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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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Registered: 20:06:25 on 28-02-2011 (4861d 23h 51m 21s ago)
Last activity: 04:28:11 on 15-05-2020 (1498d 15h 29m 35s ago)
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Solidarity, Clarity and Discussion
15:29:30 - 03-08
Nier at 15:25:55 on 03/08:
1. Remove that multiple families get the win + voucher winning. The new family system is based on 1 family closing 1 town. Not 1 family closing 1 town and 5 families (or more) are able to get vouchers. It's officially stated in HOF that the name of the family who finished the timer, is the winner of that version. Still, the winner is a group of families which is creating useless pacts/groups which break down the whole idea of this new family system. A system based on 1 family going for the win.

2. There must be a way to hand out the vouchers to the winners only. They know accounts, they keep eye on well-known cheaters, based on their mail/account. They keep track of your akill history so it should be possible to limit the vouchers to the winner family (members) only. Makes it less interesting for the lame dogs to just follow and receive vouchers for ending 5th. It's the same with topkiller, buster and ranker. Link it to that exact account, no sharing.

3. Raceform linked to bullets is bullshit, it's put in the game only to boost DC-sale. It will only stimulate the gap between active and less active players instead of helping the balance. Besides that, what is the use of raceform anyway? I've worked out a detailed system, back in the days, to make things more logical. It was based on linking all activities to other activities you do in the game, to boost the result. Groupcrimes was a major point. You have several jobs to divide, each job needs a 'perfect' account for it to make the result higher/better.

You can see the profit as 100%. For heist it will be 50% for the leader and for the driver. Within that 50% there is a part 'random'. That part gets smaller with every rank. For instance, shoplifters have 20% chance on a good outcome, which gives them 30% random chance on anything. Now it is your task to get close to that 20%. There the influence of you stats/skills will come up. High raceform will help for driver, use a 0% damaged car. The better the car is for a heist, it will make the chance of a good result higher. 4 persons car will lower that chance, trucks will even make the chance on success lower, maybe fix that the chance on a casino heist is a little higher on trucks. Some stuff on that kind. Leaders need to be a high/strong account. Same counts for OC's and MOC's for each job.

Several things can influence a lot:
- Raceform is important for the driver. Higher raceform = more profit. Combine that with a specific car. For instance, a 2-seat car will directly punish you for X% in the profit when you use it in oc/moc. Same stuff with the spotraids, we use Avus, which is a 1 seat car. Shouldn't be possible to succeed when you do a 2 man job. You can use a perfect heist car, when your raceform is 0, it still will be punishing your chance of a good outcome.
- Kills/bullets and before it was useless/removed, killskill. This will improve the statistics for someone who'll get the job of weapon expert. You gotta know how to handle a gun, so make sure you'll fit in for the job.
- Busts will positively boost the explosive expert, since that person is well known to that work, experienced by busting out people from well guarded and fortified jails. Weapon experts (highbullets/killskill/kills(shots) might get a little bonus too when they are chosen to do explosive expert because they are high skilled in use of weaponry, not that much as having a lot of busts, but it will do as an alternative.
- Rankprogress will influence the Leader, you are a high ranker which shows you know the drill. Also, Capo/Don/cdc/gf status will give a bonus to leading a crime because you have a 'responsible' function within you family.
- As I mentioned at the explosive experts part, some stuff might be influencing multiple parts of the deal. Highranked people could also get a bonus for all tasks, maybe top 10 rankers can get a specific % better outcome because they are topranked.

This system is based on every aspect of the game, making also every aspect of the game important for people. It also makes every part of the game of actual use. Killskill simply got wiped out because they apparently didn't see any way of making it useful. Raceform will be important for the actual driving, not for buying bullets. Busts will give you a boost, maybe it's needed to make some 'extra' boosts when reaching specific amounts. It will boost people to work on their account, nowadays groupcrimes are only done for the rankprogress. The complaining about random heists has stopped, eventually. How ideal is it to do groupcrimes and actually make money/bullets with it, based on your own influence. You can choose to not care but that will result in bad outcomes.

In before the crying about 'lowranks will be pushed out of oc channels'. They won't. They will make a difference, for instance. If you do oc with 1 thief and 3 brugliones, it still can be a 2m oc. If the thief has full raceform, uses a perfect car for the oc and the other 3 jobs are divided at the best, you will receive a good outcome. Yes, if you did with 4 brugliones, it might've been a 2.5m oc. But that also depends on the skills of that 4th bruglione. You can also horribly fail with 4 chiefs if you decide not to care.

Still, there is always a random factor in the calculation of the outcome, but it would be nice to have at least a bit influence on the outcomes. And on top of that, you actually do races to improve something, not to buy fucking bullets. I used to have a complete detailed form, written out and worked out, but I threw it away after I've got ignored by Misshysteria & co for about 10 times.

4. Proper manager/crew etc. This shit doesn't make sense. The game has/had its potential, but nothing happened for too long. We need people who care about the game, listen to players and people who are able to find the balance between earning moneys by DC-sale and still making the game worth the time.

5. Remove all the 'players' who are registered from the homepage. On the homepage it's like this game has 10 million players which makes it look like it's a huge badass maffia game, which it is obviously not. I can imagine there are new players joining the game, expecting it to be huge, to be active and that it's fantastic. Once you start you can't do shit, you don't understand shit and a lot of things simply don't make sense, no logic. They expect a mad amount of gangsters, while it is actually.. 10 families up. You can't join because none ever dares to take a new ranker because it's ofc an nasty hijacker, how to learn then?

6. Free to play? Not anymore, that should be removed. Or make it possible to start and don't buy any DC. I've been trying several times, just to try, to start ranking without paying a DC. It's not because I'm a cheapass bastard, but simply because it should be possible since the game is promoting it online, we are free to play. It's absolutely not. You won't have time enough to keep on ranking unless you're not having a job/school time or can rank on the job. Also, you are delivered to the hope of a good heist so you can buy a DC from obay. Since everyone is pulling them off there, prices raise so fast that it won't be possible to buy one as a newbie. Next day you'll log on and see you are 2-3 ranks behind already. Not really motivating. Earlier I never bought DC's, I always ranked myself and by trading I stocked several. I always tried to buy a lot at start version when the prices weren't rising that fast yet. Made sure that I had credits to at least rank. Later on I did buy them, care. It could save a bit so you can use the money for bullets etc. That's how it should be, if you are able to play without buying a DC every 2-3 days and still have fun and can participate in wars, no problem. That's free to play, there will always be some more active/no life players who can shoot more, but I never really cared, if I had 180k bullets, I could shoot 3x while others maybe had 4-5 shots. Care, I did it like this and it was fun. Nowadays I don't think any new player will be able to enjoy and find out this game. You need a real life friend who plays and who can explain, you need an instant DC to start. It is better to make someone happy, make someone enjoy the game which automatically will result in some donations now and then. Not make them donate to even be able to play.

7. Let people keep their lackey credits. Leave the limits, leave the fire timers, they are needed, but just let people keep their lackey credits when they die or when it has been reset. Someone paid for that DC to buy those 5k credits. It's not that players suddenly jynxed the credits from somewhere. It's just pure money jewing by fucking up a DC when someone bought it. Link it to the e-mail instead, that's 1 account. I can buy a DC on obay and get shot right after. Means you lost money for your rebirth + you lost a DC, so how the fuck are you gonna rerank? Buying another one? That's just stealing.

8. Rebirth system needs a lot of improvement and patching. It's a lot better than the variant we had before but it's far from decent yet. Tbh I wouldn't have any specific suggestions at the moment. The only thing which at least should be more clear or more structured is the milestones for kills/shots. Sometimes you kill someone with 60k and receive a milestone where you need to shoot and fail with 15k. Make it a proper sequence or make it link properly to specific milestones to unlock.

9. Fix something to make travelling to other cities more interesting instead of Detroit bulking with all the money.

10. Simple bug fixes should be removed. Market/bg page is glitchy as hell making you get clicklimit faster, isn't ideal in wars.

11. Update groupcrimes outcomes. They are filled with old shit, you can earn [raceform] and that's it. Make raceform useful or fix the heist texts. Also make some proper new heist forms, it's far from interesting. Always the same stuff. A little bit more variation within the heists makes it more interesting. People don't do it for money anymore, make it that they will do it for the money.

12. Players need to accept and change. It's not only the game. People still pact while there is like 15 families up in a version, pacting like it's a version of 45 families. Stop pointing and crying to other families 'oh but they did it in this version, and that version they did pact'. Stop the fucking retarded crying and play the game as it should be played. It's smaller, it's less players. Accept that and play with another view and tactic. Why still accept 4-5 families to 'share' your win. I'm still waiting for a family who'll play and finish the version on their own. Not under any accepted alliance win of 4-5 families, simply, on their own. It won't be simple to achieve that, but imo it is a very interesting challenge. More wars, more 1 vs 1 wars, more city wars and more beef between several families. Now it's a war planned with a whole bunch of families. Just act and show some balls, show people you want to win the version. The only thing which needs to be properly fixed is reranking because how it is today it won't allow you to rerank in a decent way. When you're going for a solo run, you might walk against bad luck and die. It still should be able to rerank and try again, while other families also try their best to achieve the solo win. Seriously, get rid of that 'grouphugging' and win solo, that's this family system about.

So, once this is fixed I might play again, would be fun. Won't happen anyway, but I was bored, just sharing some thoughts. Ciao xo

Too long didn't read.

xoxo Nier
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:39:14 - 28-11
Anonymous at 17:14:31 on 28/11:
sesso di anale
14-11 To mine, or not to mine.
18:51:28 - 14-11
If porn sites do the same then I'm making them pretty rich.
01-11 Baltimore Trouble
14:09:30 - 02-11
Anonymous at 14:02:29 on 02/11:
funny to see how trash aet is when they dont have a pact to suck their dick :)

Funny to see people talking about aeterna when there was not even aeterna this round.
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:05:02 - 01-11
Anonymous at 16:38:38 on 01/11:
Anonymous at 16:26:53 on 01/11:
Anonymous at 15:57:10 on 01/11:
I really don't understand how Horizon let themselves be used by Aeterna like this, right after they killed them last version. Expected better from some of them.

And seriously, you're all pleased to handover the version to Timeless just as long as Paramount dies? Is Siberia that important to you all?

Xzone, GeForce, Prestige (Savagery, Garristas, Horde) and all the others, what are you even playing for? Just letting Timeless clean you off 1 by one, claim more cities, claim more money spots, claim more bullet factories, to eventually clean you all in the end.

Smart plan, top notch!

By a Timeless player tired of 20x1 wars were we can't even all shoot because there are not enough targets...
whois exactly aeterna then? cause i dont see them.

Everyone sees them xD
Pacho, Xhobo, Scarlxrd, Squanchy are just a few of them, I'm too lazy to go check the rest. Saros was Mercy, a lot others died on last war with Paramount.

Pacho and Xhobo Aeterna? nice detective skills br0.