mail.


They are paying me too, dont bite the hand that feeds you.

Also the government is turning the frogs gay.

Bow down to the lizard people pleb.

kk kebab
what is this kebab business I keep seeing?
General Comments & Major Rumors
04:17:15 - 11-07
Anonymous at 22:42:10 on 10/07:
inf` at 18:08:58 on 10/07:
Hyy at 18:08:00 on 10/07:
inf` at 18:02:43 on 10/07:
Anonymous at 14:22:58 on 10/07:
Anonymous at 09:51:24 on 10/07:
Solstice at 09:48:14 on 10/07:
ites at 09:41:01 on 10/07:
Anonymous at 22:59:31 on 09/07:
Anonymous at 22:51:08 on 09/07:
Anonymous at 22:41:20 on 09/07:
Anonymous at 22:32:31 on 09/07:
What does kcode thinks about this round? Will one of these families really get the hof? penta, andronova, lastdance and reganto pacted throughout all the version and ganged upon other fams with like 5v1 , 7v1 ratios. Now they will shoot each other at the end of the round and one of them wins the hof? Would be shame if this doesn't called as anti-game pattern. Also it will be a bad example for next versions and it will be like spitting on the faces of admins who is trying to restrain the pact game. Everyone will do the same if these fams don't go unpunished. My suggestion to admins is to declare this round as an anti-game pattern and cancel all the hof stars no matter how this ends.

You are rewriting the history, odds weren't that bad until Anarchy Lusa Imperium got obliterated. Those could win, but they couldn't. Only after that gangbangs started. Now there are no families that can contend the Top4, so its just cleaning the rest and winner gets their trophy deservedly. There is no anti game pattern here. Only salty people
You are rewriting the history in my opinion. Anarchy war wasn't that bad, yes. And if i recall it right imperium,lusa and alatriste were the ones who shot them. And if you check imperium-lusa war report, you can clearly see it it's a big gangbang since it's like this:

Involved families: Alatriste, Anadolu, Penta, Pirates, Raads, Reganto, Thelastdance, Unexpected - Imperium, Lusa

if you say it was a war with equal odds, you are overestimating imperium and lusa.

And now they are picking on small fams one by one. We have been witnessing an anti-game pattern for a month now. And i trust admins will do the right thing.

This doesnt change the fact of that big pact : Reganto-Lastdance-Penta-Alatriste-Pirates-Raads-Unexpected.
Nobody cares.
We have tried convincing non-pacting fams to completely ignore the pact, fight each other instead and let big fams shoot empty accounts.
Nobody has ever shown any interest, cuz even the fams who are not gay still seem to like to feed the troll.

The more you shoot the pact, the bigger the pact will become. There is only 1 solution, and that is ignore them.

Please share other solutions with us if you find one. If not, please actually do it next version.

Even anarchy fucks didn't enjoy their win when they LITERALLY controlled 15 of the 18 fams up. Now, winning fams fought gay wars yet still feel like warriors :(

I remember in the "good old days" fams like leviticus, righelli and a bunch of others working together to kill the big pact(Marang, conflict, anarchy, gravano etc.) after which they broke up in smaller sides again and started fighting eachother.

The difference is these weaklings cry all day here rather than rebuilding and bringing down the pact because it is easier. Its what is actually ruining omerta, not pacts.

Lmao we saw what happened to Wafa and Xartions when they rerankee, they got gangbanged twice.
problem are cunts like you that support gay pacting in a 20 active fam version.

And you think them starting in detroit with reranks was a good idea?

So you think that they shot Wafa and Xartinos cause they went up at Det? cause i don't believe it at all, they would get shot anywhere they would go up simple as that, beacause the reason they got shot is different than taking spots. ;]

Perhaps not but it was pretty fucking stupid to attempt Detroit either way

who the fuck are you deciding whats good or bad idea?
Do you think Turks forget how you used them to kill Timeless and then get rid of Pentagram and Horde for the win ?
Revenge is loading..
For the sole reason of the way you worded your argument, you comment should be deleted!
General Comments & Major Rumors
13:46:08 - 05-07
Hyobanshi at 08:26:52 on 05/07:
Next bashing on a nationality gets a ban; go bash a person/family...
Appalling stuff, wouldn't think these people are living in 21st sometimes. omerta doesn't really have a racism policy either so partly due to them aswell.
16-06 Hostile takeover!
16:40:42 - 18-06
Anonymous at 11:43:45 on 18/06:
Anonymous at 04:45:42 on 18/06:
am at 20:45:09 on 17/06:
When is last time 30+ fams have been up in a version. Last two versions looked interesting, until the curtains were unveiled that is.

What family are you in? Bottom 30?
what a dumbfuck lol

Yes i Am, and thank you mr smart anonymous :). I was so stimulated by your words.