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General Comments & Major Rumors
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23-09 Round 25 begins
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12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
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12-09 The End is Nigh
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10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
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07-09 Cleanup on aisle two!
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04-09 Cleanup on aisle one!
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26-08 Dispute in Middle Earth
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20-08 First family
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31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
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12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
06:13:54 - 16-09
Some of you people are some online bullies, straight up. Just cause someone disagrees, you need to downgrade em? For what, to up yourself?

In the end there's still a human being behind the screen you'd probably not be talking to irl the way you do online.
12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
18:37:33 - 12-09
passzka at 18:31:12 on 12/09:
Very nice concept. Now those who had 2mill + bullets will have over 8mill. bullets. This will be the only affect and difference.

Bruh, look this... Current version lastest like 31 days. if u buy 24.000(max) bullets in local factory in 1 day and add another 24k from obay u have 48k bullets x 31 days = 1.488.000 bullets.

This is like half of what top accounts have this version. So you are pretty wrong about that one.
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:17:55 - 12-09
Anonymous at 18:03:30 on 12/09:
For the next round we have added some new changes:

- You can only buy X bullets per day, where X is the amount of bullets you bought from local bulletfactory the previous day

- You will enter federal prison where buyout is much higher and you can't be busted by other players after your first 100 bust out attempts failed
- Everytime you reach your max. failed bust outs the limit will increase 10% after a 24h cooldown to restart

- Active accounts are harder to kill overall
- Shooting or getting shot in your family home city will give you even more attack boost (backfire in case of being shot)

- Every 10 tickets will double up the cost of the following ones

- HQs are now limited to 75 members total
- Capo regimes are limited to 15 people (14 members + 1 capo.)
- Regimes no longer have capo successors (if capo dies, all members go famless & spot is lost)

- Prices are back to the old prices (local bullet factories will have prices between 300$ and 800$)

- Only active accounts can hire Sluggs

Scratch and Win:
- Min requirements for S&W are: Pickpocket or 500 bust outs

City Spots Tax:
- If spots are bankrupt, the tax will go to Local Mob instead of having no tax

Lower bullet costs = more profit left.
Lower amount of bullets bought = more profit left.
Next vers there will be money piled up to the ceiling, poker bets will be record high, prob dc's costs will grow much higher due to the money that's gonna sit and rot, cause we can't spend it on bullets, since we will reach our daily max.

Idk, seemed nice once i read it. Tho reality will show it's true outcome.
10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
11:45:50 - 11-09
Anonymous at 11:41:23 on 11/09:
Anonymous at 10:45:21 on 11/09:
where is the admin statement?!?

When a version are ended they disapear, and they wont give any statement, they are too happy when version are short, so they can earn more money when the next version starts.

There's a ticket being made for a reset.
Response was:


We have meeting today to discuss status of .com server and next steps for it.

Thank you for your patience,
General Comments & Major Rumors
09:40:17 - 10-09
Jekkma at 09:18:36 on 10/09:
Kc0de at 09:00:03 on 10/09:
So did u guys alrdy managed to get to the rank progress milestones?

These milestones are only relevant when it's worth it to rerank.
With 3 fams left, I don't think so.

Implement polls in the game for good ideas, select one. Let people vote. Take this idea, discuss it with dev team. 1 or 2 ideas each version and you'll be having a community that's part of creating aswell as enjoying the game.
These ideas can come from either the players and/or dev team, whatever... let the players be involved and decide if our votes are worth for change or not.

I'll start of with an idea, due to how time consuming this game is if u want to have a top rank/stronger account.
If we play this game like 16hours a day and sleep 8 hours a day, we'd have 0 hours a day to work(apart from some ppl), so we'd have 0 money to spend. Idea no. 1, make this game less time consuming, get rid of 3 hour heists/raids or make it a lackey option.
It would be very helpful in a way, that people can go to their jobs, earn money, come home and login, spend like a couple of hours to manually heist/raid(higher profit?) and do their oc's/moc's and spend money from the time they actually worked instead of playing this game all day. This will generate more income, than having every player be some sort of slave to the game and be poor af.

Cause alot of people quit after 1 or 2 versions, due to all the time they spend to be a 'good' player. It takes too much time to keep going version after version. People get exhausted, they come back in 2/3 years, 2/3 years not buying dc's = less income = less happy = not good for the game.

I'm tired...